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Things To Remember Before Eye Cataract Surgery When you feel like your vision is becoming hazy or blurry, it means that you have an eye cataract. This is the primary symptom of eye cataract. Having an eye cataract is inconvenient because it blocks the vision and it gets worse as time goes by. The symptoms however are different depending on the kind of cataract. For example, a subcapsular cataract develops its symptoms slowly and sometimes it is only seen when the eye cataract is already well developed. On the other hand, a nuclear cataract still creates temporary vision called the second sight to the person but disappears as the eye cataract develops. Thus, when you feel something is strange with your eyes, it is better to see a doctor. Most doctors are not very certain as to the causes of cataracts but it has been noticed that as people age, the eye cataracts develop in that old people get blurry vision and they feel like something is blocking their lens. Also, some researchers claim that the ultraviolet rays of the sun contribute to the development of eye cataracts. Thus, it is suggested that people always wear sunglasseswhen they go out to protect their eyes. Doing these precautionary measures would keep you away from eye cataract surgery. However, when diagnosed with eye cataract, doctors usually recommend eye cataract surgery because it can permanently remove the cataract that blocks the lens of the patient. There are some possibilities that after the eye cataract surgery, a secondary cataract may develop but it is not dangerous. After the surgery, the lens of the eyes is not natural anymore so it is easy to remove the cataract through a laser surgery. There are many kinds of eye cataract surgery and what doctors do is only to recommend to the patient. However, it is still up to the patient whether or not he undergoes the surgery or not. Before getting a surgery, there are some things that a patient has to remember. Eating healthy food especially those fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin A would be good. When you are using contact lenses, it is better to revert to your eyeglasses at least 2 weeks before the surgery to bring back the original shape of the cornea. However, when your contact lenses are hard, it is important that the patient stop using it 6 weeks before the surgery. Eyes that use hard contact lenses need more time to adjust than those using soft contact lenses. Cream and cosmetics for the face shouldn’t be used a day before the surgery. Eye cataract surgery may be easy nowadays with the advent of the technology yet it is still important that outpost care is carried out. It is also important to continuously follow the regular check up schedules with the doctor even after the surgery to ensure that there are no complications that occurred

Things To Remember Before Eye Cataract Surgery