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The Vitality of the Hot Tub Covers Hot tub cover is the most important portion of hot tub, it is a simple accessory but the importance of this thing cannot be disregarded. The main purpose of this accessory is to protect pets and little kids, and also the garbage and different pollutant materials to keep the water clean. It is also favored because of its ability for maintaining the heat of the tub while not in use. Hot-tub cover also protects the tub from straight from the sun exposure and it is protecting the tub from the harmful effect of the direct sunlight. It serves as the blanket of tub in opposition to the heavy wind blows and storm. The cover will shelter the tub from waste materials away such as dirt and falling leaves from the trees. Several of the hot tub covers were basically made of sloped foam and sealed with polyethylene plastic and double wrapped. It is able to stop the water rain from bogging down to the tub. There is also cover-up that is made of fiber glass that is appropriate for those places that are experiencing snow fall. There are cover types that are suited for winter seasons, it can cover the entire unit and it is a good cover for the entire winter time. There are also covers that are Solar which can get the energy from the sun to keep the temperature of water inside the tub. This type of cover can save the owner from electricity bill. The price of the tub-cover can be measured according to the material used that is ranging from plastic covers up to the insulated covers. Prior to the purchase of the cover, remember to measure correctly the tub's boarder to assure the purpose and benefits that you can get from purchasing the hot tub cover. To clean the hot tub covers is an easy task, and the means to this is the maintenance of the cover. Using the towels and mild soap is good to use in cleaning the the whole area of cover. Cleaning should be done two times in every month.