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Orphan Adoption Orphan adoption is a very complicated decision to make. It is very difficult to raise a child who is not yours biologically. It is somewhat odd for both parents to decide whether to adopt or not but most parents resort to adoption to keep the marriage intact. Some might think that parents who adopt are not secure with the relationship they have and the adoption process might throw the relationship out of balance. Well, just a trivia, a huge percentage of parents adopt every year, and yet they feel thankful for making the right decision. Here are the unconventional reasons why couples resort to orphan adoption. First reason for orphan adoption is the unparalleled compassion with children. It might sound unrealistic, but it is a fact. Couples tend to adopt because they have compelling love for children. They might have past experiences for the feeling of compassion so they adopt regardless if they have natural children or not. For some couples, they tend to adopt a specified orphan like gender. A married couple has two children, and both are girls, if they adopt, they will prefer a boy to complete the family rather than taking the risk of bearing another child whose sexuality is undetermined. Another main reason for adopting involves a single person who would want to experience how to be a parent. Most of the women nowadays are practical. Some doesn't want to marry, or to have a partner in life, but they are dying for a child so, they decide to adopt. As how the famous Miss Universe Sushmita Sen puts it, "The child needed a parent, and I needed a child". Single ladies adopt to experience parenthood, and I think they find satisfaction in rearing a child even though those kids didn't come from their womb. Being the only child in the family is lonely. You play, study, and do things alone. Some kids ask for a companion, a friend, a brother or a sister. The parent, eventually will realize the need to adopt. It's much easier to adopt and have another child and complete the family, than to bear another child and take the risk. Well, it's more of satisfying a request from the only child at the same time fulfilling a concept of a complete family. Convenience is also a factor. Married couples who are indulge with their careers have no time for the childbirth process itself. They find it convenient to adopt, to fulfill a complete family. For career-oriented couples, they don't want so much complication while keeping the relationship intact. Lastly, for couples who will go with orphan adoption although they have the capability to raise their own is some kind of "laziness". As what have said, they hate complications. They would want to experience parenthood in an easy way. Orphan adoption might sound simple and easy, but the reasons are deeper than what we expect it to be. The process itself is so complex and risky. There's nothing wrong with orphan adoption, but bear in mind the consequences after it and the risk that you have to take in rearing the child that is not Ask yourself the question "what if it turns to worse"?

The Truth About Orphan Adoption  

Being the only child in the family is lonely. You play, study, and do things alone. Some kids ask for a companion, a friend, a brother or a...