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Teeth Whitening Teeth are hard bonelike structures in the jaws of vertebrates. Your teeth have a lot of uses. It is used for biting and chewing or also may use for attack as well as defense. Your teeth especially whiter teeth help you look better. Yellow and white is the usual color of our teeth. The color of it depends on nature and some diseases (for black and brown colored teeth). Yellow are its natural color, yet most people look for advertisements that could help them to have a whiten their teeth. Here are some home remedies that are worth your time making your sparkling white teeth. Naturally abrasive crunchy vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, celery, and cucumbers are like tiny toothbrush that removes stains.One effective method of whitening is the use of baking soda and a mixture of salt. Baking soda is good as teeth whitening and also safe to use. It helps kills bacteria that creates cavity, plaque and reduces acids. In using this mixture, you should gently brush around your gums to avoid irritation.

Peroxide is used as a gargle for whitening. Many people are using this remedy, but you should use this with precautions. You should remember that the peroxide that you buy over the counter is not as concentrated as the peroxide found in effective whitener products. Using peroxide is a popular remedy. After brushing your teeth, put a small amount of peroxide to your teeth, gargle and then thoroughly rinse your teeth with water. This remedy is safe, but be alert because this may cause irritation in the gums and could cause tooth sensitivity over time. Another way for whiter teeth is to avoid drinking coffee and tea. These liquids strain your teeth. Avoiding these foods can stop most of the discoloration of teeth that happens each month. And for maintaining those white teeth, see a dentist regularly. Twice a year is normally sufficient. If your teeth tend to build up plaque quickly, increase your visits to once every four months. It is still important to have your teeth professionally cleaned.

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