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Simple Explanation For the Causes of Diabetes T ype 2 Diabetes is a widespread disease, it is described as the failure or decrease in the capacity of the body to handle sugar. The big problem regarding diagnosis of diabetes is the inability to detect it. Most persons have type II diabetes known as adult diabetes compared to Type 1 diabetes which is insulin-requiring type the mostly affects the young. These days, most of the people who are suffering from diabetes are treating only the symptoms but do not get into the root of the problem. In addition, there are lots of medications that are given to the persons suffering from the disease that are only compounding the problem instead of knowing the root of the cause. Causes: -genes which are inherited -long term diet that had been in high carbohydrates -nutritional deficiencies

The body is breaking down the carbohydrates into glucose and then it enters the blood stream. Eating more carbohydrates can result to a higher blood sugar. As a result, the body will produce insulin. The insulin will then drive the blood sugar into the cells. At the outside of the cells inside the body were insulin receptors, which are acting like small doors which close and opens for the regulation of the blood sugar's inflow. After the passing years of consummation of the high-carbohydrate diets, the cells will have then be showered with too much insulin that results to the malfunctioning of the doors and they shutdown. With lesser doors open, the body will even need to produce more insulin that will push the glucose to the cells. The more insulin it causes much more doors to be closing and while this nasty cycle continues, a state called the insulin resistance will set in. This insulin resistance will be getting so bad that the body will no longer generate enough insulin that pushes the blood glucose to the cells.

Simple Explanation For the Causes of Diabetes Type