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Signs and Symptoms of Celiac Disease Celiac disease is a disease in the digestive organs, especially the small intestine, wherein the small intestine cannot absorb the nutrients properly from the food we eat. A person who suffers from this kind of disease cannot accept protein and gluten. The signs and symptoms will depend on the level of malabsoption of nutrients. The symptoms for the celiac disease vary from person suffering from this disease. Usually it ranges from those who didn't suffer from any symptom, some suffered from mild to moderate and others are from moderate to severe. Sign and symptoms are classified into 2 categories, the malabsorption and malnutrition sign and symptoms. Fats, carbohydrates and proteins are the major nutrients found in our body. Suffering from celiac disease can be lessen if all this nutrients are being absorbed by our body. But usually, the absorption of fat is the most common nutrient that is hard to be absorbed.

Insufficient fat absorption is one common gastrointestinal sign and symptoms of celiac disease. The symptoms include foul odor flatulence, diarrhea, fats in the feces are above normal and bloating of abdomen. The fats that were not absorbed turns into a fat acid that produces water that result into diarrhea. The feces are usually greasy, has foul odor, droplets of oil are can be found at the water top. Lactose intolerance is another symptom and sign of malabsorption. The symptoms for this are abdominal pain and bloating, diarrhea, extreme flatulence produce. The symptoms and signs of malnutrition of minerals and vitamins includes, fluid retention, weight loss, damage of nerves, anemia, infertility, osteoporosis, can be bruise easily and weakness of the muscles. The usual result of not adequate absorption of the nutrients is the weight loss. Inadequate absorption of vitamin B12 can result to anemia. Lack of vitamin D can result to osteoporosis. Deficiencies of minerals and nutrients can cause our body and mind to collapse.

Signs and Symptoms of Celiac Disease