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Radical Prostatectomy A treatment of Prostate Cancer Prostate cancer is one of the life-threatening diseases affecting the lives of men all over the world more especially in industrialized countries nowadays. This is because obesity is one of the major causes of prostate cancer and it’s prevalent among industrialized countries. However, this is not limited to men in these countries because the causes are not limited to the diet only but also to the genetic factor of the person. We may however wonder why it affects men only and it affects men who are in their 40’s to 60’s. Prostate cancer is caused by the growth of a prostate lump in the prostate gland which is a gland found only among men. Such lump is created by the uncontrolled growth of the cells in the same glance and it develops when there is rapid transformation of bad testosterone. Some lumps are non-cancerous but unfortunately some are cancerous is why a serious treatment of prostate cancer is needed. The treatments of this disease depend on the stages of cancer. Before coming up with the right treatment of prostate cancer, several tests have to be undertaken and proper documentation has to be made. However, almost all treatments are costly and it is painful but true to say that the rate of survival depends on the socioeconomic status of the person.

Radical prostatectomy is an example of this costly treatment and it is suggested by doctors to those whose tumors have already spread around the lymph nodes and or when the gland gets bigger. This treatment is a surgery wherein the prostate gland, or a part of it and the lymph nodes are removed to stop the cancer cells from spreading. This surgery is carried out through an incision either in the abdomen or the rectum or scrotum. In every surgery, there are certain risks. After the prostate gland is removed, a catheter will be attached to the person’s bladder wherein the tube passes through the penis to carry out the urine. The degree of recovery with this treatment of prostate cancer depends on the age, the health condition of the person and of course, the stage of cancer of the person. Each treatment of prostate cancer has its own risk and recovery period. The best thing to do to know the right kind of treatment is to religiously visit the doctor and undergo tests so that the doctor can have an accurate diagnosis of the disease. On the other side of the coin though, eating healthy foods and maintaining a healthy lifestyle would help a lot in the recovery. All kinds of treatment wouldn’t be very effective if the body is not healthy and good. We have to remember that our body is very important.

Radical Prostatectomy A treatment of Prostate Cancer  

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