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PSA For Detection of Prostate Cancer PSA - Prostate Specific Antigen - is a test that helps to detect prostate cancer , it is a kind of blood test. The test aids in identifying early cases of cancer in the prostate, because this specific cancer may be cured very successfully when detected early enough. This test is a simple test of the blood which can point into possible problem prior to any definite signs in reality is extremely essential to note. The prostate produces protein known as prostate specific antigen (PSA) and this may be found in the bloodstream and this is the test all about. However, it is noted that the blood test is not the end all of determining whether you have prostate cancer or not. Initially if your PSA scale is elevated than it would be, you must not panic automatically and presume that you have prostate cancer. Many men underwent this test and discovered the elevated result, yet they have no cancer. Likewise there are cases also wherein several men were diagnosed with cancer of the prostate and yet the PSA levels were perfectly normal when checked. If you got the test and were told that your levels are elevated than they would be, it could be possible that various other problems has happened and needs cure.

With several areas in the body there are some conditions that may involve the prostate glands, so do not presume automatically the worst even if the examination comes again with higher levels. If you got the examination and it does not go back to normal reading, you must have a follow up. The nature of this depends on how is the elevation of PSA results are. It is found out that they got slightly elevated, another PSA examination will be performed probably after an interval to find out if they have increased or changed. If the scales of PSA appear to be extensively higher than normal reading, your physician will decide to choose for biopsy. Biopsy is a surgical procedure wherein the surgeon takes a sample tissue from the prostate and then examined in the laboratory if cancer cells are present. It is a usual procedure to see the structure of the cells, how they look like and to see if the cells are cancerous or not.

PSA For Detection of Prostate Cancer