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Mini Skid Steer Information The mini skid steer also known as compact utility loader has been widely used equipment especially in the landscape industry since the late 1990s. The use of the machine made planting method in the industry to be relatively efficient. This machine is purposely designed with flexibility making it capable of utilizing different kinds of attachments. In most instances, equipment is used with an attachment in it. The attachments or accessories that may fit a mini skid steer include the backhoes, snow plow, tillers, augers, buckets and trenchers. Also, the compact utility loader is designed to utilize attachments that are powered by hydraulics. Other than this, these attachments can be change out quickly making work to a more efficient and productive. Given these features of the mini skid steer, the equipment is considered by contractors as tool carrier since it can carry cultivators, trenchers, hammers, and other related tools. In terms of weight Mini skid steers are found to be comparatively lightweight than its traditional counterparts in market. This mini equipment weighs 2000 lbs whereas traditional skid steers weighs 6000 lbs. Since the compact utility loader is relatively small and can be easily maneuvered, it is capable of accessing gates and doorways and even goes around the planting beds effortlessly.

Aside from the advantages from the size and weight of the equipment, this mini equipment can also be divided. The machine can be divided in two ways. First, an operator can manage a unit that either runs on tracks or runs on wheels. Second, the equipment can be built as either a ride-on or a walkbehind. Because of the efficiency of the equipment, more companies have included mini skid steers in their product lines. Manufacturers like Site Works, Bobcat, Toro and Boxer among others are now producing this powerful and flexible machine.

Mini Skid Steer Information