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Manage Your Health: Balance Your Sugar Intake Health should always be your first priority before anything else. Proper exercise and balance diet are one of the keys to stay healthy and maintain a physically fit body. Harmful diseases however are usually caused by negligence and tolerance such as diabetes, liver and lung cancer and high blood pressure which leads to heart attack, stroke and coma. The primary and quick method used to check the body's physiological status is through blood sugar reading. Though it doesn't offer a cure to any known diseases, it is the best way to warn you from the possible complications that may lead to serious illnesses. On the other hand checking your blood sugar level is not enough, if your reading is low then you should do something to normalize it, consequently if your result is higher than the normal, you should think of a way to lower it, nevertheless though a normal blood sugar condition is easier to maintain than the first two types mentioned earlier, preserving it requires absolute discipline. The level of the blood sugar varies mainly on the type of your lifestyle. A normal blood sugar level however is not an assurance that you will never get to experience the two possible complications. There are two conventional tests that will help you check the level of sugar in your blood. By using a dipstick made with a colour-sensitive pad a urine glucose test is then accomplished. It is used to obtain fast results; since it has chemicals intended to react with glucose. Just by looking at the pad you will then recognize the amount of sugar present in your blood. The second one is the random blood glucose test that can be performed in any time of the day. The main reason of performing this kind of test is to measure the amount of glucose in your blood. This test requires you to perform fasting for eight hours since your blood sugar fluctuate during the day and disturbing events such as food intake is avoided.

Hyperglycemia is the condition when the sugar level or reading in your blood is higher than the normal reading. It is known to be one of the most life-threatening diseases nowadays. It is usually caused by too much cholesterol intake, eating fatty foods and lack of exercise. Smoking is also one of the factors that may cause this kind of illnesses since it destroys the oxygen inside the blood causing it to move faster. Diabetes mellitus is a type of disease caused by persistent hyperglycemia. It is a prominent disease to those who failed to regulate their sugar level in their blood. Nonetheless low blood sugar level medically known as Hypoglycemia is more dangerous than Hyperglycemia. When the sugar level in the blood is much lower than the normal rate it may lead to coma. Coma or the loss of consciousness is a very fatal condition since the only thing you can do is to wait for that person to wake up. It may take him or her weeks, months or even years for him or her to recover and sometimes there are unfortunate cases in which he or she no longer responds. Checking a little about your <a target="_new" href=" ">health</a> won't take much of your time. <a target="_new" href="">Sneak in</a> for more tips on how you can maintain your blood pressure.

Manage Your Health  

By using a dipstick made with a colour-sensitive pad a urine glucose test is then accomplished. It is used to obtain fast results; since it...

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