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Let’s know more about Celiac disease symptoms Celiac disease is a kind of genetic autoimmune disease which directly attacks the intestines in the body. This disease is characterized by the abnormal treatment of the immune system if gluten which is a special kind of protein found in barley, wheat and cereals. The abnormal treatment of the immune system here means that the system treats the protein as a toxin which is harmful to the body. When people with celiac disease eat food rich in gluten, the body responds to it abnormally damaging the lining of the intestines. When this happens, the person starts to lose weight and eventually become malnourished because the lining is responsible for the absorption of the nutrients from food. This is one of the most common diseases in the US nowadays because of gluten in foods that are eaten almost everyday. It has been noted also that the number of people who develop celiac disease is increasing every year according to surveys. There has been a misconception also about celiac disease symptoms. People used to think that celiac diseases are common only among children and as they grow, they will eventually be cured. This has been thought by people because the primary celiac disease symptoms can be felt at a younger age. It is true but we shouldn’t forget the point that this disease will just start at an early age but it continues as the person grows if not treated immediately. This disease may get worse and the multiple body organs might be affected specifically the digestive system.

How can we know that a person has celiac disease? The common celiac disease symptoms include extreme weight, chronic diarrhea, abdominal bloating, and abnormal smelling of the stool. This then is usually accompanied by terrible stomach pains especially when having chronic diarrhea and among children, irritability is one manifestation of the symptoms. There are other celiac disease symptoms which include bone pain, gas pains, skin rash, anemia and even slow growth for children. There are also some behavioral symptoms like depression and irritability. People diagnosed with celiac disease are enjoined to follow a gluten-free diet. This kind of diet simply involves eating food without gluten. However, it isn’t easy as we thought because even though the diet says eating food without gluten, it is still difficult to know whether foods have gluten or not. For food like cereals and barley, well that’s easy. However, some commercial food such as biscuits and wafers, you have to carefully exercise precaution as these products usually contain gluten. Since this disease is becoming more common these days, the market right now is developing and making gluten-free meals available for most people so that it is easy for them to maintain such diet. The good thing also is that over the years, the processes from the diagnosis to the treatment of this disease have improved a lot.

Lets know more about Celiac disease symptoms  

Since this disease is becoming more common these days, the market right now is developing and making gluten-free meals available for most pe...

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