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How to Choose A Used Yet Good Quality Generator Most of the companies, whether big or small, buy used generatorsinstead of having new machinery. It makes the cost-effective way of the company than buying a high class quality machines. Purchasing used or second hand generators will save at least 25 to 50 percent but finding a good one machine is high risk for the buyers. There are important things to consider when choosing a good quality used generator. To start, you have to determine first the power requirements in choosing generators. After knowing the size you need, it is the time to look for the generators that suits your criteria. 1. Know how many hours the generator runs, its age and usage information. 2. Determine if the generator is continuously used or it is a stand by machine. A stand by or back up power source generator is well maintained than generator used as primary power source. 3. Know the manufacturer and the model of the generator. Purchase the used generators to a trusted manufacturer. Manufacturer that has long history of producing generators that will last for how many years and that is properly maintained. So the buyer will easily get parts and avail of services. 4. Better ask if the user has the ability to do the maintenance of the generator. 5. Have the generator be inspected personally. The buyer should do the following inspection: a. Inspect all mechanical parts and components. b. Regardless of function and condition, replaced the bearing and bushing. c. Inspect electrical components and windings. d. Run load test to determine the efficiency of electric power generation. 6. Purchase generator at the professional broker or distributor. 7. Insist for a guarantee and limited warranty for 30 to 90 days after your purchase. After reading this article, this will hopefully help people in purchasing used generators and will increase their know-how about the machinery.