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How to Maintain a Good Lawn Having a green lush lawn is a great challenge to many home owners. If you wish to have blooming lawn, prepare and maintain is the means to acquire a blooming lush lawn. Here are some steps and techniques that can aid you to have a beautiful lawn. Tolls and materials needed: • Grass seed • Topsoil for holes filling • Lawn mower for trimming • Water sprinkles or a garden hose for watering Steps and Techniques: 1. Fill the holes from your lawn with topsoil and spread with grass seeds. Water the areas that you spread with the grass seeds. 2. Sprinkle water to your lawn to the morning prior to the rising of the sun. Be sure that you have sprinkled enough water that can reach the roots of the grass because having healthy grass is coming from roots that are receiving exact quantity of water.

3. Have the grass mow to the proper and even heights. Do not cut the grass too short because it might cause the death of the grass. 4. Trim the tress and shrubs that might prevent the air circulation and sunlight for getting into the lawn. Sunshine and air circulation is the key to the growth of the grass. 5. Examine the lawn on a regular basis to look for the signs of weeds and insects. There are recommended pesticides and fertilizers that can be used to the lawns. 6. Keep your lawn mower in a good condition to make sure of the good operation along with the cutting performances. Cleaning Lawn Mower Carburetor and Air Filter Lawn mower air filters and carburetor are the important parts of the machine to keep it running smoothly. Here are some steps and techniques on how to clean the carburetor along with the air filters:

Things needed to complete the task; Carburetor choking cleaner, water, mild detergent, oil, screw driver, socket and ratchet. 1. Get rid of the fuel tank and the carburetor as a whole by eradicating the bolt from the engine at the top of the fuel tank and the other bolt attaching the tank from the front set of engine. 2. Remove the head screws that are holding carburetor from the fuel tank and be extra cautious not to harm the diaphragm that is found between the two. Get the carburetor choking cleaner then inject fluid to every opening and make sure that it comes out to the other end of the opening. After the cleaning procedure, get back the carburetor on the fuel tank and make sure to attach the diaphragm in place. 3. For cleaning the foam type air filters, just simply apply the soiled parts with grease fighter detergent and then rub the areas using your hand and water until the soiled parts are cleaned. Wash all soap off the filter then dry it. After it is dried, put little quantity of oil at the base of the sponge and then place it back into the housing and then back to the lawn mower. If the mower machine is using paper filters, you can never clean it so you need it to be replaced. When it uses air filter or fiber filter, get to the same method as what it is mentioned above. If you happen to damage the diaphragm, change it and get back from where it came from because without the diaphragm, the mower will not work. Do not let the diaphragm get damaged, it is fragile and it can be easily broken. And ensure to place back the carburetor springs before using the machine.

How to Maintain a Good Lawn  

Having a green lush lawn is a great challenge to many home owners. If you wish to have blooming lawn, prepare and maintain is the means to a...

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