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Guide in Buying a Snowboard Snowboard is equipment used in snowboarding. A person's feet are attached in the board when riding down the slopes covered by snow. Snowboarders are the one who used the said equipment while doing snowboarding. Snowboard is composed of core, base, edge, laminate, camber, and production. Snowboarding is similar to surfboarding and skateboarding sports. Buying a snowboard is not as easy as you think. You have to consider the following important things or factors to have more enjoyment on the hill and to make a simpler buying. • Make sure that your snowboard is not too big and too small for you. It is important that you can easily turn but remain steady to hold in snow when turning. • Know your weight. An individual with a lighter weight should acquire snowboard that measure between collar bones and chin; average weight individual should acquire snowboard that measure between chin and nose; and a heavier weight individual should acquire snowboard that measures between mouth and nose.

• Consider the snowboards flex because snowboard comes in very soft or flexible and hard or stiff. • Consider the width in buying snowboard to avoid dragging of toe and heel when turning. • The side cut of snowboard is also important to know when buying. There is a deeper side cut board which is faster and easier to turn in snow. There is also a shallower side cut snowboard which helps you make a longer turn and a big turn in snow. • Know you're riding ability and styles. Considering these guidelines will help the buyer purchase a good snowboard and can have great performance in snowboarding. To summarized, you have to know your height, weight, riding skills and styles, and your foot size to classify the width, shape, flex and height of the board you plan to buy.

Guide in Buying a Snowboard