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Gold Plating T echniques

Gold plating is way of putting a thin coat of gold into the exterior portion of an object or other metal. Since gold is a very expensive element, only a very thin coat of gold is being applied, sufficient enough to coat the outer layer of an object. Plating is normally used to coat gold to some jewelries, decorations and electronic parts. Plating of gold for some jewelries makes the jewelry looks expensive though the truth is that, the price is four time to five times cheaper than the true gold jewelries. Another application for plating gold is coating some electronic parts with gold to enhance the conductivity of the metal. Since this expensive element is easy to wire bonded and soldered, plating of pure and soft gold are commonly used in a semiconductor company.

The process for gold plating can be done in various methods such as electroplating. This method is done by placing the object in the solution which is commonly water. The object to be plated is called a cathode and the giver for the plating is called an anode. The cathode is attached to the negative part of the charge and the anode is connected to the positive part. While the anode is gradually dissolving as well as the occurring of ionization, positive charged ions is moving to the negative charged metal. Other processes for gold plating are barrel, brush, and electroless plating. The electroplater is needed for some of these processes. Thorough cleansing of the outer portion of an object is need before the coating process begins. Barrel plating is a process used for small electronic parts and materials such as bolts, screws, and minute nuts. The pieces are being put within a rotating barrel. The rotation of the barrel gives the desired agitation and assures the equal thickness for the plating.

Brush plating is not commonly used process for plating. This is only used for coating a specific area of part of an object that is needed to be coat. Electroless plating process doesn't need power supply to coat gold over the material. Only a chemical reactions from part that is being deep is a chemical solution provides the possible electricity needed.

Gold Plating Techniques  

Gold Plating T echniques Another application for plating gold is coating some electronic parts with gold to enhance the conductivity of the...

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