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Free Information on How to Lose Weight If you are thinking of loosing weight or weight loss, the first idea that enters your mind is to look for some write ups in the newspapers or magazines that never worked because it was written by someone who knows nothing about the issue. Sometimes you may think of some slimming pills claiming to be good and "permits you to take anything you like and loose weight for the pills will make the entire task for you" or some articles they use to let you purchase their no good quality and useless products. There are times that you might think of taking rice cakes only and fasting or to stay hungry all day long. If any of these ideas comes into your mind, forget it! I am going to extend to you free, systematic and understandable information on how to loose weight and reduce fats even if you do not use any pills or food supplements. Loosing weight is simply the burning of more calories that you regularly consume. Once you fully comprehend burning calories, then surely you are on your way of loosing weight. Here are list of some simple steps in getting weight loss. Calculate your Calories Intake - calculate how much calories intake do you have all day. Yes! Eat normally and calculate all the calories of everything that you eat and drink and take note of it. Add on the numbers of calories - when the day ends, add all the calories you have taken and be accurate as much as possible. After the tally, you will have the total number of the calories you consumed all day, and then never forget to weigh yourself.

Eat 500 Less Calories - the day after you have tallied your calories intake, you have to eat lesser 500 calories than you normally do. Example, you have 2000 calories taken for the normal days, you will then take 1500 calories starting today. To make things clearer, subtract 500 from the total of your normal calories consumed during the normal days and take this new total of calories with in the next 7 days. Eat 5 smaller meals - as a replacement for your 3 bigger meals per day (the breakfast, lunch and supper), or eating all day long, spread up the calories into 5 smaller mealtimes. Have one meal for every 2.5 --3 hours, in doing these, you can make your metabolism faster. Cardio - this is very important in loosing weight. When you are determined to loose weight, do some cardio work ups. Jogging, walking, swimming, cycling, or aero classes are some that you can do. Cardio and proper eating are better than doing just one of them. You have to do it 3 to 5 times per week. Weigh yourself - as the week ends, weigh yourself and compare. You might notice a 1 or 2 pounds that you have loose in just one week! Go on with the process until you have reached your targeted weight to loose.

Free Information on How to Lose Weight