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First Tractor at Work Do we realize how tractors affect our life in the broader aspect? Do we grasp the important of this agricultural equipment that helps a lot in feeding us? Well, this is the best time to think it over. The term tractor is a word for farm vehicles. The first ever tractor built was used for plowing the rice field. Agricultural tractors are not limited to just plowing the field, although there is a connotation that one will be considered an agricultural one if it is designed to treat crops. It is actually true but there is more to that. Some agricultural tractors were designed to aid as a water pump for an irrigation system. There are different kinds of agricultural tractors. They re specialized in the sense that some only carries a specific function. One example of a specialized tractor is the 'row-crop' tractor that has the ability to pass through crops of corn, and others without crushing them. Well, it looks amazing looking at them. Another type of farm tractor is the 'Wheatland' or 'standard' tractor. It is the typical tractor used for plowing, treating, pulverizing, and allowing low gravity performance towards a piece of land. Another form of agricultural tractor is the 'high crop' tractor which takes cares of cotton, and other high growing row crops. The thread is adjustable to for ground clearance increase. Lastly, the utility tractors are being used as the multi-purpose equipment around the farm field. It is smaller compared with the typical tractor, allowing easy access to unconventional roads and pavements. During recent times, due to the advancement in technology and devices attached for efficient performance, several devices have been attached to make farming an easier job. It even includes the activation of professional radars and laser detectors. For farming scientists, they have device an effective way of planting uniform crops throughout the field through the aid of portable tractor-like devices and high technology manually-operated devices to even out crop reproduction. As technology advances, specialized tractors become popular to crop growers and breeders. It is specialized in the sense that each kind of job has its corresponding equipment. Imagine farming life with all these advances and all you have to do is to supervise the operator which should be treated and which should be kept intact. Tractors play an important role in providing us food to eat. They are the main components of farm supplies and goods. From treating the soil to be planted, treatment, actual planting process, pulverizing, up to harvest and delivery, agricultural tractors should be given credit. At times, we tend to neglect the importance of these agricultural tractors to our daily lives, unmindful that without this helpful equipment, we will die with hunger. We should also commend farmers who are in charge of those agricultural tractors who manage, propagate and harvest the crops for human consumption. Well, it is a domino effect, they say. If the harvest is good, people are full. Quality of life is then at the maximum. But in this world of trials and downfalls, the decision is ours to make. Appreciate the importance of the equipment that is giving us life, for future use and for the use of the next generation.

First Tractor at Work  

The first ever tractor built was used for plowing the rice field. Agricultural tractors are not limited to just plowing the field, although...