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Facts About Antioxidants Do you know that the activities of free radicals inside our body can harm the immune system and can cause infections and degenerative diseases like cancer and heart disease? Science shows that free radical damages are also the beginning of aging process. Science will tell us that free radicals are formed as the body metabolizes nutrients in order to produce energy. It is usually unstable and reactive molecule with unpaired electron and steals stable electron. Though they give benefits in the body by destroying alien bacteria and fighting infection, exposure to radiation, toxic chemicals pollutants, and contaminants can lead to excessive and uncontrollable entry of this substance in our body. Then what can we possibly do to control this thing? The best solution for this will be the intake of antioxidants. The rule of antioxidants in our body is to fight free radicals that are penetrating our body. Antioxidants contains free extra electrons, thus by supplying the body with these molecules will make the substance stabilize without causing further damage to cell. This is because the free radicals are now getting electrons from the antioxidants instead from the cells. With this fact, antioxidants are truly vital for full body health. Antioxidants are present in various kinds of food like fruits and vegetables. There are also foods supplements that are specifically intend to give high antioxidants to our body. Though we can get antioxidants from food sources, this amount we get are not really sufficient to constantly block these radicals produced in our polluted surroundings. But we can at least lessen the damage caused by these free radicals by taking key nutrient supplements. High intake of antioxidants will protect our body against cancer. The best way to deliver antioxidants in the body is through liquid form.