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Sweet Bay Magnolia Tree

Sweet Bay Magnolia is sometimes called a Swamp Bay, Sweet Bay, or Swamp Magnolia. It was first found in European gardens from the late 1688. These trees are able to be found naturally in wetlands, such as ponds areas, streams and even swamps. It appears your spots after the fire as well as form. It is more common in South Carolina, Florida, Alabama and Georgia, and they can also be found in Tennessee, Texas, New York and even in Arkansas. These Sweet Bay Magnolia trees are moreover deciduous or even evergreen depending to the climate of the place. In areas with a slight rolling of the South, you tend to be more abundant to the north.Places to grow - magnolia trees Sweet bay can grow in sunny locations and semi-shady places. They need a moist environment for their needed moist soil.Flowers- start in late spring and could last until late summer. Sweet bay magnolias produce 2 - to 3-inch white flowers.Sweet bay magnolia fruit - produces a red fruit that attracts a wide variety of wildlife, including turkeys and songbirds. These trees have many uses, but they are usually used as an ornamental tree. It is attractive, and it is a well-liked plant in well-known gardens and parks. They are very popular to many people for its beautiful and clean foliage, rapid growth, and large extravagant fragrant flowers as well as their fruits. These plants are very resistant to damage caused by ice storms. Other areas which they were worn are for the horticultural applications, because they are giving a very architectural effect to any of the landscape designs. The woods of the plants are also very useful, and it is smooth and even grain that makes it easy for working. The wood has a pleasant smell and smooth. Therefore, it is widely used in the manufacture of containers, furniture, plywood, pulp, certain types of wood and pulpwood. Outside, in nature, these trees are giving food for livestock and deer, and may be at least 25% of the diet of cattle, especially during the cold and winter months. Fruits of the plants are good resource of food for several forms of the wildlife like rodents, turkey, squirrels, other songbirds and quails. Learn something from the Magnolia Trees.

Everything About the Sweet Bay Magnolia Tree