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Essential Facts on Skin Care Every woman's wish is to have a healthy and beautiful looking skin. Lots of different beauty products are available in the market to make our skin beautiful. But not all these products can satisfy our needs for our skin. The skin is the biggest organ in our body. It is made of several tissue layers. It protects and covers other organs in our body such as bones and muscles. But on the other hand, nothing is protecting our skin. Though it is flexible, durable and has the ability to restore itself to its natural condition, it is the most susceptible body parts to various infections. So, it is better to take good care of our skin to promote good health. Here are some tips for caring our skin. It is very essential to properly clean our skin. Without a proper cleansing, this is more prone to infection, acne, skin disease and it can even produce bad odor. Use a body cleanser that suits your skin because once you use a body cleanser that is not compatible to your skin condition, this will cause more skin problem. Using a bar soap to your face can usually dry your face. It is better to use a facial cleanser rather than bar soap. It is also very useful to scrub several times of the week to cast off dead skin cells. It is also very helpful to moisturize our skin even if it is oily or dry, since we are very much exposed to various pollutants, free radicals and UV rays. We need to moisturize our skin to prevent wrinkles, fine lines and aging. Everyday use of moisturizer can increase the defense system of our skin and helps improve its metabolism. It also reduces the damaging effect of pollution and stress. It is very vital to apply sunscreen or sunblock everyday. It is more convenient to use a moisturizer that has SPF for a single application. Sunscreen protects us from UV rays that can accelerate skin aging. Make sure that you use a sunscreen with SPF 15 or more. For those women who are smoking, it is very vital to stop yourselves from smoking. Smoking accelerates the amount of fine lines, wrinkles and aging.