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Central Sleep Apnea Information Sleep disorder apnea is a problem that is very dangerous and that can cause some high risk for possible heart attacks. This condition can happen when the esophagus closes during the sleep. A sign of this sleep disorder is the heavy snoring that goes after the stopping of breathing, the lacking of air will then cause the gasping. Several victims of the sleep disorder symptom would wake up many times at night because they are gasping for air to breath. Obese persons are most likely to develop this condition. The central sleep apnea is a sleep disorder condition that is characterized by the repetitive stopping of breathing while sleeping for the reason that the brain is temporarily stopping to send signals within the muscles that are responsible for the control of breathing. Possible Causes This type of sleep disorder mainly occurs with the people that certainly have medical problems. Central sleep apnea may develop to the persons that have problems within the brain stem. The brain stem is the one responsible with the controls of breathing. Resulting with this, any injury that affects this area of the brain can result problems to a normal breathing during the sleep.

Here are some conditions that may lead to: • Bulbar poliomyelitis • Encephalitis that affects the brain stem • Complications on the cervical spine surgery • Radiation of the cervical spine • Neuro-degenerative illnesses like Parkinson's disease • Severe arthritis • Severe obesity • Primary hypo ventilation syndrome • Stroke which affects the brain stem • Medications like narcotic pain killers Another form of this sleep disorder apnea usually occurs with a person that has congenital heart disease. Apnea which is not connected to another disease is called the idiopathic central apnea. This condition is not likely with the obstructive sleep apnea that has resulted because of the airway blockage. Symptoms • Chronic fatigue • Sleepiness at daytime • Headaches in the morning • Restless in sleeping • Difficulties in swallowing • Changes with the voice • Numbness of the body

Treatment There are types of sleep apnea that can be treated by medicines that stimulates the breathing. But, patients must remember to stay away from drugs that contain sedatives. Nasal CRAP (continuous positive airway pressure), oxygen and BiPAP or bilevel airway pressure are also used for the treatment of central sleep apnea. If the condition was caused by the heart disease, the main objective is the treatment of the heart disease itself. Prognosis Congestive Heart Failure - if that is the cause of the sleep disorder, antagonistic treatment of the heart can improve the outlook. Brain Injury - if it causes the central sleep apnea, the outlook is tending to be worsen. Idiopathic Sleep Apnea - outlook of this condition is favorable. Possible Complications - complication may be resulted from the essential diseases that causes the condition. See a doctor when you have the symptoms, do not wait for the condition to get worst. This condition is commonly diagnosed when the patients are severely ill.

Central Sleep Apnea Information  

This type of sleep disorder mainly occurs with the people that certainly have medical problems. Central sleep apnea may develop to the perso...

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