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Categories of Equipment Used For Metals Categories of equipment used for metals vary depending on its use, availability, versatility, and range. We can't just use equipment all at the same time. There are of course specifications on what metal to treat and the limitations of the treatment. One of the metal-treatment companies called Warcome Company have categorized the equipment according to flexibility and productivity. The OPERA, where the highest level of press breaks emerge, and operators are considered to have highest productivity. The length varies depending on usage but the most typical range is 3000-6000 mm, and force of 100-300 tons. Another equipment category is the FUTURA, which is considered the most versatile machine with range. It is the most in-demand model in the market today. Believe it or not, it is device with 2500-8000 mm range and work power of 60-1000 tons. Amazing, isn't it? If you would want better work characteristics and higher range and work force, it could be supplied as well. Let's get to the most conventional, most typical, and the most standard versions of equipment used with metals. First in line, the UNICA version is one of the standard versions of metal-treating equipment available in the market. UNICA version offers the most absolute performance level ranging from 2000-6000mm with work force of 60-600 tons limit. AREA, on the other hand, has a specific importance and it's commonly used for the tinsmith sector. Other popular metal-treating equipment includes the Guillotine Shears which has two models, MAXIMA and PRIMA. Both covers 4-30 mm metal thickness and 3 -10 meters length. The Warcome equipment guarantees high precision and production over time. With high technology touch screen to blade system, the equipment assures 99% accuracy. The latest invention for cutting equipment is the plasma-cutting tool with optimum performance and high versatility. It's called the W-Power machine. One of its distinct properties includes speed and precision. Although the machine is automatic, it is subject to manual intervention if needed. It has the offline software making the machine automatic, but the program makes it conducive for manual operation for parameters and cutting ways. The machine uses Hyperterm, a high definition generator to enable precise cutting and distance accuracy. Another thing is the torch floating, for safety procedure. In case of collision, the machine would stop abruptly. It has two channels and the mouths have controlled openings. It has a filtering unit with benches armed with extractable scrap drawers. Well, several devices are yet to be invented to meet the needs of society. Manufacturing companies continue to device and invent machines that cover a wide variety of functions we could only imagine. Although these inventions are of advantages to mankind, we should not push our limits. As what have said, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Machines, for instance, is really helpful. It covers wide variety of functions but of course, it requires proper care and usage. If misused, it can harm people as well. Well, it is known that metals are of equal importance as any other things. So, we better use the equipment wisely for the benefit of mankind towards a better life.

Categories of Equipment Used For Metals  

Well, several devices are yet to be invented to meet the needs of society. Manufacturing companies continue to device and invent machines th...