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Air Brush At Its Best Air compressor is a device that takes in air, increase the pressure by compressing the air and release it at a higher pressure. Mostly it is used not only in commercial or industrial purposes but can be of great help also at home. An airbrush is an air-operated instrument that sprays fluid whether paint, ink and stain on the different canvass like tshirt and metal. The process of applying these on the media is known as atomization.Using air brush compressor, an airbrush takes a fluid and turns it into airborne mist more like a spray paint can but highly controlled. The air must be attached to an air source, this time the air compressor before it can be sprayed. Airbrush is one of the most versatile tools around especially to the gifted artist. But air brush will never work in the absence of a compressor. It triggers the paint or any fluid to do its job. The artistic talents of some artists will come to realization only when air brush and compressor works together guided by the hands of the experts. A compressed CO2 tank is compressor that is very important for airbrushing. It needs a regulator only that is of welding type and a screw on top of the tank. Moisture trap or oil filter is no longer necessary. It can be used for custom painting purpose like t-shirt printing, motorcycle, helmet and canvass. In the process paint brushing, paint is propelled through and out of the airbrush tip. It is in a controlled manner done by the compressed air in the compressor. The pressure released sometimes depends on the viscosity of the paint. The higher the viscosity or the thicker the pain, the higher PSI will be needed to get the job done.

Air Brush At Its Best