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About Joomla CSS In your website, when you want it to be more consistent, CSS will help you. What is CSS by the way? Cascading style sheets or CSS is style sheet language for World Wide Web (www). it is used to style XML document. It is designed to make the content to be separated in a document from presentation. It describes and modifies the presentation of documents such as font size and style, color, text, position, etc. It developed the accessibility of documents and provides instrument to present different ways of XML mark up and optimized for different devices such as screen, printers and devices. When styling a document, keep in mind that styling doesn't need to be repeated. It can have additional style but it only comes at once. Styling an element should be done in style sheet. After you've done styling, you can test your element at Firebug. It is found in firefox to which you can experiment, change, remove, and arrange your elements. How CSS works with JOOMLA? As we all know, Joomla is a content management system in websites. Styling the websites is what the CSS does in Joomla, this CSS customizes the website you created. With the use of CSS, all the content o file you made will now have styles in fonts, text, page, etc. which will become more presentable to view. JOOMLA CSS uses templates. There are templates that use several CSS file and there are some that use only one CSS file. CSS files should keep in a minimum number; this could reduce the number of request in a server. There are clients who love templates. They want to have perfect templates in their websites. So the best way to use is the JOOMLA CSS. Since it can be change the templates background, additional tabs in menus or others they want for their sites. JOOMLA CSS will truly help improve your websites.