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How to Send and Receive SMS on PC Without Phone?

The increased use of messaging has made all such small text messages draw out on the phone as the more efficient, fastest and primary ways to communicate with colleagues, friends and also acquaintances. All the tech users have rapidly transferred to the position that is more preferred to receive a text on phone call on any day. Texting is better for sending small messages and left the written text so that it can be easy to recall the address or to remind what he wants on a sandwich. See enter avg product key

Texting has the oddity and weakness in as the ways to communicate. You must require a plan that has the texting pack. However, several plans have a limitation of 30 or 60 messages per month, and also plans have unlimited SMS. But the one huge limitation would be texting that you will send

from the phone using a small keyboard that you may receive 4 letters below your thumb on the screen with a card size screen.

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Obviously, you may use a PC or Laptop keyboard to compose text instead of utilizing phone. There several SMS apps for Macs and Computer. But here we will focus on Push bullet, Pinger Text free web or Mighty Text.

How to Text From the PC Using Pinger Text free Web

This app is the clear site which provides the free online mobile number and the 2019 to use it. You may use an account to get and send messages as you want to. As you sign in, then you have to add a proper zip code and then select the number to appoint to your account. You will also require the outside mobile number to check your account. The mobile number will be available on the left and tapping on it will prompt the text tab. Insert message and the recipient and then tap on send. The text messages will be sent rapidly.

How to Text From the PC Using Push bullet

Push bullet works exactly as Pinger Text free web. However, you need to download a small application to PC that you will use. There are several applications that are available for every operating system. If you are at your work, then you may use a browser extension. You also require downloading the Pushbullet app on your device to sync both.

If you want to text from the PC using Push bullet, then you can follow the provided steps:

• Download the app. • Sign in to the Facebook or Google account on both the cases of it. • You need to choose SMS from the section. • Compose the message. • Insert recipient and then send a message. • Receiving phone calls or message will activate the Windows notification, and then you can reply directly.

How Can You Message From Phone Without Service

If you are living in the U.S, then Google Voice will be accessible to you if you need to use. But if you are outside the U.S, then this may not work. The service never actually got the investment nor the attention that it may deserve; however, it works solid and can be the actual part of the strategy. Some say that the voice may discontinue at some point till then you can utilize the Google number to get or compose text.

The login procedure for the Google voice includes choosing the local number in the area code and then log in for an account. You may require the phone number without Google voice that you can confirm with the Google voice, and every account will be related to the Gmail account. As you complete the procedure of Google Voice sign up, you will go back to the common interface that appears as the Google app.

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