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Manager Moment Off Air Questions CBS, PBS, ABC, NBC, and Fox. Where do they come from? They are broadcast from the same locations that they always have been. In our area, that is Reliance, Presho, and Ft. Pierre. Where did they go? If you don’t have a digital receiver, either built into your TV or a set-top box, you will not get the channels that you have in the past. Why are they digital now? Using digital technology allows the broadcasters to send out more information using the same amount of frequency spectrum. If you have noticed, some broadcasters are sending out 2 or 3 channels now where they used to have one. This also frees up the old frequencies for new uses. Another thing you’ll notice is the picture quality. When you’re getting it, it’s a good quality picture, but when you’re not getting it, it’s completely gone. There are no fuzzy pictures. One thing you may notice is tiling or freeze framing. This usually means your signal quality is low. Either because the broadcaster is having problems or your antenna is not aligned properly. Possible causes are weather, wind, solar effects, power problems, bad connections, etc. Most receivers have a signal quality meter built into them. What were they before? The broadcasters were using analog technology to send out their signals to your TV. They could be picked up with a simple antenna that usually came with your TV when you bought it. Is a Digital Antenna required? No. I’ve done some testing with both types of antennas. Rabbit Ears work fine in most places. However, you may or may not be able to get all the channels available. If you can get PBS, you should get all 3 channels PBS broadcasts.

If you can get CBS, you should get both channels CBS broadcasts. If you can get ABC but not PBS, you may need to get a digital antenna. What I’ve learned is most digital antennas are very directional. That is, you point them at the signal you want, and that’s the only one you’ll get. For example, I live in Kennebec. If I wanted to get PBS from Reliance with a digital antenna, I may not be able to get ABC from Presho with the same antenna. There are Multidirectional or Omni-directional antennas available which will pick up all the channels in our area. Try your Rabbit Ears first. Use your signal quality or power meter built into your receiver to help you align the antenna. You’ll need to do this for each channel, and figure out what works best. Can you make it work like it used to? Yes. It’s very expensive, but it’s possible to make your TVs at home work the way they did before. It involves multiple receivers, modulators, and rewiring. How does this affect my Cable TV? If you’re a Cable customer, we are still receiving FOX and NBC in an analog format. You can see the picture quality difference. Today CBS has 2 channels, PBS has 3

channels, and ABC has one. We have both of CBS’s channels on the Cable system, Channel 9 and 61. We are currently looking at adding the other two offered by PBS. We are also attempting to get FOX and NBC in digital format which may or may not be possible because of our distance from the broadcast towers. If you’re having trouble with your digital reception, give us a call, and we’ll see if we can help you out. Trusty Mertens Central Office Manager inside this Issue: Page Article 2 KTC Payment Process 2 Spoofing 3 Facebook 3 FAQ 1

KTC Payment Process The following is the process Kennebec Telephone follows when payment is not received by the 20th of the month:

Kennebec Telephone stating that payment is due and your services will be shut off if we do not receive your payment.

Final Notice: You will receive this by mail stating the amount that is due at this time.

Suspend: Your services will be suspended if payment has not been received in the allotted time. If this should happen, there will be a $45 charge to reconnect your services.

Notification Call: If we have not received payment in the allotted amount of time you will receive a recording on your phone from

Disconnect: If we still have not

received payment within 2 weeks, we will totally disconnect your services. If this should happen, you have the possibility of losing your phone number plus there will be a $45 charge to reconnect your services. If you are ever in a bind and unable to make your payment, call our office, and we will work with you to get things on the right track.

Spoofing Spoofing is someone pretending to be someone or something else. There are many ways that you can be spoofed, but we are going to talk about two particular ways that it can be done, and that is caller ID and emails. Caller ID spoofing is the practice of making a call appear to come from any phone number the caller wants displayed. They are

often used for fraud or prank calls. They use this practice to get your personal information from you because you believe that it someone you know and trust. So, if you ever think that the caller isn’t who they say they are, get a phone number from them and call them back. If it is a spoofer, they will probably end up hanging up on you.

Email spoofing is the practice of sending an email that appears to originate from a different source. It is used mainly for spam emailing and phishing - is an attempt to acquire sensitive information such as a username, password, social security number, or credit card information. Continued on page 4

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Facebook KTCI NOW ON FACEBOOK Kennebec Telephone has opened a page on Facebook. The main purpose of the page will be to keep our customers, or fans, informed of what’s going on as far as deals, specials, new products etc. Also as a “social site” you will be able to pose your own questions related to the business of the phone company. For those who may not be familiar with Facebook, it is a Social Networking Website. That means that when you first sign up, you search for people you know, or have known; if they are Facebook members, you can make them your friend. No one can get into anyone else’s information without being approved as a friend. Facebook has a message application, much like e-mail, also a chat function; these two applications allow you to write to, or chat with, just one friend. My favorite,however is the “Status Wall”. Whatever is posted in the “What’s on your mind” box is published to all of your friends. It gives a quick snapshot of your life, as you write it. The space is limited so you keep it short! Photos can be posted, “gifts” sent, games played, groups created or joined, and pages for everything from rock bands to, well, telephone companies! To receive updates from the Kennebec Telephone Facebook page, sign up to Facebook… it’s free, and become a fan of Kennebec Telephone Company Inc. Then, when there are new status updates on the page, they will come to you automatically!

Frequently Asked Questions Q: How do I get something advertised on the local channel? A: You can bring in a poster, e-mail me the information at, or call me at 869-2220. If you would like, you can design it yourself, and we can then upload it onto our slide show. Q: Does Kennebec Telephone offer an anti-virus and spyware program? A: Yes, it is called Secure IT. Kennebec Telephone will come to your home and install it onto your computer. An advantage to getting it through us is that if there are any updating or problems with it, we will come out and fix it. You can get this for $5.50 per month for one computer and $4.50 for any additional computers. Q: Is there a way I can stay on the internet while the power is out? A: Yes, the easiest way is to have a laptop that can run off a battery. All you need after that is to have your modem and router plugged into a UPS (universal power supply). These are fairly inexpensive and can be purchased through us. If you have questions contact us at the office.

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Our mission is to provide the highest quality telecommuniations and information service to our customers at an affordable price. We will strive to offer prompt, friendly and dependable service along with the latest technology to attain the highest possible customer satisfaction. If you would like more information or have questions about anything in this newsletter feel free to contact us at 605-869-2220.

Spoofing They send their messages in bulk and come from an email address other than their own. So, if you ever receive an email wanting personal information and you don’t think that it is legitimate, don’t respond to the email; instead, call the company that the email is supposedly from and make sure the number is from a statement you have and not from the email. Here is an example of an email you may receive. Dear COMPANYNAME Account Holder

Attention: Account Holder, We are currently performing maintenance on our Digital webmail Server. We intend upgrading our Digital webmail Security Server for better online services. In order to ensure you do not experience service interruption, you must reply to this email immediately and enter your E-mail here (_____) and Password here (____) and Checkout your new features and enhancements with your new and improved webmail account. To enable us to upgrade your ac-

count for better online services, please reply to this email very fast. Thank you for using the COMPANYNAME mail service. Mail Technical Services NB: We require your E-Mail and Password for Identification purposes only. Contact our office if you have any questions or concerns about spoofing. 4

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What were they before? The broadcasters were using analog technology to send out their signals to your TV. They could be picked up with a si...