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Five Potential CryptoCurrencies in the Severe Currency Market Environment We all know that from the beginning of this year, the entire currency circle is dead. Many excellent projects have died in such a harsh environment. Even the top three currencies have been affected. Fortunately, there are some well-performing cryptocurrencies has emerged in this situation.

1. Wanchain (wan)

wanchain is creating a new distributed financial infrastructure with privacy and cross-chain capabilities. This main network went online on January 18, 2018 and was financed in early October 2017. It was only for overseas markets. At that time, ETH was about 2,000 yuan, a ratio of 1 to 880, and the cost was about 2.13 yuan. WAN adds ring signatures, real-time addresses, and seal system privacy features at the top of the smart contract platform. The next version 2.0 release will be announced in the third quarter of 2018 and will achieve cross-linking capabilities in the Ethereum blockchain, while the version 3.0 release announced in the fourth quarter will implement cross-chaining on the Bitcoin blockchain. ability. Version 4.0 will be released in mid 2019 and will provide a simple framework that supports cross-chaining. Not long ago, wan's project team Lv Xujun was present at the Barbitt Live Room, saying that wan started to do ecology and had already cooperated with three or four project plans.

2. POA Network (poa)

What is poa? The POA network attempts to build an open network based on the Ethernet protocol using Proof-of-authority. The main idea of the project is to enable individuals to use the POA protocol to build a smart contract platform that is faster and cheaper than the POW protocol. Another key solution is to establish bridges between blockchains based on the rules of the Ethereum protocol, making interactions and connectivity between blockchains of different protocol types (such as POWs and POAs). The POA project is the only one who has fully developed the code base before financing among the 318 successful financing projects in 2017. It distributed its own main network and blockchain browser while distributing tokens with high work efficiency and the fastest speed, achieving a separate public blockchain project for cross-chain applications.

3. Streamr DATAcoin (data)

In the recent period of time, many of the early blockchain projects started to be launched on the main network or the related DAPP beta application, streamr, was one of them. In the news on May 11, there was such a message: Hewlett-Packard cooperated with Stream to monetize car data. Streamr can cooperate with Hewlett-Packard, and will soon release related product results, you can imagine the actual value of streamr is substantial. Streamr provides a single interface for real-time data transmission and payment, bringing buyers and sellers together. By using Streamr's encrypted token DATA, global data streams can be exchanged for free. Streamr has a very impressive market. In May, the official announced cooperation with several related companies and will participate in the Bitcoin consensus meeting held in Midtown Manhattan, New York from May 14th to May 16th. It also emphasizes that this is a key step for the introduction of Streamr products and technologies to the market. Streamra's sponsorship for the Bitcoin Conference is the same as that of IBM and Rippled.


fortuna is a distributed risk hedging blockchain platform. It is also an implementation and promotion platform for "risk hedging + blockchain" that has mastered the underlying technology of blockchain development and has rich experience in financial market management and practice. Fortune's main good performance lies in the following technological innovation: (1)Solve the problem of lack of trust in off-site hedges (2)Solve the problem of low efficiency of off-site hedges (3)Solve the limited liquidity of off-site hedges (4)Power mechanism design (5)Solve Regulatory Issues in the Global OTC Derivatives Market

5.Dmarket (dmt)

It is estimated that more than 2.3 billion people worldwide play video games on digital platforms. DMarket is essentially a blockchain-based global market that allows users to convert in-game items into real-world products. This platform is extensible, allowing players to easily exchange any titles they like with virtual items. For the user, it is quite difficult to trade the in-game items and make money just by relying on their video game skills. dmarket uses smart contracts and block chain technology to bridge this gap. The platform is safe and stable, and the main features of the platform are: (1)The platform uses smart contracts as a link between game players and blockchains without the need for any intermediary. (2)All transactions and internal transactions are performed by the local DMarket token. (3)DMarket allows third-party game developers to create their own platforms, as it uses open source APIs (4)DMarket allows players to obtain a stable source of income in a transparent and fair manner. With the game industry expanding at an alarming rate, it is expected that by 2020, the game industry's profit will exceed 128 billion US dollars. DMarket may disrupt this market segmentation and open up in-game project trading potential for the number of people playing games each day.

After reading the above introduction, you may be ready for these five types of cryptocurrency, but any investment has a certain risk. Although the five currencies are currently performing well, if you want to invest, you need a more in-depth analysis.

Five potential cryptocurrencies in the severe currency market environment  

We all know that from the beginning of this year, the entire currency circle is dead. Many excellent projects have died in such a harsh envi...

Five potential cryptocurrencies in the severe currency market environment  

We all know that from the beginning of this year, the entire currency circle is dead. Many excellent projects have died in such a harsh envi...