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The introduction and performance of oyster Oyster Pearl will become the Internet's revolutionary advertising/storage solution designed to change the game's dual-use coins! Decentralized storage solutions are unique, and integration with advertising solutions means that all parties are satisfied. This technology can completely change our understanding of the Internet and cancel the traditional advertising technology used today. More specifically, PRL enables Internet users to retrieve their files through decentralized, anonymous and secure system storage.

Because of the large number of online advertisements with malware and other off-line advertisements, while Oyster Pearl can solve the problems of viral infection and other issues that may affect computer equipment. The initial value of PRL token listed at the end of last year was $0.032. However, oyster pearl price soared and the price of each token reached $4.30 this year earlier.

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The recent performance of PRL is not disappointing, given that the cryptocurrency market seems to have been manipulated by the bear market in the past few months, but oyster prices are still stable.

The introduction and performance of oyster  
The introduction and performance of oyster