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Keep these deceptive cryptocurrencies in your head PART.2

I’m very glad to write these cryptocoins which I thought is useless or deceptive here, which to pick them out and improve the situation of the cryptocurrency market.

1. zengold A token from China, which is used to be a blockchain wallet. Just like almost all the blockchain wallet-like token, it is also unminable. There is no idea that the policy in China is too strict or something else. But the outcome with zengold is refund. It wastes all the investors time and energy. Here is the price of zengold, it almost died.

The similar cryptocurrencies which with the blockchain wallet are overwhelmed. The solution is not found today. What does Nakamoto Satoshi think of these?

2. bitcoin god ” Welcome the new member to the bitcoin family.” A forked chain on bitcoin and born a new baby named bitcoin god, which is a 21 million minable cryptocurrency, too. Under the situation that the bitcoin dropped down under $9000, is that a forked chain gets a future? The answer is never.

And there are plenty of them in ready for the bubble bursting, throw it away and pay attention to eos ico price may be your best choice. Because eos may become the next bitcoin? And following with EOS god, EOS X…… That is definitely the end of Blockchain and cryptocurrency.

3、 Harvest Masternode Coin Have you heard it before? A cryptocurrency with a strange name. But that’s not the point. The focus is “faster, decentralized, wallet, payment globalization, anonymity, security, etc.”. all these words have been already showed in each altcoin. But Harvest Masternode Coin just copy it into another way and repeat it once again as the rank 1501 But its price seems like never grow up since it reaches the peak.

4、 Coimatic 2.0 There’s not only a coin named Coimatic 2.0, but also one named 3.0. And that just like papa and his son, ever and ever and never end in one day. And what it had done before? Here’s the white paper said:

All the same way showed in white paper! So, what does it want to do? Just fraud investors in this stupid way? So, Coimatic 2.0 and 3.0 or 4.0 in future is real deceptive cryptocoins. What do you think of these currencies? Is that worth to invest? The answer is clear.

Keep these deceptive cryptocurrencies in your head part2  

Keep these deceptive cryptocurrencies in your head part2

Keep these deceptive cryptocurrencies in your head part2  

Keep these deceptive cryptocurrencies in your head part2