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LOS ANGELES TAKE OVER Cry Havoc storms LA with 5 designers for the first issue

VERONICA VAN SANT Sultry SoCal DJ cuts loose in Los Angeles

ROCKIN’ BONES ENT. Indie designers help you get rude, crude and tutu’d


Creating this issue took a lot of work, but it was even more so for the lovely photographers, models, stylists, and designers featured in this magazine. First of all, I would like to thank them all for their participation in creating this magazine, we would be nowhere without them! We are Cry Havoc and we strive to bring you the latest in alternative lifestyle, or as we like to think of it, crazy fantastical fun. We’d like to do more than just display pretty pictures of gorgeous alternative models, but to show you a more in depth side to the lifestyles in this community. Not only do we focus on the models, but we like to feature local artists/designers from the area. From issue to issue we will tour different cities and give you a different taste of alternative culture every time. We not only help local artists, but we like to think that our efforts are bringing them all together as well. In this issue we’ll be plunging you headfirst into L.A. with the help of 16 models, 5 fashion designers, 2 make-up artists, and a hairstylist. Needless to say, our focus in this issue is definitely the varied fashion that you can find in L.A. We give you: Eirik Aswang’s kick ass rubber and leather corsets and accessories, Rockin’ Bones’ rockabilly style D.I.Y. shirts and dresses, Reset Couture’s fabulous 80’s inspired outfits, Toxic Shock Apparel’s redesigned and modified shirts, and Alternative Barbie’s viciously adorable ensembles. Enjoy Cry Havoc L.A. Fashion Issue 01 -CryHavoc Staff

models: Stephanie and Loriel

Eirik Aswang is a fashion designer and painter who is based in the San Francisco bay area and can also be found often wondering Los Angeles. 4

Veronica Van Sant, alternative model, is one part hard edge style, two parts rock culture, and a dash of bright, colorful personality.

Toxic Shock Apparel’s one-of-a-kind, redesigned punk outfits are sure to leave you the last one standing in the mosh pit.

Before you dive right into all the sweetness we have prepared for you, we wanna take a moment to say thanks. We would like to thank Kevin Break for letting us use his studio, all the designers who donated there clothes, all the models who shoot for the magazine, Cici Anderson, carpool lanes in L.A.,, iwrestledabearonce, the internet, latex, Taco Bell, Seth MacFarlane, Neil Patrick Harris, the iPhone, Mosh, Kevin Break’s cats,, Jesse Seilhan’s beard, luggage carts, Walmart, girls with tattoos, Nikon, firetrucks, laughing till you cry at Rockin’ Bones clothing is an independent brand that incorporates elements of rock and roll, pop art, horror, pulp, and 80s nostalgia.

Reset Couture displays a blend of fate, androgyny, and the human condition in his newest line, Binary/Duality.

Alternative Barbie’s viciously adorable ensembles, displays a clash of Euro and J-pop fashion.

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Calling Eirik Aswang a fashion designer would only serve as a term for argument. An accomplished painter and sculptor, Eirik is self taught in corsetry with only four weeks of formal design training. His “wearable sculptures” are created with Neoprene and vegan-friendly leather, but will soon be incorporating synth-leather and vinyl materials. The stunning handcrafted pieces are accented with hand punched grommets, metal spikes, adjustable straps, and hand laced piping. The sculpted garments are fueled with feeling and intention. Eirik draws his creative inspiration from “the luminiferous aether”; light that fills the highest points of space, beyond the clouds. “I take what I like from this world, add things from my visions of the underworld, and pay attention to what’s in the fashion world. I try my best to put them all together and still be unique in your world.” The creative process usually begins with an idea, raw materials, and some music. “I enter the zone and will come out with a one of a kind piece”, he says. Eirik manufactures a full line of corsets, spats, collars, armlets, vests, garters, shoulder pieces, sleeves, bags, belts, purses, holsters and head gear—all built to give sex appeal to the pre-apocalyptic world. “I’m helping people become a thing of dreams and nightmares.” And this is just the beginning. —Jesse Seilhim

models: Jason and Monica

model: Nikki

model: Mosh

models: Amour and Nikki



Q&A with Veronica Van Sant Hailing from Riverside, California, Veronica Van Sant is no stranger to the alternative fashion world. The self-proclaimed “worst girl ever” isn’t afraid of a tattoo gun, and will probably piss off your girlfriend. She is one part hard edge style, two parts rock culture, and a dash of bright, colorful personality. CH:  Give us the dirty details of your day job. Veronica: I basically always wanted to do modeling since I was young, but I realized that since I’m only 5'3" so it was never going to pan out. Then I started working for a radio station and they had me take some pictures for the website. Being in the alternative modeling scene is great because height, and “classic” beauty isn’t really what people were looking for, and I really love it. It kind of snowballed from there, and I really love it. I think that alternative modeling is the best place to be. CH: What influences do you draw from? Veronica: Music. Music. Music is my number one influence! I am a metal princess. I love metal, hardcore, death

metal; I love it all. Right now my favorite bands are Between the Buried and Me and Norma Jean. I love rock and roll fashion, lifestyle, and music. Mordecai by Between the Buried and Me is my favorite song because it reminds me of someone very dear to my heart. On top of that I happen to think, instrumentally, that it is one of the best songs ever written. CH: You once said you weren’t into “girly shit.” What did you mean by that? Veronica: I’m the worst girl ever. It’s really true. For some reason I have always failed as a girl, so I guess I just kicked it with the boys. This tends to be a problem, especially when it comes to my guy friends and their girlfriends. Their girlfriends never understand why I’m always included in the “boy’s night out” and it’s because my friends see me as one of the guys, even to my detriment. I’m just not very good at girly stuff, and I’m a little too rough around the edges to be sweet and cute. Usually people think that I’m a semidecent girl, until I open my mouth and the illusion is gone. CH: Has anything crazy ever happened to you while working? Veronica: I guess I’ve been pretty lucky so far, although I did have to call a photographer at 4 o’clock in the morning and cancel a shoot one time because my friends and I got arrested.

CH: What clothing or designers define your personal lifestyle? Veronica: First of all, I absolutely hate Ugg’s - I think they are the ugliest things I have ever seen. Unless there is a blizzard I see no good use for them, and they make feet smell. I just don’t get it, I guess. I would say that my personal style is a mash of everything. I like to take elements of everything and combine them in my own way. Everything from punk to rock to preppy to scene; I like contradiction. I like to wear things together that shouldn’t be together, and make them look good, like a cardigan and ripped up jeans. I like to not make sense…if that makes sense. CH: You’ve got a lot going on right now! Where can we catch up with you? Veronica: At the moment, I produce a two hour Electronica show on Motive Radio. It’s on, every Friday night from midnight to 2AM. We are an alternative rock radio station from San Bernardino, California and I also do a metal show on Saturday nights, 10pm to 3am. I go to quite a few metal and hardcore shows, and I also go to raves pretty frequently. I just like to hang out with my friends and kick it really, drinks at the bar, a show at the club, whatever sounds right at the time. My favorite thing about summer is the river. I love to go to the river, water ski, hang out on the boat, and chat with my friends. It’s always a good time.

“Creating the electric style t h at m a k e s you shock ‘til you drop.”

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The designs incorporate elements of rock and roll, pop art, horror, pulp, and 80’s nostalgia and are hand made/painted/screenprinted.

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What started as a hobby has evolved into a deeply intricate Do-It-Yourself designing dream. Rockin’ Bones Entertainment cover not only fashion, but music and video production and the married couple behind the scenes develop all the handmade art together. Every garment has that personal touch and the snowflake quality of their line helps deliver one-of-akind style for anyone in the know. Celebs from Courtney Love, Tera Wray Static, and Travis Wall all shop with the duo knowing the flashy yellows and pinks accentuate the sweet with the sour. “Before a new style is made, we discuss everything from imagery to cut to embellishments together,” explains cocreator Kendra. “After the style has been designed and we are in production, I sew and Robert paints.”

model: Veronica Van Sant

model: Tweek

{}} The company has existed for nearly a decade and hit the international scene a little over a year ago, now spreading their message across Europe and Australia. The tutus they design may steal your eyes the most, as the fancy-meets-fashionable approach to ballerina wear comes off more casual than expected. The couple plans on merging into world domination soon, using their film influences and background to eventually pump out some full length horror flicks and some “surprise� clothing expansions.

model: Giza

Kafka, the mastermind behind Reset Couture, displays a blend of fate, androgyny,

and the human condition in his newest line, Binary/Duality.


models: Lani and Heather


Kafka, the mastermind behind Reset Couture, displays a blend of fate, androgyny, and the human condition in his newest line, Binary/Duality. A flashback of 80’s pop hits should be washing over your brain as your eyes scan the pink and blue unique (and often unisex) designs. These gender-bending clothes show off more than just needle and thread. Ask the designer where the line came from and expect a lengthy soliloquy involving the nature of man, gender roles, social norms, and logic. The fact is that it isn’t just fashion for the sake of fashion, but a visual stream of consciousness, made into wearable statements about those that don them. A sort of rebirth for Kafka, the line represents seeing the world for the first time, and materializing the initial thoughts and associations a child may have: colors and shapes. From there, combining a sense of storytelling with woven thread and textiles leads to a practical, realistic product. “In my experience, design isn’t learned: you either have it or you don’t,” the Croatian native explains.

“There are paths you take to develop technical skills but design is also composition, concept, vision, and courage which are all very inherent. Even if it is forced, it comes from some crazy place inside of you.”

Film is a heavy influence, as the stark contrasts of some of the pieces hit you like a well-edited film. Kafka uses light like a DP on a movie set would structure a scene around lighting. But this high thought process might turn some in the fashion world away, as the “distracted bubble”, as Kafka puts it, might not get what he’s going for. “The artist always has an idea of who they think the work speaks to but in my experiences it’s never what I expect. Most of my undergrad in art school only showed me all the places I didn’t fucking want to be,” he said. “All the handfed, pompous spoiled brats, the ass kissing and the politics of social clubs.” Although next season’s line might be a bit more traditional (hint: black is the new black), expect the same amount of thought and passion to go into it. He knows that his work won’t be the standard anytime soon, but that isn’t everyone’s goal. “Reset Couture is not for everybody but I like it that way”.

models: Dominic and Isaac

Designers Rockin’ Bones

Eirik Aswang

Toxic Shock Apparel

Alternative Barbie Apparel


Destroy Inc

Vanity Kill Studio

Kevin Break

Cici Anderson


Reset Couture

E.H. Make-up

Loriel Andrea

Giza Lagarce

Monica Renee

Dominic Andrews

Heather Mackan

Stephanie Stone

Nikki Bruno

Isaac Mascore

Tweek Terror

Amor Hilton

Airica Michelle

Lani Tran

Jason Judkins


Veronica Van Sant


Cry Havoc Magazine Issue 01  

The first of the Cry Havoc magazine series. This is the FASHION ISSUE. The Cry Havoc team hit LA and created this debut magazine.

Cry Havoc Magazine Issue 01  

The first of the Cry Havoc magazine series. This is the FASHION ISSUE. The Cry Havoc team hit LA and created this debut magazine.