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APRIL 15, 2021 • Volume 3 • No. 39




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It was such an enjoyable weekend and feels like spring is 100% here! Warmer weather and being outside are definitely ingredients for a better outlook. Taking care after a long northeast winter is a job in itself, and there are plenty of chores to accomplish before the heat of summer gets here. Another to do on the list was to get my second vaccination this weekend. The nurses, doctors and military personnel running the location were kind, courteous and another example of our wonderful front line workers taking care of us. With two young daughters anxiously waiting to see grandparents and other relatives, it is great to have this done. Although cases are not as low as we’d like to see, 21% of the population is now fully inoculated, making it feel like there really is a light at the end of the tunnel. I will say the day after I felt like I had a small case of the flu and it slowed me down, but a very small price to pay for getting vaccinated. Although traveling all over the country is not on our list, this area offers so much to experience that we are looking forward to getting around New York (but not the city). We are planning on Niagara Falls, the finger lakes and Lake Placid. All so beautiful with hiking, fishing, and just visiting the towns, and supporting those local businesses as well. The summer resolution is to make sure we are doing something for local businesses every week. Getting food from a local restaurant, coffee from a local coffee house, using only local companies for any type of work that may come up, etc. We hope you will always use our newspaper to do the same as the busy spring season heats up! Sincerely,

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Sand Lake’s Memorial Day Parade Getting Organized and Invites You To Join In

APRIL 15, 2021

SAND LAKE - Plans for the 2021 Sand Lake Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony are underway. In an effort to attract more participation and attendance this year, we encourage all interested civic organizations, businesses, churches, community and youth groups and individuals to participate in this year’s parade. This year’s Sand Lake Memorial Day Parade will be Monday, May 31, at 10:00 am. The Parade route is from Averill Ave. in Westfall Village to the Sand Lake Veteran’s Memorial Park on NYS Route 43. Ceremonies will begin at about 10:30 in the Veterans Park. Those interested in participating should contact, Bill Glasser at wglasser@hotmail.com or call or text (518) 3229583. Scott Gallerie at sgallerie@gmail.com or call or text (518) 766-6575.

Cast Your Vote for Books! SAND LAKE - Do you like Green Eggs and Ham? How about Fox in Socks? Maybe you love the classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Or the one that started it all... The Cat in the Hat? Let your voice be heard Please see BOOKS 10

Warriors, Rams entertain By JAMES ALLEN

It does not seem to matter what month Amsterdam and Averill Park meet. When the two Class A football programs collide, entertainment ensues. The latest chapter in the series took place Friday, and it delivered on all fronts. Amsterdam took a 34-33 lead with less than two minutes remaining, but Averill Park kickoff return man Ben Ferlito ripped off a 70-yard touchdown scamper to put the Warriors ahead. The Rugged Rams marched down the

field and pulled within one point on a 12-yard touchdown run from Tommy Ziskin. The Warriors, however, stopped running back Garrett McHeard on a two-point conversion run to secure a wild 41-40 victory. Averill Park football coach Zach Gobel has now guided his squad to five straight wins against Amsterdam, including Friday’s triumph against first-year coach John Homich. The veteran mentor has certainly experienced his share of enthralling encounters against the

Rugged Rams. “I will be honest with you, it is a lot of fun,” Gobel said. “It is a good high school game to play and our kids had a blast.” The latest chapter in the series, a scheduled 2020 game played during the Fall Season II format Friday, marks another in a long line of tight games between Amsterdam and Averill Park. The teams split two games in 2012, then Amsterdam knocked off the Warriors twice in 2013 by scores of 56-44 and 48-34.

In 2014, Averill Park edged Amsterdam 58-56. The Rugged Rams last prevailed in 2015. The Warriors scored in the final minute during the 2016 Class A semifinals to win 21-14, starting the current run of success against the Rugged Rams. “I think our kids look to the local games as rivalry games with La Salle, Columbia and Troy,” Gobel said. “The reality is over the last decade, the games with Amsterdam have always been Please see WARRIORS 10

Work on $9.6M project at Route 4 intersection begins Roundabout is a major component STAFF REPORT

Officials gathered last Wednesday to ceremonially break ground on a $9.6 million project to reconstruct three intersections along the Route 4 corridor at Bloomingrove Drive, Winter Street Extension and Williams Road — where a roundabout will be constructed — in the town of North Greenbush. The project also includes adding sidewalks, primarily on the west side of Route 4, in several locations and wider shoulders to accommodate bicycles. The project, scheduled for completion in late 2021, was designed by Creighton Manning Engineering of Albany and will be built by Rifenburg Construction. According to town officials, the new design of the Route 4 and Williams/Glenmore Road’s intersection will include a roundabout designed to improve the morning and evening traffic flow for commuters, especially those traveling to and from Hudson Valley Community College, as well as to enhance vehicular and pedestrian safety. Field preparation, survey and utility work is underway along the corridor and heavy construction will begin in April. The roundabout at Route 4 and Williams/Glenmore Road’s is expected to be completed by early September, officials said. Throughout the project, digital construction and traffic signs will be prominently posted along the work zones. Vehicular traffic and pedestrian access are expected to be maintained wherever possible throughout the project duration. Traffic delays should be expected and motorists are reminded of the importance of paying attention during construction to ensure work zone safety.

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From left, state Sen. Daphne Jordan, North Greenbush Councilwoman Kelly Hoffman, Rensselaer County Executive Steve McLaughlin and North Greenbush Supervisor Joseph Bott throw the ceremonial dirt during a groundbreaking ceremony on the corner of Route 4 and Williams Road last Wednesday. See a map of the plan on timesunion.com.

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6 Things Dog Owners Should Know About Lyme Disease Lyme disease is one of the most common tick-transmitted diseases in the world. Lyme disease primarily affects people, but dogs also are at risk. Lyme disease is caused by a spirochete, borrelia burgdorferi, which is a type of bacterium, says VCA Animal Hospitals. Bacteria are contained in the bodies of blacklegged ticks, which are then passed to the host animal when bitten. Transmission of Lyme disease has been reported in dogs throughout the United States and Europe. It is most prevalent in the upper midwestern states, the Atlantic seaboard and the Pacific coastal states, advises PetMD. Even though Lyme disease is widely know n for its effects on humans, pet parents should learn about the ways that tick bites can affect their furry companions. 1. Lyme disease only causes symptoms in 5 to 10 percent of affected dogs. Many dogs have it but never show symptoms. 2 . T h e a n i m a l h e a lt h e x p e r t s at Boehringer Ingelheim say dogs with Lyme disease can experience various symptoms, including joint swelling and pain, fever, letharg y, loss of appetite, and kidney problems. Dogs may not exhibit symptoms for weeks or months after being bitten. 3. Lyme disease is diagnosed based on the presence of certain symptoms. A Lyme disease antibody test can identify the presence of the disease, but only if the dog’s body has produced antibodies. Testing is recommended no sooner than four weeks after a tick bite. Other tests include a polymerase chain reaction and an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. 4. Lyme disease is a year-round threat.

Ticks do not die in the winter. Rather, they hide out and wait for the first warm day to arrive to move around. It’s important to keep up with tick-control treatments no matter the month. 5. Most tick control remedies do not actually repel ticks, they just kill the tick shortly after the tick has bitten. That’s good news since there is a greater chance of bacteria being transmitted the longer the tick is attached. Only tick collars repel ticks, but there are pros and cons to such products. 6. Ticks latch on to dogs in areas where blood vessels are closest to the surface of the skin. This includes the head, the neck and the ears. However, since adult ticks are quite big, dogs will attempt to bite them off if they are seen. Ticks tend to hide in places like inside the ears, between the toes and around the neck. Pet owners should use gloves, tweezers or a tissue to form a barrier between the tick and their skin when removing ticks. The bacterium that causes Lyme disease can pass through a wound in the skin, says VCA Hospitals. Annual vaccination also can help dogs maintain immunity.

The Benefits Of Spaying Felines Early Did you know that female kittens can enter their first heat as young as four months? Or that most do so by the time they reach six months old? The cat care and welfare resource Catalogical says a domestic cat can live around 12 to 15 years. A cat that has an average of four kittens per litter, three times per year for 15 years can produce a total of 180 kittens over a lifetime. Spaying a cat early on can prevent overpopulation and offer other benefits. • Prevent illness: The ASPCA says spaying helps prevent uterine infections and breast tumors, which are malignant in about 90 percent of cats. Spaying before first heat offers the best protection from such diseases. • Stop unwanted behaviors: Female cats that go into heat may advertise for mates by yowling and urinating more frequently, including around the house. • Help save money: Kittens can be cute but feeding them and taking care of them can be expensive. Sterilizing cats helps reduce these expenses. The American Animal Hospital Association has endorsed the “Fix Felines by Five” initiative. This initiative recommends spaying by age five months to head off the first heat cycle. Some vets and other organizations will recommend even earlier sterilization procedures — some as early as six weeks of age. The Veterinary Task Force on Feline Sterilization has found that early neutering does not cause any health issues in the growing cat. Furthermore, kittens have proportionately less body fat than older cats, so surgeons have a better view of reproductive organs and easier access when spaying kittens. Kitten owners should discuss the benefits of spaying with their veterinarians as early as possible. Spaying at an appropriate time can put cats on a road to good health.

Did You Know? Pets groom themselves to stay clean, but when allergies are present, dogs and cats may spend extended periods of time scratching, licking and biting. While these actions can be problematic for the animals themselves, for those sensitive to sounds, the repetition may induce unsettled feelings. Psychology Today says “misphonia” is an extreme emotional and physical response to seemingly innocuous, repetitive sounds. While chewing and lip-smacking are common triggers, noises made by pets (like barking or licking) also can cause an issue. The result is a fight-or-flight response to these noises, along with physical tension, disproportionate anger and possible hatred or disgust toward the person or animal responsible for the trigger noise. While studies into misphonia are in their juvenile stages and only recently gained traction, symptoms are thought to begin in childhood or adolescence and increase in severity. Treatment for misphonia is varied, but if aversion to the noise a pet is making can be alleviated by addressing the pet’s underlying issue, then people’s misphonia may be alleviated as well.


Supreme Court Rules for Barnes Road Association, Rejects Planning Board SAND LAKE - The State Supreme Court has reversed the Sand Lake Planning Board and vacated the permit it issued for a commercial party barn business on Barnes Road. In his April 2021 decision Justice Zwack found that the Town of Sand Lake Planning Board was arbitrary and capricious and ignored the law and facts in granting a party barn permit in an agricultural and residential district. The Court found that the Planning Board “abdicated its responsibilities..” in granting the permit. The Barnes Road Area Neighborhood Association, with over 70 active members, presented evidence throughout the course of the proceedings before the Town’s Planning Board. The evidence proved that a party barn is incompatible with the Barnes Road agricultural residential zone. The Association repeatedly pointed out to the Board that it was proceeding contrary to the Zoning Law and Town Comprehensive Plan. Yet the majority of the Board disregarded the evidence. According to Judge Zwack, “[s]urely it doesn’t take an expert to recognize the legitimacy of the concerns expressed by BRANA...”. The Association is thankful and relieved that the Court intervened to overturn the Board’s outrageous decision. The Town’s zoning ordinance and Comprehensive Plan are meant for the protection of all, not just the few. We now look to the Town of Sand Lake to put an end to this effort to impose a commercial party venue in our neighborhood. Kevin Brocks, West Sand Lake

Notification Of Cancelation Of The North Greenbush Parade NORTH GREENBUSH - The Town Board has decided to follow the Governor’s guidance and follow the practice of social distancing; therefore Town’s Memorial Day Parade has been cancelled. We would still like to honor the heroes who have served the country by continuing the tradition of laying wreaths at the various memorial sites in town. The Wreath Laying Ceremonies will begin at 9:45 am at the Bloomingrove Cemetery on Route 4 in Defreestville. To follow at the Bloomingrove Monument at the intersection of Winter Street Ext. and Bloomingrove Drive, the Donald “Bucky” Egan Monument at the entrance to Twin Town Little League on Williams Road, at St. Judes on Brookside Avenue, at the American Legion on Main Avenue, at the Evergreen Cemetery on Main Avenue, and at Town Hall on Main Avenue.

Poestenkill Town Board Meeting Minutes POESTENKILL - A presentation was provided for a proposed Planned Development District (PDD) north of Deer Creek Road. The proposal is for 16 town houses on 8.68 acres. The PDD will go to the Planning Board for further consideration. Wood Processing – A public hearing was held on the proposed zoning change with respect to commercial wood operations. There were comments and questions from residents in favor and opposed to the proposed zoning change. The Town Board made no decision and will continue to con-

sider the proposal. Town resident, Linda Gregware noted that she was upset with the “Zoom” portion of the meeting – as it was not working properly. Summer Camp registration is open and the Town of Sand Lake will be joining Poestenkill’s Summer Camp this year. Local Law #1-2021 – Amending town ordinances to eliminate the one-acre requirement and to delete the word “minor” as it relates to “boundary problems” - passed unanimously. The Town Board unanimously approved the renewal of the library lease and service agreement, veterans service agreement and senior service agreement. The Town Board amended the agreement between the Town and the Highway Superintendent regarding repairs to Quail Meadow Drive – approved by the board, with Supervisor Hammond abstaining. These minutes to be approved at the next Town Board Meeting on Thursday, April 15th at 7pm. Submitted by Councilman Eric Wohlleber

Town of East Greenbush Department of Public Works Spring Cleanup EAST GREENBUSH Spring Cleanup will begin Monday, April 12th, 2021, and resume for the next 4 Mondays. The leaves must be in biodegradable bags and brush must be tied up into 4 foot bundles, placed out alongside of the roadway, but not in the road. The dates are as follows: April 19th, 2021; April 26th, 2021; May 3rd, 2021 Please be advised that these are the “ONLY” dates the Department of Public Works will be per-

forming Spring Cleanup. If you miss these dates, you may bring these items to the Transfer Station, located at 246 Ridge Road, Town of East Greenbush. Residents must provide proof of residency, or a Transfer Station permit, and are allowed to bring these items all year long at no cost. Please do not place bags of leaves or bundles of brush on the pavement, in front of culverts, or on top of catch basins. Place all items on the edge of the road. Sincerely, Daniel Fiacco Town of East Greenbush Commissioner of Public Works - 69 Gilligan Road. 518-477-6103.

Brunswick Community Library BRUNSWICK - Book Your Bubble Browsing Appointments available Monday - Friday 11-5 and Saturday 11-1. Call (518)

279-4023 to schedule a time. Take home STEAM kits are offered daily with a different kit each week. Available as supplies last. 4/12-17 Mystery Bags 4/19-24 Engineer a Bird’s Nest 4/26-30 Butterfly Coffee Filters

No contact pick up is on going in our shed. The shed also has a small book and puzzle sale inside. Our Fiction book club and Nonfiction book club are meeting virtually. Email library@brunswicklibrary.org for more information.

Open for the 2021 Season 162 Totem Lodge Road • Averill Park


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Cobleskill Golf & Country Club Supports the New Schoharie County Eagle Trail CAPITAL DISTRICT - Starting April 11, 2021, photographs of American Bald Eagles as well as other Schoharie County wildlife are on display in the Red Barn Clubhouse Restaurant. The Schoharie County Eagle Trail will have have a virtual opening ceremony on April 24th. At that time the winning names for the Cobleskill American Bald Eagle pair will be announced. Visitors to the Schoharie County Eagle trail are welcome to stop by the Cobleskill Golf Club where they can enjoy lunch or dinner in the Red Barn Clubhouse Restaurant and view the Cobleskill Eagles from our patio. Nearly 30 framed photographic prints by the well known

wildlife photographer, William Combs Jr. are available for viewing and for sale. Educational and social events will also be planned during the season. Check golfcobleskill. com or sceagletrail.com or Facebook for further news and updates. We also welcome any golfers to enjoy our beautiful 18 hole championship golf course with its spectacular views of the Schoharie Valley.

Town of Brunswick Spring/Summer Pick-up Schedule BRUNSWICK - Limbs must be piled neatly, 8’ long-no larger than 6” diameter. Branches must be free of roots and dirt. Avoid piling brush near utility poles and under trees, wires, or out in the street. We do not go on private property. Clean wood only. No commercial pickups. Please do not put sticks, dirt or rocks or any material other than leaves and grass in bags. We do


April 26th - April 30th 2021 ACCEPTABLE ITEMS: • Yard Waste (leaves, grass dippings, etc.) placed in biodegradable PAPER bags • Brush and branches (cut to 8ft lengths maximum, stacked neatly, no more than 3ft tall) • Stack piles with the cut or thicker ends facing the road • Maximum diameter for brush or limbs is 6 Inches. If we cannot chip it, we cannot take it UNNACCEPTABLE ITEMS: • Garbage or Trash • Cleaning of Vacant Lots • Stumps, Sod, Rocks, or Dirt • Metal Items • Plastic Bags or Flowerpots • Tires or Batteries • NO BRUSH OR TREES FROM PRIVATE CONTRACTORS Residents: Please keep in mind we are a small highway crew that must take care of these brush piles by hand. Brown recyclable waste bags will be picked up a few times a month throughout the summer/fall. Please notify the Highway Garage of your location so the bags do not get missed. Questions: David (DJ) Goyer • Cell 518-269-1656 • Garage: 518-283-4144


not use leaf vacuums in the Spring. We will also pick up other yard waste, such as grass clippings provided biodegradable paper bags are used. We do not pick up rocks, stumps, rubbish, etc. please do not put these items out with your branches. Appliances and tires (no rims) must be tagged (Tags can be purchased at the Town Clerk’s Office) Please no clear cutting of lots. Residents are also encouraged to dispose of leaves and grass at our Recycling Center. Items need to be out by first day in front of your residence Monthly brush and yard waste pick-up schedule will be the following dates: April 19-April 23rd; May 17- May 21st; June 21st -June 25th; July 19th –July 23rd; August 16th-August 20th; September 20th-September 24th; October 18th-October 22nd (last pick-up for season) If you have any questions, please call 279-3461, Ext 100.

Town of East Greenbush Hydrant/ Water Main Flushing Schedule April 2021 EAST GREENBUSH Mon, April 19th– 3rd Ave Extension & All Streets off of it; Governors Sq, Cedarcrest, Plaza View, Birchwood Development /Valentine Dr, Deer Run, Mill Run, Flora Cir, Robin Ln. Tue, April 20th- Route 4 (Troy Rd) & All Streets off of it; Thompson Hill Rd, Tech Valley Dr, Paul & Glaz St, Luther Rd, Donna Lynn, Old Troy Road Ending At Iroquois Pl, Columbia Dr, Old Red Mill Rd, Red Mill Estates, August Gate Development, Olcott Ln, Rysedorph Ln, Oriel Ln, Upper Areas of Hampton Manor / Eastern Ave To Summit Ave. Wed, April 21st- All

Streets on North Side of 9/20 Between Elliot Rd & Schodack Town Line; Albany Pl, Tamarack Ln, Greenwood Dr, Electric Ave, Horizonview Dr, Includes Huntswood Estates. Thurs, April 22ndAll Streets on South Side Of 9/20 from Schodack Town Line; Middlesex, Van Buren, Bloomingdale, Hays Rd, Taylor Estates, Kriss Krossing, Short End of Phillips Rd, Wyatts Cir, Gilligan Rd, Ternan Ave, Sherwood Park, Woodland Park, Forest Point. Fri, April 23rd- 9/20 & Barber Dr, Celeste Dr, Ridge Rd / Prospect Heights, Sherwood Ave / Clinton Park Lower Area Of Hampton Manor Below Summit Ave Including Lakeview Ave to Rensse-

laer City Line. Flushing will begin at 8:00 am. During flushing, water pressure will be reduced. Water may become dis-colored due to iron and manganese deposits in the mains. Residents should limit their use of water for cooking and laundering during flushing in their areas. Thank you for your cooperation. East Greenbush Water Department, (518) 4779367

The Book Seller is Open TROY - The Book Seller is once again open Saturdays from 10 to 2 at the Lansingburgh Library. We offer gently used books of all types, plus CDs.

The Book Seller is a project of the Friends of the Troy Public Library. All proceeds go to adding programs and services at the library, both at Main and the Lansingburgh Branch. For more info go to www.friendsofthetroylibrary.org or follow us on Facebook at friends@ thetroylibrary.org




The Times Union and CDTA have teamed up to offer Unlimited Digital Access to timesunion.com while riding BusPlus. Hop on board and go to timesunion.com and access all your local and national news whenever you ride.


“Notice to Set Public Hearing” NORTH GREENBUSH THE TOWN BOARD FOR THE TOWN OF NORTH GREENBUSH IN THE MATTER OF HOLDING A PUBLIC HEARING TO CONSIDER THE PETITION FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE PROPOSED CASS RAND EXTENSION OF THE NORTH GREENBUSH CONSOLIDATED SEWER DISTRICT At a meeting of the Town Board held at the Town Offices at 2 Douglas Street, Wynantskill, NY 12198, in the Town of North Greenbush, Rensselaer County, New York on April 8, 2021. Present: Joe Bott, Supervisor Jack Roger, Councilman Mary Frances Sabo, Councilwoman Jessica Merola, Councilwoman Absent: Kelly Hoffman, Councilwoman In the matter of Petition of the owner(s) of more than one-half of the assessed valuation of all the taxable real property of the proposed CASS RAND extension of North Greenbush Consolidated Sewer District in the Town of North Greenbush, County of Rensselaer, State of New York, and according to the latest completed assessment roll of the said Town for the proposed CASS RAND extension of North Greenbush Consolidated Sewer District in the Town of North Greenbush. WHEREAS, a written request signed and acknowledged by the sole property owners within the proposed CASS RAND extension of North Greenbush Consolidated Sewer District in the Town of North Greenbush, has been presented to and filed with the Town Board of the Town of North Greenbush praying that said district extension be established and which is

more particularly bounded as described in Exhibit “A” – Legal Description and Map No. 1 – Boundary Map attached hereto to be CASS RAND extension of North Greenbush Consolidated Sewer District in the Town of North Greenbush and WHEREAS, the improvement proposed in said Sewer district extension consists of the construction of Sewer main and appurtenances as required. WHEREAS, the overall maximum amount proposed to be expended for the establishment of said Sewer district extension and the construction therein of said Sewer system, including the cost of land and rights in lands, is estimated to be approximately Forty-Three Thousand Dollars ($43,000), and WHEREAS, the cost of the construction of the said proposed Sewer district shall be paid entirely by the petitioner, CASS RAND, LLC, and WHEREAS, said petitioner further agree to reimburse the Town of North Greenbush for all expenses incurred by the Town in the proceedings to extend the boundaries of the CASS RAND extension of North Greenbush Consolidated Sewer District in the Town of North Greenbush. Such expenses shall include, among other things, legal fees, engineering fees, and legal publication costs and are estimated to be One Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ($1,500). The said petitioner further agree to provide or obtain whatever easements are necessary for the construction of the proposed extension and to dedicate such easements to the Town of North Greenbush if necessary, and WHEREAS, the maximum amount proposed to be expended for said extension by the Town of North Greenbush is ZERO

DOLLARS ($0.00), and WHEREAS, all expenses occasioned by the establishment and construction of the CASS RAND extension of North Greenbush Consolidated Sewer District in the Town of North Greenbush shall be paid by the petitioners. Hookup costs are unknown at the time of the preparation of this petition; however, the petitioner understands that hookup fees may apply and will be responsible for the same, and WHEREAS, said petitioners further agree to pay their fair share of future costs for the CASS RAND extension of North Greenbush Consolidated Sewer District in the Town of North Greenbush, which will include debt service, Sewer usage costs and the annual operation and maintenance charges paid to the Town of North Greenbush, and which are estimated to be $62.76. NOW, on motion of Supervisor Bott, seconded by Councilwoman Merola, all members present voting on roll call, which resulted as follows: AYES: 4 NAYS: 0 ABSENT:1 IT IS ORDERED, that the Town Board of the Town of North Greenbush shall hold a public hearing to be held at the Town Offices located at 2 Douglas Street, Wynantskill, NY 12198, in the Town of North Greenbush on May 13, 2021 at 6:45 p.m., to consider the said Petition and to hear all persons interested in the subject thereof concerning the same, and for such other action on the part of the Town Board with relation to said Petition as may be required by law, and it is FURTHER ORDERED, that the Town Clerk give notice of such hearing by publishing, on or before April 28, 2021, in the Town’s official newspaper, The Record, a certified copy of this Order and by

posting a certified copy of this Order on the signboard of the Town of North Greenbush not less than ten or more than twenty days before such hearing.

Woodside 56 Road Cemetery of Poestenkill, Annual Meeting Cancelled POESTENKILL - The annual meeting on May 4, 2021 of the Woodside 56

Road Cemetery Association Lot Owners and Their Families will be cancelled. Next year it is planned to resume on May 2, 2022 at 7:00 pm. at Union Gospel Church Hall in East Poestenkill. Address: 1039 Plank Road, Averill Park, NY. The community is welcome to address comments or questions to: PH: 518-2835303. Tax deductible contri-

butions and volunteering from concerned citizens are keeping our ‘not for profit’ cemetery cared for and solvent into future years. History of our hamlet is held in our cemetery. Please visit between dawn and dusk. Send contributions to: Woodside 56 Road Cemetery, Box 76, Poestenkill, NY 12140.

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Memorial Day Parade is On RENSSELAER COUNTY - Attention Rensselaer County Rensselaer Senior Center seniors. We will be marching in the parade on May 30th we would love to have your representation. The City of Rensselaer is very good to our seniors and this would be a good opportunity to say thank you. There will be an after parade party for the seniors that participate representing our Senior Center Call Gloria to register at 518-463-2166 from 9 am to 3pm Monday thru Friday “Lets Party”

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5 Week Summer Dance Series:

Ballet • Tap • Jazz • Hip Hop • Contemporary 749 Columbia Tpke., East Greenbush, NY (518) 479-2200 | ckdancecompany.com


AROUND YOUR News from Averill Park CSD AVERILL PARK - On Tuesday, May 18, 2021, Averill Park Central School District residents will vote on the annual School Budget and Board of Education Election. This year residents will elect two members to the Board of Education. If you are interested in running for the BOE this year, you must complete a petition and return it no later than 30 days prior to the vote, which is Monday, April 19. To download and print a petition, visit averillpark. k12.ny.us and click on the “Budget Corner” link. Board members serve three-year terms and receive no salaries or other compensation. Twelve Averill Park High School students participated in the annual New York Youth and Government State Conference recently, where they present bills, debate and vote on legislation. Congratulations to Kevin Cooper, Jacob Crupi, Emma Hanlon, Colin Hansen, Samuel Hart, Cavan Hicks, Tyler Michaels, David Mooradian, Isla Multunas, Owen Perala, Isabelle Relyea and Jason Strickland! Submitted by Dr. James Franchini, Averill Park CSD Superintendent Mission: Meeting the needs of and creating opportunities for every student every day. #AP_ EveryStudentEveryDay

Raffle to Benefit “Angel GownsCapital Region” CAPITAL DISTRICT Fundraiser sponsored by the Candler-Young Veterans Association Auxiliary for shipping costs and notions for the seamstresses. “Angel Gowns-Capital Region, NY” is an all-volunteer group helping parents who have suffered the loss

Town of Nassau Fishing License Sales

Rensselaer County Legislators Review List of Earth Day Clean-Up Projects RENSSELAER COUNTY - You can tell that Spring is in the air because Majority Leader Ken Herrington, Vice-Chair Kelly Hoffman, and Legislators Scott Bendett and Tom Grant were busy reviewing a list of potential Earth Day projects last week. Each year, the Legislature partners with the County Executive, and neighborhood organizations, to clean up notable locations throughout Rensselaer County. While the list is not yet finalized, there is one project that is held every year, that is the annual Earth Day Clean-Up at Snyder’s Lake in North Greenbush. Check our “Rensselaer County Legislators” Facebook page for the complete list and schedule. We hope that you join us in cleaning up our County! of a baby. We provide burial gowns, free of charge, to these families in need. Gowns are made from donated wedding gowns, First Communion dresses and other formalwear and transformed into angel gowns by our seamstresses. We clothe babies weighing from under one pound up to 13 pounds, and serving over 60 facilities also special request. For Tickets call Maureen (518)794-0552. We are Raffling 4 baskets, tickets are 6 for $5.00 and the drawing is May 31, 2021. OR you may make a donation. Please send donations to … CYVA Auxiliary Angel Gowns, Maureen Dorr, PO Box 701, Nassau, NY 12123. Please visit our Facebook page Angel Gowns- Capital Region NY.

Poestenkill and Sand Lake Summer Camp POESTENKILL/ SAND LAKE - Poestenkill and Sand Lake Summer Camp will run together at Poestenkill Elementary School from July 12th to August 13th. Camp is for kids entering kindergarten to ninth grade. Registration is online and specific information about camp is posted on Poestenkill and Sand Lake website. Positions are available for CITs, Counselors and Med Team. Applications can be found on each town’s website. Counselors need to be 16 years old and CITs need to be 15 years old.

NASSAU - Fishing season is here! Fishing licenses can be purchased at the Nassau Town Clerk’s Office, 29 Church Street Nassau, NY 12123. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and by Executive Order we are still conducting all business at the Town Hall by appointment. Please call 518-7662343 option 1 to schedule your appointment.

Attention Poestenkill High School Seniors POESTENKILL - The Poestenkill Library/Clement Memorial Scholarship of $1000 is ready to be claimed by a High School Senior who is a resident of the town of Poestenkill. The student from a public, private or home school must be planning to continue their education at a two or four-year college after graduation. A 500-750 word essay based on the applicant’s love of reading is due by May 31, 2021. No particular font or spacing is required. Applicant’s name should not be on the same page as the essay since the judging is done solely on the content of the essay. A cover sheet must be attached which includes: applicant’s name, address, phone #, school currently attending and College attending in the Fall. Mail to P.O. Box 305 Poestenkill, NY 12140 , or e-mail to info@poestenkilllibrary. org. It can also be dropped off at the library. Call 518283-3721 for instructions on covid-19 protocol if you wish to drop it off in person.


COMMUNITY Healing in Nature: Mindfulness and Connection for Social Workers, Clinicians and Their Clients RENSSELAER COUNTY - Friday April 23, 2021 and Friday May 7, 2021, 9 am - 11 am. Presented by Rensselaer Plateau Alliance’s Molly Freiberg, LMSW. This two-session workshop will be a lively and welcoming course for beginners to advanced practitioners with videos, discussions, readings, and practices. The space between sessions will allow time to process and practice skills and be able to bring that back to second session. You will learn about how mindful time in nature helps to expand our senses and changes our brains, study all of the benefits of time in nature, learn how to welcome the whole self, begin to slow down and cultivate a non-judgmental awareness of our internal and external landscapes, and learn how to bring nature connection and mindfulness into your life and your work. We will explore how deepening our knowledge of the natural world can combat “species loneliness” and help us live more fully, hear from various experts, learn about Environmental Justice considerations, and see how allowing curiosity and “wildness” can support self-determination and agency. Current UAlbany Field Instructors receive a 50% discount on the cost of CE hours. You will need to enter the Promotion Code given to you by the Field Office

during the checkout process to receive the reduced rate. Limited scholarships available for students and new social workers. Please email sswceu@<span class=”oe_displaynone”>null</span>albany. edu for more information.

Brunswick Grange Annual Spring Agricultural Tailgate Sale SCHAGHTICOKE - On Sunday, May 2,2021 Brunswick Grange will hold their Annual Spring Agricultural Tailgate Sale at the Schaghticoke Fairgrounds, Rt. 67 & 40, Schaghticoke, NY. From 7:30am.-12:30pm. More than 50 vendors will have various varieties of chickens, ducks, geese, pigeons, veggies, plants & other agricultural items. Absolutely no dogs, cats, puppys or kittens will be allowed for sale. A donation of $15.00/Vendor will be charged at the gate. Spectators free. Masks required and there will be no food vendor. Event will be held rain or shine. For more information please call 518-279-9113.

Lansingburgh Historical Society Historical Walking Tour LANSINGBURGH Lansingburgh Historical Society will host a very popular historical walking tour again, as requested by many. The tour will be given by Michael Barrett at 1:00 pm, Saturday, April 24, 2021. Lansingburgh pre-dates Troy with the settlement starting before 1740 and the founding of Abraham Lansing’s village “New City” in 1771. Several pre-revolutionary buildings are

Please send your news and photos to advertisercrw.com/ articles-submission/

still standing including the Revolutionary War Hospital. Also featured are several industries and old homes including those of Herman Melville and President Chester Arthur. You will meet Michael at the Melville House, 2 114th St., Troy, NY 12182. Reservations are limited and go FAST! Make your reservation by calling John or Mary Ellen Ward at 518-885-4295. Mail check for $15.00 to Lansingburgh Historical Society, P.O. Box 219, Troy, NY 12182 to be received no later than 4-17-2021. Mask wearing and social distancing will be required.

Stammel ... From 6 PM to 8 PM, Riverfront Park Rensselaer NY. Rain Date Is The Following Night We would like to thank all of our sponsors. Without you this series wouldn’t be happening. Call 518-463-2166 For More Info.

Music In The Park Rensselaer County Rensselaer Senior Center Proudly Presents 2021 Summer Concert Series

SAND LAKE - Paula Hoffay, Karleen Hayden and Deborah Mazzone present a Zoom presentation of: Last Train to Nibroc. Join us for this “... gently charming play, reminiscent of Thorton Wilder in its look at rustic Americans who are to be treasured for their simplicity and directness...” – Associated Press April 24th at 7pm • Directed by Val Kavanaugh • Reservations and donations: slca-ctp.org • Sponsored by Rifenburg Companies, Stewarts Shops, Bonded Concrete Inc., Troy Sand and Gravel and New York Council on the Arts.

RENSSELAER - June 7th Opening Night w/ Donny Elvis. Sponsored By Blue Shield of NY; June 14th Nightshift. Sponsored By Walter S Pratt and Sons Inc.; June 21st John Hill Live. Sponsored By Walter S Pratt And Sons Inc.; June 28th Winchester And Young. Sponsored By Rich Siek in Memory of Andrea Siek; July 5th Hands of Time, Sponsored By Walter S Pratt and Sons Inc.; July 12th The Lustre Kings. Sponsored By Millienia Housing Management Ltd; July 19th Joes Boys. Sponsored By Rensselaer County Rensselaer Senior Center; July 26th Gone Grey. Sponsored By Clear Captions FREE Captioning Phone; August 2nd Donny Elvis. Sponsored By CDPHP; August 9th Kyle Bourgault Acoustic Live. Sponsored By Rensselaer County Legislator Chair and City of Rensselaer Mayor Michael

Last Train to Nibroc at Sand Lake Center for the Arts

Sand Lake Seniors Club 2021 SAND LAKE - The SLS Club is a social club that meets on the second Thursday of each month. We have occasional outings for luncheons and trips. We are a club that seeks to inspire new friendships and interests in our surrounding areas. Our meetings are held at the Averill Park Sand Lake Firehouse. Our dues are $15 per person, per year. We are still accepting memberships for 2021. At this months meeting everyone is asked to bring a bag lunch for themselves and coffee, tea, and dessert will be provided by the Club. We will still be practicing covid restrictions with temperature readings and sign in sheets upon arrival and mask & social distancing at the meeting itself. Everyone is encouraged to get their Covid vaccine so that we may return to normal greetings of our friends! Stay healthy and safe, Sandy Daus, President


All Makes or Models - Antique or New Servicing The Capital District For Over 40 Years

Malta Veterans Appreciation Program 5th Annual Charity Golf Outing CAPITAL DISTRICT Save The Date! Monday, August 30, 2021. To Benefit Our LOCAL VETERAN “Hometown Heroes” Register now. $150 per person/$560 per foursome. Saratoga Lake Golf Club. Call Renee Farley (518) 577-8863 or Jim Peterman at 203-257-1893.


Call Toll Free 1-800-270-3436 or 518-745-5916 FREE Estimates, Pick-Up & Delivery www.upstatenewyorkclockrepair.com AVOID PROBLEMS - LUBE ANNUALLY

Your Hometown Garden Center! We carry a full selection of lawn care and gardening products and offer a pleasant shopping atmosphere with personal service. Annuals & Perennials Hanging Baskets Herbs and Roses • Trees & Shrubs Bagged Mulch & Stone Soil Amendments Bulk Mulch • Topsoil & Stone Delivery Available Birdbaths & Statuary

Fresh Sod Weekly! (In Season)

420 Columbia Turnpike, East Greenbush 477-4163 • www.beckersfarm.com MON-SAT 8-6, SUN 8-5


Town of Sand Lake Seeks Volunteers, Get Involved! SAND LAKE - The Town of Sand Lake is seeking volunteers to assist in three initiatives approved by the Town Board on March 31st. The Board approved a Town-Wide Spring


Clean-Up Day on Saturday, April 24th from 9 -12 beginning at Butler Park (rain date is May 1st). Volunteers of all ages are needed to help “Make Sand Lake Shine”. The Town Board also approved the creation of two standing committees, a Communication & Marketing Committee, and a

COLONIAL EXCAVATING ✦ Excavating ✦ Retaining Walls ✦ Grading ✦ Hydroseeding ✦ Tree & Stump Removal ✦ Land Clearing ✦ Roadways ✦ Hauling ✦ Demolition ✦ Water ✦ Sewer ✦ Septic NEW HOME SITE WORK PACKAGES PAVING ✦ Repairs ✦ Patchwork ✦ Add-ons

www.colonialexcavating.com COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL

(518) 369-5947


Community Engagement Committee. The Communication & Marketing Committee will create and manage a marketing plan to promote our Town’s recreational, cultural, arts, and historic resources. Residents with skills in communication and marketing (such as photographers, copywriters, graphic designers, social media marketers) or anyone with a desire to promote Sand Lake are welcome. The Community Engagement Committee will create and manage a volunteerism plan to connect volunteers with organizations and work with the Communication & Marketing Committee to promote volunteerism and community involvement. Residents interested in volunteering for any of the three initiatives should contact David Post, Chair of the Planning Oversite Committee at SLPOC@ sand-lake.us .

Summer Camps are back at the Arts Center!

We have something for everyone at the Arts Center! We have full-day art camps in downtown Troy for kids aged 6-17 in a wide variety of artistic media, led by experienced teaching artists. Camps start June 28th and run each week through August 27th. Sign up today!


Let US help you STAY CREATIVE!

SUMMER CAMPS 2021 • June 28th - August 27th Kids camps (age 6-8)

Clay Exploration Explore Troy Under The Sea The Art of Time Travel Paint Play Art Masters Camp of Rock Trash to Treasure Comic Book & Illustrations The Great Outdoors

Big Kids Camps (age 9-11) Capture Spring in Troy: Photography Exploration Stained Glass Studio Public Art: Murals & More Wild with Color Fresh Eats for Kids Cupcake Wars Stained Glass Studio Public Art: Murals & More The Culinary Passport

Pre-Teen and Teen 12+

Botanical Painting & Drawing Drawing from Life Painting Like the Impressionists Portfolio Development Stained Glass Studio Summer Botanicals and Animal Painting Breakfast all day Exploring Fiber Art


this month at the Sand Lake Town Library! For a minimum donation of $2, you will receive a paper hat from The Cat in the Hat to vote for your favorite Dr. Seuss book. Simply write your name and contact info on the back to be entered to win a basket full of Dr. Seuss fun or a framed picture by former local artist Arlene Shulman. Oh, The Places You’ll Go with the Sand Lake Town Library Friends… Contact jill@ bonesteel.com or visit www.sandlaketownlibrary.org/friends/ to find out more about this vibrant group of people dedicated to helping our community library CONTINUED FROM 3


outstanding.” Friday’s win not only proved compelling in its conclusion but also was essential if the Warriors want to play a meaningful game in Week 6. After getting blanked against Troy in Week 3, Averill Park responded with a victory it needed. The Warriors (3-1 overall, 3-1 Class A) next play host to La Salle (2-1, 2-1) on Friday night for the right to compete as the No. 2 seed from the Capital Division in the four-team Class A playoffs. “You always want to be in the playoffs and go as far as you can go,” Gobel said. “You want the competition.” Friday night, Averill Park senior running back Dan McShane paced the Warriors’ rushing attack with 148 yards and four touchdowns. He also delivered the two-point conversion run following Ferlito’s kickoff return for a touchdown, which ultimately proved to be the winning points. CONTINUED FROM 3

Services & Events at Castleton Public Library, 4/18-4/24 CASTLETON - CPL is located at 85 S. Main St., Castleton, NY. All events are free. Questions? Call 518-732-0879. We are open for walk-in service with limited capacity & services. Check www.castletonpubliclibrary.org or call for current info. We also offer curbside pick-up! Events: CPL Board of Trustees meeting - Mon., 4/19, 7:00pm - Monthly meeting of trustees. Members of the public welcome. Email director@castletonpubliclibrary.org for Zoom connection info. Virtual Book Club: The Leavers - Tue., 4/20, 8:00pm - We’ll discuss “The Leavers: A Novel” by Lisa Ko. Borrow the eBook or digital audiobook using hoopladigital.com! For adults. Email director@castletonpubliclibrary.org for Zoom connection info. Virtual Storytime with Miss Joelle – Wed., 4/21 - Join Miss Joelle for a story & rhymes/songs at home! New video posted every Wednesday. Full storytime series playlist: tinyurl.com/CPL-storytime Friends of CPL Meeting - Wed., 4/21, 7:00pm - Want to help raise funds for the library? Join the Friends of CPL! Email director@castletonpubliclibrary.org for Zoom connection info. Rock Painting (REGISTRATION REQUIRED) - Sat., Apr 24, 11:00am–3:00pm - All ages welcome. Held outdoors. All must wear masks at all times and stay at their assigned table. Registration for a specific time slot is required. Email youthservices@ castletonpubliclibrary.org to register by 4/23 (the day prior to the event). Cool Science: Grow a Bean - Kit available for pick-up through 5/1 - Learn how beans grow as you grow a bean in a jar. Take & Make Crafts: Earth Day Crafts - Kit available for pick-up through 5/1 - Celebrate our amazing planet with fun Earth Day Crafts! Teen Time: Blackout Poetry - Kit available for pick-up through 5/1 - For teens in 6th12th grades. Get creative with some fun blackout poetry!

Call for Entries at Sand Lake Center for the Arts Gallery SAND LAKE - SLCA and A Still Small Voice 4 U are calling on visual artists for the 2021 Summer Juried Art Show! Artists of all media are invited to submit up to two works for this show titled “Hands”, inspired by the song by Phil Ochs. Submissions should be sent to slcagallery@gmail. com in jpeg format by May 31, 2021. Selections will be announced by June 4, 2021 and selected works must be delivered to Sand Lake Center for the Arts on Mondays (or by appointment) beginning June 7th. All selected pieces must be delivered by June 28, 2021. Twenty pieces will be selected with first, second, third, and people’s choice cash awards. This year’s juror is Phil Williamston. For more information go to www.slca-ctp.org.




Washington Park, a private oasis in heart of Troy, faces changes Longtime president Kopka departs ahead of developing homeowners association vote By KENNETH C. CROWE II

The serene 1.8-acre private Washington Park, which is securely locked behind an ornamental fence that only key holders can enter, is undergoing a once-in-a-generation change. The Washington Park Association has changed leaders as the group begins its transition to a homeowners association to protect the ornamental park and the owners of the 52 properties that have the keys to unlock the park gates. It’s also become a neighborhood where a residence at 1 Washington Place sold for $1.055 million in 2019 about a decade after the buildings on the street along the park’s southern border were collapsing from disrepair. The change has seen longtime WPA President Lynn Kopka depart from her post after more than 20 years. She resigned in late March just before the neighborhood association’s election took place and created her own website, Washington Park Neighborhoods (wpn-troy. org). Jim Martin was voted in as the new association president. “I felt it was time for me to leave. We’re transitioning to a homeowners association,” Kopka said standing in the middle of the park surrounded by blossoming flowers and budding trees on a warm spring day. To many residents, Kopka is synonymous with the park, a point person for and persona of the urban oasis and its surroundings. That’s now changed. “We’re looking to move things forward in a different direction,” Martin said. The new leadership of the Washington Park Association is working on developing a formal homeowners association for the property owners for whom the park is their front yard. Organizing an association or perhaps a limited liability corporation would provide legal protec-

tion for the owners of the parkland should an accident or other incident occur. Washington Park began in 1840 as part of a real estate development bringing together Troy’s business leaders at a time when the city was emerging as one of the nation’s wealthiest commercial industrial centers. When it was envisioned, the development was outside the downtown core but still only a short walk away from the commercial center. Washington Park became one of only two private parks in the state, owned by the adjoining property owners. The other is Gramercy Park in Manhattan. Kopka finds herself not fitting into what the other property owners want. She resides at 195 Second St., a home on the park’s western border. She is a key holder. “There are changes so the new Washington Park board can get the homeowners association going,” Kopka said. The park’s neighborhood has constantly morphed as waves of immigration swept through the Capital Region. The wealthy merchants were replaced by Irish immigrants, who were followed by Jewish residents and finally by Italian immigrants. St. Mary’s, a now-closed Roman Catholic Church, was built at the corner of Third and Washington streets. The area was also home to a convent and funeral home. The Arts Center for the Capital Region and the Italian Community Center each started out on the park before moving to other parts of the city. Kopka, who moved to the Capital Region from Northampton, Mass., to study at Russell Sage College, is a former Democratic City Council president and Fifth District councilwoman. About 30 years ago, she purchased her property on the park, which she renovated along with other buildings. Her biggest efforts, however, focused on Washington Place. The 1840s townhouses along Washington Place were

Troy’s Washington Park is seen from above Third Street on March 30 in Troy. The park is only one of two privately owned ornamental parks in the state.

in disrepair and on the verge of falling down. “You could walk down the street and smell the rot,” Kopka recalled. Kopka helped secure investment to restore the buildings by obtaining $90,000 to protect their facades. The block’s restoration to its original splendor is reflected in the sales price of 1 Washington Place. In addition, Kopka battled Troy City Hall successfully to get Washington Place recobbled with the addition of 7,000 cobblestones to restore it to its original condition. Kopka said she is staying involved in Washington Park and the surrounding Osgood, Little Italy, Riverside and Historic Sage neighborhoods. Kopka will remain president of the Friends of Washington Park, the nonprofit organization created for neighborhood improvement projects.

Extras wanted for filming in Troy

Crews for HBO’s “The Gilded Age” will arrive here in May and June By KENNETH C. CROWE II

“Women — are you OK with wearing a corset and bustle?” If you’re willing to put on one of history’s most notoriously painful garments and its accompanying bustle, you could have an in as an extra when HBO’s “The Gilded Age” starts filming downtown for about four weeks in May and June. The casting company is also looking for women with long hair and men with facial hair. The period drama, a prequel to the smash series “Downton Abbey,” was expected to shoot in Troy last year before the pandemic hit. Local filming for the project is now said to be just weeks away. The dates the production team plans to use the Hart Cluett Museum’s 57 Second St. building are June 10 and 11 says Kathy Sheehan, historian for the city of Troy and Rensselaer County. Second Street exterior shots outside the museum and those filmed from inside the building looking out are tentatively scheduled for the production, Sheehan said. Grant Wilfey Casting is advertising for “men, women, and children to portray various 1880’s roles for likely MULTIPLE DAYS OF WORK from 5/22 - 6/18, film in Troy, NY.” Registration information is available at http://www.gwci.app/talent. The casting company advises there will be required testing for COVID-19 during

fittings, between April 20 and May 20, and before. The production company pays for the tests and days for work and fittings are paid. Filming of scenes in Troy was scheduled for May to June 2020, but the coronavirus pandemic pushed the work to 2021. “The Gilded Age” isn’t the only HBO show slated Romanation Jewelers has the timeless gift you’ve been searching for. to film in the Capital Birthstone of the Month Diamonds & Region this year. Grant Precious Stones Wilfley also is preparing Antique, Estate & % Contemporary Jewelry to cast extras for “The Antique Reproductions White House Plumbers,” a All Diamond Jewelry Bulova, Obaku New or Antique five-episode limited series Excludes diamond engagement rings & Citizen Watches starring Woody HarrelBulova & EXPERT Howard Miller Clocks son and Justin Theroux WATCH & JEWELRY REPAIR — HBO vets from “True 48 Third St., Troy WE BUY GOLD Detective” and “The Left518.272.0643 • www.romanation.com



25 OFF

Please see TROY 40

Expert Watch & Jewelry Repair





Grafton Lakes State Park to hold Earth Day Trails Event


From The Chief

by Isaac Joseph

AVERILL PARK - Averill Park had another successful week of competition as football and volleyball seasons near an end. The football team defeated Amsterdam in a 41-40 thriller on 4/9. Ben Ferlito‘s kickoff return for a touchdown put the Warriors up 7 with 1:14 remaining in the fourth quarter. Amsterdam brought it to a one point game with a touchdown in the final seconds, but the Averill Park defense came up with a huge stop on the two point conversion to secure the Warriors third win of the season. Senior Dan McShane had four touchdowns to lead AP to victory. The football team will take on Lasalle on 4/16 The girls volleyball team fell 21-25, 18-25, 26-28 to Colonie on 4/7. The girls bounced back on 4/9 with a 25-19, 23-25, 25-21, 25-23 win over Ballston Spa. The volleyball team will face Saratoga in their next game on 4/15. I will be back next week to report on AP scores and highlights. Go Warriors!

Glass Lake Men’s Golf League at Burden Lake Country Club AVERILL PARK - Attention all golfers. The Glass Lake Men’s League at Burden Lake Country Club still has openings for new members! The league is open to the public and members of Burden Lake Country Club. The league plays Tuesday nights from April 13th to September 14th, with tee times from 3:00-4:30pm. The league will also have two tournaments. The first being July 3rd at Schenectady Municipal Golf Course and the second at Burden Lake Country Club on September 18th. All skill levels are welcome. For more information on dues and how to become a member, contact Kean Toomey at kean.toomey@gmail.com.

Golf Partners Wanted EAST GREENBUSH/RENSSELAER - East Greenbush/Rensselaer Two senior leagues are getting organized for the 2021 golf season. If you are 60 years old, a duffer, haven’t golfed in a while and do not want to keep score and have fun then this is the league for you. Starting the first week in May the newly revitalized Pheasant Hollow Golf Course has reserved Monday’s and Thursday’s at 8:00 AM for these two leagues. We will have two nine week sessions. We will adhere to the latest guidelines for golf courses because of Covid-19. For more information call Mary (518) 949-5740 or (518) 423-5010.

CROPSEYVILLE - Grafton Lakes State Park and the Friends of Grafton Lakes State Park will host an Earth Day trails event on Saturday, April 17th. The winter has ended, and the park could use your help! Join us to restore and maintain the trail system. Pre-registration is required. Spots are limited. The event is free of charge and will take place from 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM. Has the outdoors been a haven for you during the pandemic? Have you had the privilege of enjoying Grafton Lakes State Park’s 25 miles of hiking and biking trails? The park invites patrons to help clean up and improve trails on Saturday morning and indulge in the trail activities they enjoy most in the afternoon. There will be a range of projects good for all abilities. This event is geared specifically towards adults, minimum age of 15. Families interested in volunteering with the park can sign up for our annual, I Love My Park Day event, on May 1st. Please call Grafton Lakes State Park to register: 518279-1155. Please take note of the following COVID-19 safety protocols and precautions. Trails projects will be kept small to limit exposure. Masks will be required for all participants for the duration of the event. Meeting location for the event will be shared upon registration. Registrants will agree to not attend if they are experiencing any symptoms, have been in contact with someone who recently tested positive or is suspected to have COVID-19. Clean up and trail improvement will take place between 8:30am and 12:30pm. Volunteers are encouraged to bring their own lunch to enjoy afterwards. To make this possible, Grafton Lakes State Park is proud to partner with Taconic Hiking Club, Appalachian Mountain Club, and Saratoga Mountain Biking Association. At the event you can purchase any of our 50th anniversary merchandise! We have t-shirts, face masks, water bottles, stickers, and carabiners!

night. For more information on all of these programs go to www.capitallandlacrosse.com or e-mail us at chad@ capitallandlacrosse.com.

May & June Lacrosse Programs For Girls CAPITAL DISTRICT - Capitalland lacrosse will be running a girls MAY & JUNE lacrosse program. Players can chose to play on Tuesdays night, Sunday afternoons or BOTH. All programs will start on May 11 and end on June 27. Each group will play for an hour and a half each day/night. Levels include: a co-ed K – 5th learn to play program; girls instructional programs for beginner & novice players grades 3rd - 10th, an advanced program for players in graders 6th –8th and one for 9 - 10 who want to refine their game while being introduced to more advanced techniques. All age level will be separated and a scrimmage will be held each night. For more information go to www.capitallandlacrosse.com or e-mail us at chad@capitallandlacrosse.com.

May & June Field Hockey CAPITAL DISTRICT - Capitalland Field Hockey will be running a MAY & JUNE field hockey program for players in graders K – 12 grades. Players can chose to play on Tuesdays night, Sunday afternoons or BOTH. All programs will start on May 11 and end on June 27. Each group will play for an hour and a half each day/ night. Levels include: a K-3 learn to play program; girls instructional programs for beginner & novice players grades 3 - 10, an advanced program for players in graders 6 –9 and one for 10 - 12 who want to refine their game while being introduced to more advanced techniques. All age level will be separated and a scrimmage will be held each night. For more information go to www.capitallandlacrosse.com or e-mail us at chad@capitallandlacrosse.com.

Intercounty Women’s Golf Association CAPITAL DISTRICT - Join the Intercounty Women’s Golf Association – or, play as a guest at any of the events. Fun competition for all levels. Choose the courses you want to play – or play them all! All handicaps welcome. For approximately $45-50 per tournament: greens fees & cart, continental breakfast & lunch, prizes. 2021 schedule: Burden Lake, Copake, Blackhead, Sunnyhill, Wiltwyck, Catskill, Red Hook, Rip Van Winkle, Windham, Rainbow, Thunderhart, Colonial. $20 annual league fee. E-mail Val Chakedis: vchakedis@icloud.com for more information

May & June Lacrosse Programs For Boys CAPITAL DISTRICT - Capitalland lacrosse will be running a boy’s MAY & JUNE lacrosse programs. Players can chose to play on Tuesdays night, Sunday afternoons or BOTH. Programs will start on May 11 and end on June 27. Each group will play for an hour and a half each day/night. Levels include: a co-ed K – 5th learn to play program; boys instructional programs for beginner & novice players grades 2nd – 5th & 6th- 10th; an advanced instruction program for players in graders 3 – 6 & 7 – 9 who want to refine their game while being introduced to more advanced techniques. All age level will be separated and a scrimmage will be held each

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Golf Guide


Tru-Fit Custom


961 Troy-Schenectady Road Latham

(518) 469-7729

2018 North American Clubmaker of the Year!


email: tony@tru-fitclubs.com



(18 Holes Golf, Cart & Lunch) Every Tuesday & Thursday

Enjoy the BEST GREENS in the Area! EXIT The Best GOLF Exit 29 On The NYS Thruway 154 Golf Club Road • Canajoharie, NY 13317 Exit 29 off Thruway, take Rt. 10 South to Rt. 163 (Only 7 Min.)

PRO SHOP (518) 673-8183

www.canajohariegolfcountryclub.com canjogolf@gmail.com


Golf Guide

There has never been a better time to join


Come Play


Ballston Spa Country Club

Experience Pinehaven Membership and Enjoy: ~ Championship Golf Course and Practice Facilities ~ 4 Hour Rounds of Golf ~ Friendly Relaxed Club Atmosphere ~ The Illium Bistro at Pinehaven

Best course conditions in the Capital District!

For more information please contact: Scott Warren PGA Club Manager swarren@pinehavencc.com • 518-456-7111 ext. 202

18 Holes with Cart


($75.00 during track season)

Open to the public Monday – Wednesday Call the Pro Shop at (518) 885-7935 to schedule a tee time

Interested in joining? Call the Business Office at (518) 885-1603 ext. 2 to add your name to our waiting list. 1151 Siver Road Guilderland, New York 12084 www.pinehavencc.com • 518-456-7111

Celebrating 30 Years! Thank You Golfers! Check out our NEW Online Tee Time System www.EagleCrestGolf.com or call


d n this a Mentio e a Free eiv and rec ogo Ball Eagle L

Be Amazed By The Price, Be Astonished By The Course! Your Best Drive Of The Day Just Off I-88


1004 Route 146A, Clifton Park


Golf Guide


ROLLING HILLS COUNTRY CLUB Montgomery & Fulton Counties Premier Golf and Events Destination

The fundamentals of golf may not vary, but the way you experience the game certainly can. William H. Tucker designed our 18 holes of golf, located five miles west of Amsterdam, NY, Rolling Hills is a golf enthusiasts delight.


Golf is not about hurrying or rushing around the course, enjoy the beautiful game, the way it was intended.

Not your ordinary walk in the woods...

Superb Course Conditions

Our course conditions are unrivaled in Montgomery and Fulton Counties providing golf enthusiasts an escape from the norm.


$100 Foursome 2258 State Highway 5 • Fort Johnson, NY 12070


• Family Golf Activities • Men’s, Women’s & Couples Leagues • Membership Opportunities • Junior Programs

• $10 Twilight Rates Every Day • Great Senior Rates

(518) 893-7458 | 333 Alpine Meadows Road, Porter Corners, NY 12859

FOX RUN GOLF CLUB Centrally located between the Mohawk Valley and Adirondack Park we offer a rustic country feel, family friendly atmosphere, and views of a lifetime.


Wow What a Wednesday Special $29 per golfer 18 Holes with cart (must have 2 per cart) One in cart cost is $32

Senior Special

Monday - Thursday $35 (must have 2 per cart) One in cart cost is $38 Make tee times online at www.airwaymeadowsgolf.com or call Pro Shop 518-792-4144 262 Brownville Rd., Gansevoort, NY 12831

• 1000+ sq. ft. practice green • Additional chipping green & practice bunker • Grass & artificial range with multiple targets • New Yamaha Golf Cart Fleet & easy to use pull carts

SPECIAL Mon.-Wed. 7am-2pm 18 Holes with Cart


EVENT SPECIALISTS - With over 1,000 events hosted over the past decade we can assure you that we have things covered. Our experienced staff & event planners will make sure your event is one to remember!


129 Fox Run Drive, Johnstown, NY 12095


Golf Guide

The Country Club of Troy The Country Club of Troy’s 18-hole, 6,663-yard championship course provides intriguing challenges and commanding scenery on 175 acres of meticulously groomed rolling hills.


Come play the all new Pheasant Hollow.


Explore our various membership categories, provided to fit your interests and budget. We’d be glad to help identify the best membership option for you and your family.


Outings • Leagues • Memberships Offered Lessons • New Driving Range 2670 Phillips Rd. • Castleton-On-Hudson

518-599-5756 100 Troy Country Club Rd., Troy, NY 12180 Phone: (518) 274-1000




• Excellent course conditions and greens. • All grass driving range with a practice bunker. • Visit our website to make a tee time online or call. • We have a tee box for all skill levels, from 3575 to 6418 yards.

(518) 736-4622 • 146 Steele Road, Johnstown, NY 12095 www.HalesMillsCountryClub.com

Peaceful and Serene Welcome to a little bit of paradise in the beautiful Catskill Mountains. Blackhead Mountain Lodge & Country Club is one of the most spectacular golf courses in New York State. The par 72 challenging layout is carved into the side of the Blackhead Mountain Range. It offers you some of the most spectacular views imaginable. From great food in Maassmann's Restaurant to affordable stay and play packages, come and enjoy the warm and friendly hospitality that has been a Maassmann trade mark for over 40 years.

Book a Tee Time at www.blackheadmtn.com

B M L  C C

67 CrowS Nest Rd Round Top, NY 12473



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Increte’s Crystal Clear Sealer Euclid’s Diamond Clear 350 Sealer



“Not all concrete sealer is created equal!” PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT

Patios • Walkways • Pool Decks • Driveways • Retaining Walls Fire Pits • Epoxy Garages & Basements

with Premium Sealer

1 Gallon or 5 Gallon

Supplying Superior Products & Service

• Master Masons • Professional Skilled Team • Superior Products & Methods • Warranty, We Proudly Stand Behind All Our Work • Exceptional Customer Service FULLY INSURED

Call For An Estimate


SINCE 1983

See our website under RETAIL for our full catalog. RETAIL STORE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC 14 RAILROAD AVE • ALBANY, NY 12205

14 RAILROAD AVE • ALBANY, NY 12205 Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-4pm

Products Concrete Sealer - Solvent & Waterbase Concrete Dyes - Integral & Color Hardeners Antique Powder Release • Liquid Release Antique Agent Stains • Concrete Stain Sealer Epoxy• Cleaning & Stripping Products Stamping Tools • Overlay Products

Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-4pm

The Future of Concrete

The Future of Concrete

INCRETE OF ALBANY is the Capital Region’s Only Certified Distributor and Installer of INCRETE SYSTEMS.


Full Run • All 6 Zones 180,000 Distribution

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Proudly Celebrating 50 Years! Remington’s is the best choice for quality craftsmanship and quality, lasting jobs. We’re a family run business, servicing from the Capital Region to the Adirondacks since 1971. Call Remington Blacktop for all your construction needs!

Complete insurance protection isn’t only affordable... it’s priceless!

• Residential and Commercial Asphalt Paving • Retaining Walls • Emergency Sewer Repair/ Replacement • Much More

Home (518) Fully Insured

Free Estimates


283-2201 • Fax: (518) 283-5359

schmidtagcy@aol.com schmidtagency.com Route 351 • Brunswick, NY


Support Your Local Businesses APRIL 15, 2021 • THE ADVERTISER - ARC P  AGE 19

Ultra Clean Heating Oil - Propane - 24 Hour Service Reliable Delivery Guaranteed Supply Expert Service Open 24/7/365 No Hidden Fees Prepay/Budget Plans Capped Pricing

Trusted Since 1930 100% Employee-Owned Locally Operated

MainCareEnergy.com 1-800-590-5864

Nardini Building & Remodeling LLC Specializing In

Additions, Kitchens, Bathrooms, All Site Work and Land Clearing, Septic Systems and Public Utilities Fully Insured


OPEN FOR BUSINESS FOR ALL YOUR FLOORING NEEDS! od ate o s n k rd w m i n a l l P • Ha • La y Vin rpet inyl ers Ca eet V lean e S h o r C a n k s n d s vailabl F l o l l P l B l illation A Wa n d o wal Insta W iofession

Safety is our priority. We do enhanced cleaning. Face masks required.




TUES, WED, FRI 8-5; THURS 8-7; SAT 9-3; CLOSED SUN & MON Parking In Rear. 47 Years In Business

Thank You to Our Customers for Cu Supporting Su Local Small Business





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We Protect What Matters Most.


Introducing the Wine Room, a secure, climate-controlled cellar solution for your wine collection. Whether you’re a neighboring restaurant or wine enthusiast, the Wine Room at Exit 9 is the convenient and affordable wine storage facility in the Capital District. 101 SITTERLY ROAD, CLIFTON PARK, NY 12065

Located Inside Exit 9 Self Storage 518-383-3070


Enhanced Security, 24/7 Access

Residential Commercial

518-888 ROOF Visit our showroom at 207 E. Campbell Rd. • Schenectady


• Flake • Quartz • Anti-Slip Coatings • Dust Free Grinding • Concrete Repair • Seamless MOBILE

(518) 527-0351 Tim Ryan timryanspainting@gmail.com


Support Your Local Businesses APRIL 15, 2021 • THE ADVERTISER - ARC P  AGE 21

20 Years of professional services brought to your home with our Home Visit Program.

• Office Exams • Exceptional Eye Care • Distinctive Eyewear and Frames EDWARD BERGER, OD 2 Middlesex Road • East Greenbush

(518) 486-8989

Spring is in the air! Be prepared to meet it on your terms and rediscover your confidence in whatever you do, wherever you go. Experience your most well-lived life with the quality CBD products you’re looking for at the nation’s largest CBD retailer. Your CBD Store carries the award winning SunMed CBD line of products – all third party tested and registered with the Dept. of Agriculture. Stop in today and try a free sample of our USDA Certified Organic products!

www.uptownoptometryny.com 598 Columbia Turnpike • East Greenbush NY (518) 650-7117 Find Yours at SunFlora.org

Nursing Positions We have openings for nurses who are presently working in a facility to help fill the need for professionals in the home care environment. Even if you love your present position and intend to stay, we would love to have you join us 1-2 days/week or month in home care. Caring for clients one on one in their home allows you to practice in a relaxed and personal manner.

Pediatric and Young Adults are especially in need. If you are interested in working 1-2 days/week or month, 2-12 hours/shift, call and discuss what we can offer you. PRN scheduling that fits in with your FT position.


518-449-1142 Send Resume: acurryachhs@nycap.rr.com 87 Washington St. • Rensselaer


Full Run • All 6 Zones 180,000 Distribution

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Two Great Brands Come Together Tri City Mechanical has joined forces with One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning to serve you better!

Schedule Your Maintenance and Showroom Appointment Today! 1604 Route 9, Halfmoon, NY 12065

Complete Sump Pump System Service • Sump Pumps / Battery Backups • Window Wells / Gutter Lines Buried     • Foundation Crack Repair


• Crawl Space Solutions • Bilco Door Replacement   

New Customers Get 1st Maintenance For $59

518-605-4801 www.kineticbasement.com

SAVE $50

BY HANDING US THIS AD WHEN WE COME FOR SERVICE. Coupon must be presented at time of purchase. Cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts. Management reserves the right to modify offers at any given time. Some restrictions may apply.

Expires 5/31/21


The One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning Difference

FREE ESTIMATES! 518-952-4360 | fossettsasphalt@gmail.com • DRIVEWAYS • PARKING LOTS • ROADWAYS

TAKE NOTE of our Contact Info - SAME PHONE NUMBER -

518-369-4111 - NEW EMAIL ADDRESS -


Family Owned and Located in Clifton Park Fully Insured

Over 20 Years Experience!


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We are your Elite Property Service, remember your home and property is an investment. We do it right the first time!

• Aerating • Dethatching • Lawn Mowing • Landscaping • Lawn Repair


Michele Peters - Owner (formerly of Bud’s Florist)

Administrative Professional Week Is Next Week! Say Thank You to the people who make the office run! Flower, plant and goodie basket deliveries to the business or home office.






Schenectady Greenmarket Always safe. Always secure. Always seasonal. Always local.

Health and safety measures in place and enforced.

Buy direct from our farmers and makers.

The best-tasting and freshest produce.

Mother’s Day Is Just Around the Corner! Blooming plant gifts for inside or out, orchids, hanging air plants, beautiful cut flowers of many varieties with flowers from local farms and all around the world.

Go to Ambianceflorals.com for floral classes and shopping site.

“Always thinking outside the vase!” Call shop for spring hours • 518-446-9900


Upstate Pressure Cleaning “The Pressure’s On Us!” - Home Siding - Roof Soft Washing - Decks, Fences & Patios - Gutter Services - Graffiti Removal - Masonry Surface Cleaning - Surface Rust Removal - Oxidation Removal


Support our community and keep it green.

Around City Hall Sundays 10 am–2 pm Weekly updates at schenectadygreenmarket.com!

Call us for a free estimate! $25 OFF $25 OFF a Full Home Wash a Soft Roof Cleaning 518-229-0129


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Sagging Floor, Roof or Walls? Complete structural repair. Sills, frame, foundation. Lifting & leveling. Call the professionals.

518-465-0283 newenglandstructural.com


Machine Washable Cottons, Perfect for Spring!

Beautifully transform sunlight and save PLEASE WEAR with Hunter Douglas A MASK 700 Columbia Turnpike, East Greenbush, NY sheers and shadings. Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10am-5pm

518-477-9317 www.sweaterventure.com




ON QUALIFYING PURCHASES Beautifully transform Beautifully transform sunlight anddetails. save Ask for sunlight and save Beautifully transform with Hunter Douglas with Hunter Douglas sheers and and shadings. sunlight save sheers and shadings. Beautifully transform sunlight with Hunter Douglas

Wm. J. Fagan & Sons, Inc. INSURANCE BROKERS SINCE 1910

Wm. J. Fagan & Sons, Inc. offers the finest in comprehensive business insurance coverage and personal insurance products with the care and customer service our clients have come to rely on for over 100 years. paul@faganandsons.com | faganandsons.com 15 First Street | Troy, NY 12180 Office: 518-272-3471

Fax: 518-273-6205

Cell: 518-867-6088


andBeautifully saveand withshadings. Hunter Douglas transform sheers

100 100

REBATES STARTING AT sheers and shadings.


sunlight and save APRILSTARTING 10– JUNEAT *21, 2021 withREBATES Hunter Douglas ON QUALIFYING PURCHASES * sheers and shadings. REBATES STARTING AT



Ask for details. * $ Ask for details. ON QUALIFYING PURCHASES



ON QUALIFYING PURCHASES Ted's Flooring & Interior Design REBATES STARTING AT 118 Everett Rd Ask for details. * Albany, NY






APRIL 10– JUNE 21, 2021

M-F: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Sat: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm Sun: Closed WINDOW SHADINGS

Ask for details.

Ted’s Flooring & Interior Design APRIL 10– JUNE 21, 2021

APRILEverett 10– JUNE 21,Rd, 2021 Albany 118 489-4106 Ted's(518) Flooring & Interior Design www.tedsfloorcovering.com 118 Everett Rd M-F 9am-5pm; Sat. 10am-3pm; Sun. Closed








Albany, NY APRIL 10– JUNE 21, 2021 Ted's Flooring & Interior Design518-489-4106 tedsfloorcovering.com 118 Everett Rd M-F: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm * Manufacturer’s mail-in rebate offer valid for qualifying purchases made 4/10/21–6/21/21 from participating dealers in the U.S. only. Offer excludes HDOrigins® and Nantucket™ Window Albany, Sat: amNY - and 3:00 Shadings, a collection of Silhouette® Window Shadings. Rebate will be issued in the10:00 form of a Reward Card mailed pm within 6 weeks of rebate claim approval. Funds do not expire. Subject to applicable law, a $2.00S monthly assessed after card issuance and each month thereafter. See complete terms distributed with reward card. Additional I L H O Ufee E Twill T E be W I NTed's D O against W S H card AFlooring D Ibalance N G S 6 months & Interior limitations may apply. Ask participating dealer for details and rebate form. ©2021 Hunter Douglas. All rightsDesign reserved. All trademarks used herein are the property of Hunter Douglas or their Sun: Closed respective owners. M-F:Everett 9:00 am 118 Rd- 5:00 pm Sat: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm Albany, (518)NY 489-4106 Ted's Flooring & Interior Design Sun: ClosedRd www.tedsfloorcovering.com 118 Everett Albany, M-F: 9:00 am - 5:00NY pm SILHOUETTE® WINDOW SHADINGS













Employment Applications Available for The Town of Schodack Summer Recreation Program 2021 SCHODACK - Applications for employment with the Town of Schodack Day Camp are now available for download at www. schodack.org under Youth Recreation. All applicants must be 16 years of age by the start of camp on July 12, 2021, and have a current working card, if applicable. Applicants must be available to work the duration of the camp which runs from July 12, 2021 through August 6, 2021. Completed applications must be returned to the Schodack Town Clerk’s Office no later than April 30, 2021. Please direct further questions to the Recreation Director Sheila Golden at youthdirector@ schodack.org.

Poestenkill Spring Clean Up 2021 POESTENKILL - April 26, 2021 - April 30, 2021. Acceptable items: Yard Waste (leaves, grass clippings, etc.) placed in biodegradable Paper bags. Brush and branches (cut to 8 ft. lengths maximum, stacked neatly, no more than 3 ft. tall). Stack piles with the cut or thicker ends facing the road. Maximum diameter for brush or limbs is 6 inches. If we cannot chip it, we cannot take it. Unacceptable items: Garbage or trash; Cleaning of Vacant lots; Stumps, Sod, Rocks or Dirt; Metal items; Plastic bags or flower pots; Tires or Batteries; No Brush or Trees from private contractors. Residents: please keep in mind we are a small highway crew that must

take care of these brush piles by hand. Brown recyclable waste bags will be picked up a few times a month throughout the summer/fall. Please notify the Highway Garage of your location so the bags do not get missed. Questions: David (DJ) Goyer, cell 518-269-1656; garage 518-283-4144.

Poestenkill Spring Clean-Up: April 26-April 30 POESTENKILL - I would like to thank David (DJ) Goyer, Poestenkill’s Acting Superintendent of the Highway Department for going above and beyond the call of duty in the months since accepting this promotion. DJ has continued his track record of being responsive and supporting to our residents and is working closely with the Town Board and town employees. I especially would like to thank him for announcing and sharing information with residents on the annual spring clean up schedule. Not only has DJ shared this information on the town website and here in The Advertiser but he has also taken it upon himself to speak with residents and deliver flyers announcing the dates and guidelines. DJ and our highway employees will be cleaning up brush from April 26th to April 30th. For more information on the acceptable items for pickup please go to our website and feel free to contact the Highway Department with any questions – 518-283-4144. Eric Wohlleber, Poestenkill Town Council

Historical Calendars Still Available NORTH GREENBUSH - The 2021 North Greenbush Historical Calendars first printing has sold out but a second

printing is now available for purchase. It contains old time pictures including Tess Alber’s Restaurant, Jordan’s Ice Cream Dairy in Defreestville, Snyder’s Lake photos and many others. The calendars are still only $10 and are available at the Town Clerk’s office in Wynantskill (283-4306) for pick up or mailed from the Town Clerk’s office for $12.00. Checks should be made out to the Town of North Greenbush. Town Historian Jim Greenfield in Defreestville (2654254).

Rensselaer County 4-H Junior Chefs Virtual Workshop RENSSELAER COUNTY - The Cornell Cooperative Extension of Rensselaer County 4-H Youth Development program is holding a 4-H Junior Chefs workshop via Zoom on Monday, April 19th at 6:00pm. Youth eight years and older are invited to participate. The participants will cook along with CCE Rensselaer County 4-H Program Coordinator, Eileen DePaula from their home kitchens. They will be preparing Grilled Apple Cheese Sandwich and Jackpot Cookies. There is a registration fee of $5.00. Register for the workshop here: https://cornell.zoom. us/j/92815011206?pwd=dHpkMHBHL09ub3RvYjliZGw2WDd4QT09 Registrants will receive further information and recipes closer to the workshop. For safety, please have an adult present in the kitchen to assist during the workshop. Pre-registration is required and registration will be limited. For further information, please contact Eileen DePaula at 518-272-4210 or emd32@cornell.edu. For more information about this and other programs offered by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Rensselaer County, please call

518-272-4210. No one shall be denied the opportunity to participate or receive information based on their ability to pay. If you need any accommodations please let us know at the time of registration.

Poestenkill “Bread of Life” Food Pantry POESTENKILL - NEW HOURS - Since September 2015, the Poestenkill “Bread of Life” food pantry has been offering staple food items to individuals and families in Poestenkill and surrounding communities who need food for themselves and their families. Beginning on May 1st, 2021 our NEW HOURS will BEGIN at 4:30 pm END AT 6:30pm on the 1st & 3rd Thursdays of every month. We thank our friends, community and many organizations who continue to support this effort through their most gen-

erous donations of time, resources and staple foods. Our new volunteers are the best, most kind, compassionate individuals. We are so grateful they have joined our pantry. We are located at the Evangelical Lutheran Church, 772 Route 351, Poestenkill, NY 12140. If you have an urgent need for food, please call us at (518) 283-6045 and leave a message. This year, we have begun a new program with the pantry by offering baby food, diapers and wipes for the youngest in the Poestenkill community. The pantry does not currently stock baby supplies, but can provide select items upon request. If you are experiencing difficulty affording these items for your baby, please reach out to us. Please send a private Facebook message, email breadoflifepoestenkill@ gmail.com or leave a message at (518) 428-0124.

St John’s Thrift Shop TROY - The Basement on First Street is pleased to announce our re-opening on Saturday, May 1, from 9am-noon, and we will be resuming our regular operations on Wednesdays and Saturdays, from 9amnoon, starting May 5. We have lots of clothing--both adult’s and children’s-along with many household items. We will begin accepting donations beginning April 19, from 9amnoon. We are located at 146 First Street in Troy--of course--in the Basement! 518.274.5884. We hope to see you here!


More than 2/3 of Rensselaer County residents want businesses they visit to have tobacco-free grounds. Make your property safer, cleaner and healthier AND give your patrons what they want. Getting started is easy. Email ClearTheAir@SmokeFreeCapital.org to learn more and to access FREE tobacco-free signage.

Good health is good business.


Grant-funded by the NYS Department of Health



Healthy Living

Tips to avoid bringing job stress home to the family


Urgent in office visits as well as telemedicine

Mabel Cheng, MD & Nicole Lemanski, MD Trusted Eye Physicians & Surgeons Since 1999

"Be safe during this difficult time. Stay home and wear a mask if you must go out. If you need us, please call. We remain open for urgent visits and current patients on chronic therapy. We now offer telemedicine consults for specific circumstances."



• On-site optical shop • New patients of all ages & most insurances

Dr. Mabel Cheng Comprehensive Eye Physician

25 years practice in the Capital District

Dr. Nicole Lemanski Comprehensive Cornea Specialist

Welcoming New Patients

3140 Troy Schenectady Road, Niskayuna NY 12309 T: 518-782-7777 • F: 518-782-4913

Comprehensive Physical Therapy Solutions, PLLC


The lines between work and home life can easily become blurred. Such lines became even more blurry during the pandemic, when many children did not attend school in person while their parents worked from home exclusively. Such situations made it hard for everyone to differentiate between working hours and family time. Prior to the pandemic, many professionals had already begun to check emails while on vacation, whiles others fielded questions from the office on sick days. Stress comes with the territory for many working professionals, and that stress has the potential to trickle down into family life if parents are not careful. According to the Australian Psychological Society’s “Stress and Well-being Report,” 31 percent of people cite work as a leading cause of stress. In addition, 92 percent of all serious work-related mental health condition claims were attributed to mental stress. The Anxiety Disorders Association of America indicates 40 percent of people experience persistent stress or excessive anxiety in their daily lives, much of which is attributed

to work. Each profession has its share of stress-inducing situations, and no parent wants to bring work-related stress home at the end of a long day at the office. The following are a handful of strategies parents can embrace as they try to keep work-related stress from affecting their home life. · Create a buffer zone. Heading straight home with stressful problems still on your mind may result in taking those problems out on the family. If you repeatedly leave work feeling stress or anxiety, build in an opportunity to unwind between work and home. Consider heading to the gym for an hour or taking a walk in a park to calm down. Make sure children and your spouse realize this decompression time is about ensuring stress does not come home with you at the end of the day. · Create a routine for disconnecting. If you go home directly after work, create a system to calm down and unwind there. Sena Moran, a Florida-based mental health counselor, suggests mindful breathing, listening (Continued on Next Pg.)

If Someone You Love Needs Nursing Home Care We’re Here to Help

VanRensselaer Manor

S.T.A.R.S. for Seniors, L.L.C.

A Nursing and Rehabilitation Facility

Sharon Tuszynski’s Application and Referral Service

Sharon & Walter Tuszynski, Medicaid Consultants

Individual customized care to help you achieve your goals! Over 30 Years of Experience

The average cost of a nursing home is nearly $15,000 a month. We can:

518.915.1452 fax 518.729.3181

comprehensiveptsolutions.com Operating within CDC guidelines to keep our patients healthy. Deborah A. Ciprioni, PT/Owner Taylor Lanoue-Angley, DPT, PT


For a FREE IN HOME Consultation call: 518-283-5315 or 518-369-7573 or email us at sharon2642@nycap.rr.com Check out our website at: www.starsforseniors.com

• Short Term Rehabilitation • Long Term Care • Alzheimer’s/Dementia Specialty Units We provide short term rehabilitation for those individuals who have suffered an injury, had recent elective knee or hip surgery, need wound care or for those who are deconditioned from an extended hospitalization.

85 Bloomingrove Drive, Troy NY Contact us for more info (518) 283-2000


Healthy Living

(Cont. from Previous Pg.) to relaxing music or some other activity that creates a system for disconnecting from work. · Turn off notifications. When you’re home, focus on home and avoid work. That may require turning off work email notifications on your phone or putting a company laptop away and out of sight. · Build more exercise into your day. A study by researchers at the University of Florida found participants who took at least 10,900 steps each day were less likely to take out stress on family members compared to participants who took only 7,000 steps. Exercise can help reduce stress and releases feel-good endorphins. Exercise paired with adequate sleep can improve self-regulation skills. · Try a new job. While not an answer for everyone, moving on to a new career or even a different position can tame work-related stress and help improve relationships at home. Some people find scaling back hours may help them find balance as well. Stress at work doesn’t have to come home at the end of each day. Various strategies can ensure stress stays at the office.

Moms need timeouts, too

While time-outs may be torturous for young children eager to get up and go, alone time may sound like paradise to busy mothers. It can be helpful for parents to schedule daily timeouts, though breaks a few times per week can do the trick as well. Timeouts can benefit moms who need a break during or after a long day. Such breaks can be restful and reen-

ergizing. Any woman can benefit from a time-out, but working mothers juggling careers and home life may be especially in need of scheduled breaks. Women who want to incorporate more breaks into their daily routines should know that it’s possible to do so, even on the most hectic days. (Continued on Pg. 39)

Evan J. Seiden, LCSW-R

We Have a New Practitioner Starting August 1st!

Psychotherapist HighPoint Clinical Social PLLC

Lab Work • X-Rays • Other Diagnostic Tests ALL DONE ON PREMISES

Individual and Family Therapy EJS2868@gmail.com Phone: 518-596-9488 • Fax: 518-478-8015 77 Troy Road, Suite 2 • East Greenbush, NY 12061 INSURANCES ACCEPTED: MVP, CDPHP, CIGNA

Maccio Physical Therapy Certified McKenzie Spine & Extremity Clinic

FREE KNEE PAIN WORKSHOP Held in our clinic and virtually on Zoom

*Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy

Est. 1989

Dr. Ritchie J. Parrotta • Dr. Scott M. Parrotta, D.O.

Join us for a FREE MDT* Knee Pain Workshop Zoom: Monday, May 17th at 1pm Clinic: Monday, May 17th at 12pm and Tuesday, May 18th at 5pm

Over the past 30 years, we have helped thousands of patients get back to doing the things they love. Why live another day in pain? Call us at (518) 273-2121 to reserve your spot for our in-clinic or virtual workshop. Spaces are limited. 1 New Hampshire Ave • Troy, NY 12180 www.macciophysicaltherapy.com / jmaccio@macciophysicaltherapy.com

- Accepting New Patients! - No Waiting! Adhere Strictly to Scheduled Appts. - Most Insurances Accepted Hours: Mon.-Fri. 7am-4pm; Some Evening & Saturday Mornings

518-283-1974 • 9 West Sand Lake Rd., Wynantskill


PHYSICAL THERAPY “Movement For Life” 1HOUR Evaluations & 30–45 MINUTE (one on one) Treatments with your Physical Therapist. You will NOT be shared between two or more PT’s. At BPT we use many different treatments to restore mobility & quality of life. We use manual therapy and exercise for maximum therapy benefit. Our treatment techniques include: Applied Functional Science “Chain Reaction” McKenzie Method • Joint Mobilization Myofascial Release • Muscle Energy Strain/Counterstrain

518-326-9272 4164 NY 2 • Troy, NY 12180




Home Solutions

Refresh Maintain Remodel

How to respond to pesticide poisoning Second Generation

Owned Paving Company!

~OFFERING~ Quality ~ Efficiency Honesty & Integrity At A Fair Price!



518-384-0204 • 518-461-6755







’21 E

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Tending to a lawn and garden can be a great way to spend time in the great outdoors. It’s also an enjoyable way to improve a home’s curb appeal. Though many homeowners prefer a wholly organic approach to lawn care and gardening, sometimes pests and other problems force people to apply pesticides around their properties. The application of pesticides can make homeowners, and anyone who spends time on their properties, including children, vulnerable to pesticide poisoning. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, people exposed to pesticides may exhibit a host of symptoms. External irritants that come into contact with the skin can cause redness, itching or pimples, and such substances also may contribute to allergic reactions marked by redness, swelling or blistering. Stinging and swelling in the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose, mouth, and throat also may occur after being exposed to pesticides. Pesticides also can cause internal injuries to a person’s organs, potentially leading to significant issues. The EPA notes that the lungs, stomach and nervous system all can be affected when pesticides are swallowed, inhaled or absorbed through the skin. People experiencing lung injuries after exposure to pesticides may experience shortness of breath, heavy salivation (drooling) or rapid breathing. Injuries to the stomach may lead to symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, or diarrhea. If the nervous system is affected by pesticide (Continued on Pg. 30)

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(Continued from Pg. 28) exposure, people may experience excessive fatigue, sleepiness, headache, muscle twitching, and numbness. If pesticide poisoning is suspected, it’s imperative that someone, be it the person who was poisoned, the parent of a child who may have been exposed or a medical professional treating the affected person, identify the type of poisoning that has occurred. That’s because the EPA notes that the appropriate treatment will depend on the kind of poisoning that has occurred. • Chemical burn on skin: If treating a chemical burn

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on the skin, the EPA advises drenching the skin with water for at least 15 minutes. All contaminated clothing should be removed and then skin and hair should be thoroughly cleaned with soap and water. • Inhaled poison: The response to an inhaled poison will depend on where the person is at the time of exposure. If outside, move the person away from any area recently treated with pesticide. If inside, move the person to fresh air immediately (doors and windows should ultimately be opened to reduce the risk of others being exposed). Contact the local fire department if you think you need a respirator prior to helping the victim. If the victim is wearing tight clothing, loosen that clothing. Give artificial respiration to a victim whose skin is blue or if the victim has stopped breathing. • Substance in the eye: If a poison has entered the eye, wash the eye quickly and gently with cool running water for 15 minutes or more. Use only water and do not use eye drops, chemicals or drugs. It’s imperative that people act quickly if a substance has gotten into the eye, as membranes in the eyes act faster than in any other external part of the body, and eye damage can occur within minutes of exposure. • Substance on the skin: Drench the skin with water for at least 15 minutes and then wash skin and hair thoroughly. Discard contaminated clothing or thoroughly wash it separate from other laundry. • Swallowed pesticide: If a pesticide has been swallowed and the victim is still conscious, he or she should drink a small amount of water to dilute the pesticide. Only induce vomiting on the advice of a poison control center or physician. Pesticide exposure can be very dangerous. It’s imperative that people who plan to apply pesticides in their lawns and gardens learn how to respond if they or someone on their property is exposed to pesticides.


Elks Scholarship Applications Now Available RENSSELAER COUNTY - The Rensselaer Elks Lodge No. 2073 B.P.O.E. is accepting applications for the 2021 Jack Stewart/ Ann Collins Memorial Scholarships. If you are a high school senior at Averill Park, Columbia, Maple Hill or Rensselaer High School pick up an application from your guidance counselor. Applications are due May 7, 2021. Two students from each high school will be awarded a $500 scholarship at a Flag Day Celebration to be held in June at the Elks lodge.

Guilderland Central High School Class of 1971, 50th Year Reunion CAPITAL DISTRICT The Guilderland Central High School class of 1971 50th year reunion committee invites classmates to join us on the weekend of July 23-25, 2021. We have established a website at http://www.guilderland71.com that we are asking you to please join. The details of the great weekend we have planned for us to catch up are located on the site. We’d love to hear your ideas for making this reunion special and fun.

Stunning Succulents TROY - Master Gardener and Interior Designer Denise Maurer will be presenting a workshop entitled Stunning Succulents on Monday, May 10th at 6:30PM, for the Troy Public Library. You’ve got to love succulents. Give them plenty of sun, and water occasionally, and they will reward you with show stopping textures, colors and offspring. Learn how easy it is to incorporate them into your homeand landscapes. Buying and growing tips will be included along with plenty

of inspiration to create succulent dish gardens and vertical mosaics. This program will be conducted via zoom. Please register using your email address so that we can send you a link to the presentation. This program is free and open to the public. Please register online at www.thetroylibrary.org or by calling (518)274-7071.

East Greenbush Community Library EAST GREENBUSH - Open Hours: Mon, 9-4 pm; Tue/Thu/Fri 11-6pm; Wed 11-7 pm; Sat 10-4pm; Building closed Sundays; Virtual library is always open! Get updates at 518477-7476 or eglibrary.org. Masks & social distancing required. Please keep visits brief. Registration is required for all programs unless noted otherwise. Register at https://events.eglibrary. org 4/22: Virtual Presentation from Historian, Kathryn Sheehan: Beer Making in Rensselaer County, 7 pm 4/24: Day Before the Awards Film Festival Virtual Event! 1pm. Film critics, Jackson Murphy & Jim Dixon, will discuss the nominated movies, performances, and achievements. In addition, there will be a Q&A with attendees. 4/26: Monday Night Book Chat; 7 pm on library Facebook channel (no registration required) 4/27, 5/4 & 5/11: Virtual Morning Yoga with Lisa, 9 am; Virtual Storytime, 10am 4/29: Hands-on Virtual Cooking Class “Cinco de Mayo”, 6:30 pm Visit kids blog “Check It Out with Charlie” at https://eglibrarykids. wordpress.com/. Readers Advisory Services https:// eglibrary.org/adults/ recommendations/ and Kids Book Bundles https:// eglibrary.org/children/ book-bundles/. Fill out the online form with your preferences, we’ll select

books to match and put them on hold for you! You can also call 518-477-7476 for help. Borrow laptops and hotspots! Kids tablets, movies-on-the-go, and audiobooks from Playaway. No car stereo or DVD player required. Free Webinars, Articles, Workshops & Resources at (https://bit.ly/egtechtalk) & https://eglibrary.org/ popular-subjects

Sand Lake Town Library Board Meeting & News SAND LAKE - The Sand Lake Town Library Board of Trustees meets Thursday, April 15 at 6:45pm on zoom. Connection information will be posted on our website the day of the meeting. Want to brush up on your tech skills? Sand Lake Town Library is participating in digital classes provided by our Upper Hudson Library System. On Thursday, April 29 at 7pm join trainer Nate Heyer for Email Marketing with Mailchimp. Learn how to create simple email marketing campaigns for your business, organization, or cause, track open rates and generate a mailing list signup form for your website or Facebook page - all with a free Mailchimp account. Sessions will be held online via GoToMeeting. See our website for details and the registration link for this and other classes. Still available – vegetable and flower seeds donated by Cornell Cooperative Extension Rensselaer County. Pick up a packet when you stop in for your books! Check out the Arlene Schulman prints and fun Dr. Seuss Baskets put together by the SLTLibrary Friends. Enter in a drawing to win one through the end of April. To celebrate Earth Day pick up a Take & Make

STEM kit April 19 – 23. Just a reminder that we have wi-fi hot spots available for a 14-day loan period – these cannot be requested. Thank you to Will & Cathy Welling, Gerald Winn, Brian Bradley & Jackie Tremont, Beatrice Wandler, and everyone who contributed to the library’s fundraising campaign.

North Greenbush Public Library Update NORTH GREENBUSH - April has showered more than flowers at the North Greenbush Library during National Library Week. We are celebrating with new spring-themed craft kits that include Popsicle Daffodils and Coffee Filter Rainbow Clouds for school-aged children. Teens and adults can create a DIY Flower-Suncatcher craft with the help

HOROSCOPE Week Of April 18, 2021

ARIES – Mar 21/Apr 20 Some things are entirely out of your control, Aries. You may come up against some such obstacles this week. Focus your energy on the things you can control. TAURUS – Apr 21/May 21 Taurus, if you’re seeking new horizons, establish a game plan and then do your homework. This will help determine if it is practical to make a move. GEMINI – May 22/Jun 21 Your expressiveness and affections are drawn out this week, Gemini. It could put you in the mood to push some limits socially or creatively. Chances are things will work out well. CANCER – Jun 22/Jul 22 Cancer, some focus and harmony enables you to find balance in your personal and professional relationships. You will begin to see eye-to-eye with many people. LEO – Jul 23/Aug 23 It is a good thing to center yourself emotionally because many decisions are heading your way, Leo. You may find

of an instructional video on our YouTube page. And when calling the library for a craft kit, consider requesting a DIY Magnetic Poetry kit, in celebration of National Poetry Month. The kits, which include magnet sheets, a sheet of words, and instructions, are suitable for patrons 8 years and older. Construct your poems on magnetic surfaces like refrigerators or lockers. Then email a picture of them to library@ northgreenbushlibrary. org for us to share on our social media. Once you’ve requested these kits, don’t forget that our take-home Storytime Kits are also available as a Grab ‘N’ Go option. The monthly kits, designed for children ages 3 to 6, include a book, a craft, and an activity sheet based on the month’s theme-April is spring! Call the library at 518-283-0303 for any of our kits. All kits are avail-

able while supplies last. Join our next Zoom book club meeting on Tuesday, April 27, at 6:30 PM. We will be discussing ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ by Casey McQuiston. Request a copy of the book online or by calling the library. To join the meeting, please email library@ northgreenbushlibrary. org for the meeting login information. Our hours for both in-person appointments and Grab ‘N’ Go are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 10 AM to 3 PM; Tuesday and Thursday 2 to 7 PM. Saturday remains the same, 10 AM to 2 PM; call the library for either at 518-283-0303. Masks are required for both appointments and Grab ‘N’ Go.

ideas and plans center around domestic issues. VIRGO – Aug 24/Sept 22 You are inclined to seek some mental stimulation this week, Virgo. Invest in some puzzles or even a recreational pursuit such as an escape room experience. LIBRA – Sept 23/Oct 23 Take a break from overthinking, Libra. Involve yourself with pleasurable activities that don’t require a lot of forethought. Others can join the fun. SCORPIO – Oct 24/Nov 22 This is a good week to focus attention on your personal needs, Scorpio. Perhaps you are looking for personal fulfillment. Try volunteer work. SAGITTARIUS Nov 23/Dec 21 Others may be elusive this week, Sagittarius. Don’t take it as a sign of your relationships being in need of mending. Others are just busy, so enjoy the down time. CAPRICORN Dec 22/Jan 20 People may demand a little more of your time in the days ahead, Capricorn. If you are not sure you can devote extra

effort, tell these people as soon as possible. AQUARIUS Jan 21/Feb 18 Disagreements can arise if others are not reading you well, Aquarius. Focus your efforts on effective communication this week to avoid any confusion. PISCES – Feb 19/Mar 20 You don’t need to know every detail of an issue to be able to take a side or a stance, Pisces. Your ability to make choices will improve. FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS APRIL 18 Chloe Bennet, Actress (29) APRIL 19 Joanna Gaines, Designer (43) APRIL 20 Miranda Kerr, Model (38) APRIL 21 James McAvoy, Actor (42) APRIL 22 Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Actor (55) APRIL 23 Gigi Hadid, Model (26) APRIL 24 Kelly Clarkson, Singer (39)



Dining & Entertainment Glendora Vegetarian Club In August Glendora will celebrate 50 years, a half century, on Public Access TV: 13,000 shows on 75 stations, from Boston to San Diego, and 3700 shows on YouTube. It is the longest running Public Access TV show in the world. It originates from Nassau Village, NY. A Chat with Glendora always has a happy ending: everyone’s glad when it’s over!

Dash Out ~ Dine In! www.PaoloLombardis.com Sign Up for Paolo’s Preferred Club Today!

(518) 283-0202

April 20

April 21

April 22

April 23

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Baked Mac Haddock Veal & Chicken ‘n Cheese & Shrimp Peppers Parmigiana With Chicken Scampi With Pasta With Pasta & Broccoli

Over Rice

Jokes 1. Why wasn’t the computer hungry? He’s just had a byte. 2. How do you know the cookie was sick? He looked crummy. 3. What city in New York has the most rabbits? Al-bany 4. What do you call a person who doesn’t get angry? A nomad. 5. Why couldn’t Mozart find his teacher? He was Haydn. Contact Glendora’s Vegetarian Club at 518-931-0266 in Albany NY. 518) 674-5757 ext 205 to reserve your dinners today.

Schodack Valley Fire Co. Pizza & Wings Night CASTLETON - The members of the Schodack Valley Volunteer Fire Company welcome our community members to our monthly Pizza and Wings night Saturday April 17th. This is a take out only event . Hours are Check 4pm-7pm. Please call 477-4215 to placeout your order. This our website forOur firehouse month’s pie of the month is “Meat Lovers”. Specialty is located at 1553 Schodack Valley Rd. Castleton NY. We Drinks

Rt. 43 • Averill Park


www.crystallakeview.com OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK

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Detroit Style Pizzas • Delicious Deep Dish

OUTDOOR DINING! Creekside Tables On Our Deck CATERING MENU AVAILABLE BBQ, Hearty Entrees, Salads and Sides

OYSTERS Call 518-674-3040ON ICE

www.thetownetavern.com • Rt. 43 & 66, A.P.

WEEKLY SPECIALS Monday ............... Tuesday ............... Wednesday .......... Thursday ............. Friday, Saturday and Sunday .........

Mexican Night Antipasta & Pizza In-House Specials Wing Night In-House Special Homemade Meatloaf Seafood Chowder & Prime Rib

Open for Limited Seating. Reservations Recommended. EZ BET

NYS COVID-19 Guidelines Play All Year! and Masks are required.

want to thank everyone that has supported this important fundraiser .

Chicken BBQ at Pawling Ave UMC TROY - Meals will be served Saturday, April 24, 2021 from 3-4:30 pm on the lawn at 520 Pawling Ave, Troy, NY. Take Out only. Menu: 1/2 chicken, baked potato, baked beans, cole slaw, roll, water and brownie. Cost is $12 for adults 12 and up; $6 for children 6-11 and Free for children up to 5 years old. Proceeds from this dinner will go to the roof fund. Limited to 120 dinners, so make your reservation early. Call Melanie 518-779-6004 to reserve your dinner.

Spring 2021 Chicken BAR-B-Q POESTENKILL - The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Poestenkill, 772 Route 351, Poestenkill, NY 12140 will hold our Spring 2021 Chicken Bar-B-Q on Saturday, May 1st at the church with a DRIVE-THROUGH, TAKEOUT ONLY dinner. The meal consists of: ½ chicken, baked potato, green beans, Cole slaw, cranberry sauce, roll and choice of homemade Cherry or Lemon Meringue pie for dessert for a donation of $13 per meal or $7 for ½ chicken only while supply lasts. Pick-up time begins at 4:30 pm & ends at 6 pm. We would greatly appreciate EARLY pre-orders for the meals or ½ chicken only by calling (518) 283-1447. Walkin meals ONLY IF AVAILABLE, as our Fall 2020 dinner was sold out. Thank you for your support. We will be wearing face coverings and request you do the same while visiting us. Outdoor social distancing will be practiced.

Drive Thru BBQ at West Sand Lake Fire Company WEST SAND LAKE - The West Sand Lake Fire Company is having a Giffy’s chicken BBQ on Thursday April 15th from 4-6PM at the fire station. Dinners include 1/2 chicken, baked potato, coleslaw and roll for only $13. This will be take out only. Please contact Bill at (518) 674-5757 ext 205 to reserve your dinners today.

Fresh Seafood • Shrimp • Haddock • Cod OFF Sole • Swordfish • Clams & More! SHORE PIER Fish Market & Restaurant 518-283-9880 Restaurant Open for Dining & Take-out!

637 3rd Ave. Ext. • East Greenbush • offshorepier.com


Kiwanis Club of Troy Giffy’s Chicken BBQ TROY - The Kiwanis Club of Troy is having their annual Giffy’s Chicken BBQ Friday May 14th from 4-6PM at St. Michael’s Church, Next to HVCC, in Troy. You get a freshly cooked & hot full ½ Chicken Dinner with all the trimmings for only $12.00. Take out only. Call Dean at 518-3220826 to reserve tickets for that day!! Treat yourself to a great meal, while helping the Kiwanis Club assist many needed kids projects in the Troy area!!

Troy Lodge of Elks Bingo is Back on Monday Nights!!! WYNANTSKILL - Troy Elks Bingo at our new home at the American Legion in Wynantskill. Starts at 7PM Doors open at 5:30PM. $25 Admission includes: 2 Door Cards and 16 Regular Cards for Five Series of Bingo. Early Bird and Casino 50/50 Games sold separately at $1.00 Each (2-on cards). Extra Cards for the Five Series of Bingo also sold separately at $1.00

each (4-on cards). Reservations are required by calling Mary Beth at 518-3127291. Social Distancing and the wearing of masks will be Mandatory.

Mohawk Hudson Chapter of the Antique Outboard Motor Club Inc. 6th Annual Swap Meet CAPITAL DISTRICT – Current President Michael Glenn announces that the 6th Annual Swap Meet of the Chapter will be held again this year at the Schrader and Company Offices. The event is planned for April 24, 2021 and will be held on the property of the Schrader and Company in Burnt Hills, New York. Attendees come from throughout the Northeast as well as local members and the general public is welcome to attend at no cost. There is no admission fee and no fee to display/buy/sell/trade. The day is planned to begin at 9:00 AM as a casual open air event that is expected to last until 2:00 pm. The event includes the buying, selling and trading of antique and classic out-



board motors, boats and related items from attendees/vendors. Additional vendors are welcome at no cost. The general public is welcome. There will be food available for a donation for morning coffee and donuts and lunch at noontime. The swap meet is held in an Antiques Roadshow type atmosphere and interested parties can get parts, advice and resources for their old outboard motors and boats, as well as an outlet to bring their motors to put them in the hands of a collector who can restore it. There will be judging of motors in several categories. The Chapter, organized in March of 2005 has experienced growth over the last 15 years. For further news of the Mohawk Hudson Chapter of the AOMCI, please visit our website: http://mglen2. wix.com/mohawkhudsonchapter#. For information about the national organization, please visit their website at www.aomci.org.

CASH FOR CARS AND TRUCKS We Buy Junk/Unwanted Cars And Trucks

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Free Towing • Open 24/7

CLUES ACROSS 1. Pituitary hormone (abbr.) 4. Ceramic jars 9. Monetary units 14. Alias 15. “Superman” actor 16. Britonic tribe 17. Shorten 18. LA Dodgers manager 20. Hoarded 22. Theatrically portray 23. Noah’s grandson 24. Dependent 28. Peyton’s little brother 29. Cools the house 30. Principle part of 31. Type of wrap 33. Peels 37. Commercial 38. Make an attempt 39. Arrange in steps 41. U. Utah athlete 42. Old English 43. Trade 44. Nostrils 46. Ticket seller __Hub 49. Of I 50. Institute legal proceedings against 51. Takes apart 55. Doorway 58. Long int’l river 59. Trailblazing athlete Gibson

60. Former CBS News host 64. Sign language 65. Badgerlike mammal 66. Thin strips of wood 67. Brooklyn hoopster 68. Portents of good or evil 69. Footwear 70. When you think you’ll arrive CLUES DOWN 1. Batflower genus 2. Predatory seabirds 3. Fish farm 4. Arrangements 5. Go in advance of others 6. Bulgarian monetary unit 7. “__ Maria” 8. W. African ethnoreligious group 9. Wild Asian oxen genus 10. Vinegary 11. To this 12. Explosive 13. Female sibling 19. Orlando museum (abbr.) 21. Type of hoop 24. About Holy Father 25. Academic environment 26. Extremely angry 27. Surrenders 31. Swiss mountain pass 32. Sharp mountain ridge 34. Erases

35. Spielberg’s alien 36. Absurd 40. Dorm worker 41. Used to make pesticides 45. The sister of your father or mother 47. A way to let know 48. Can’t produce much vegetation 52. Small streams 53. Folk singer DiFranco 54. Weights 56. Start over 57. Black Sea resort city 59. Wimbledon champ 60. Corporate executive (abbr.) 61. Unskilled actor who overacts 62. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! 63. Of or relating to ears

See answer in back of paper.




3307 County Route 21, Kinderhook

Mara Estribou The four-bedroom house was built in 1995, Below is the kitchen.


his week’s house is a classic wood-sided Colonial with a fieldstone addition, built in 1995 on 56 acres in Kinderhook. The house has 5,216 square feet of living space. It has four bedrooms and four bathrooms, plus an additional bedroom and bathroom in the guest house. Highlights include six wood-burning fireplaces, a screened porch, a bar in the walk-out basement, updated bathrooms and a pond lined with willows. There is also a three-bay carriage house style garage and a barn. Private well and septic, oil heat. Icha-bod Crane LEIGH schools. HORNBECK Taxes: $35,000. List price: $1,995,000. HOUSE OF Contact listing agent THE WEEK Mary Stapleton with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Blake, Realtors at 518-929-7783.

n If

you have seen or own a particularly interesting home for sale to feature, send the address to lhornbeck@timesunion.com

n To

see more House of the week photos, go to Leigh Hornbeck’s Places & Spaces blog at http://blog.timesunion. com/realestate

The sitting room, above, features one of six fireplaces in the house. At left is the three-bay carriage house. One of four bedrooms in the main house is below.


REAL ESTATE She is in the nation’s Top 10% of realtors!

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102 Van Rensselaer Square, Suite L Rensselaer, NY 12144

Cell: 518.225.1433

Office: 518.286.1000 • Fax: 518.286.1140 debbiebucherwager@howardhanna.com HowardHanna.com

The McMahon & Crosby Team @HUNT Real Estate ERA

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Considering Marketing Your Home For Sale?

Call today for a Confidential No Cost Market Valuation on Your Home...Thank you for letting us continue to be your trusted Community Real Estate Source! CARLA BAKERIAN, BROKER/OWNER “Home Is Where The Heart Is”

518-479-5434 – cbakerian@aol.com Cindy McMahon

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Wondering How Much Your Home Is Worth? Doors of Hope Food Pantry WEST SAND LAKE - Are you in need of food? Rensselaer county residents are eligible to receive food assistance monthly from the Doors of Hope Food Pantry, located in the 43 Mall in West Sand Lake. Hours of food distribution are 9:00 A.M.- noon, Monday-Saturday. We offer a variety of food choices and assure confidentiality for all recipients. Please call to schedule your food order: 518-674-4048. We look forward to helping you.

Dunham Hollow West Stephentown Scholarship AVERILL PARK - The scholarship committee announces the availability of the Dunham Hollow-West Stephentown Scholarship. The scholarship is in memory of Frank Johnson. It is open to anyone (graduating senior, post graduate, or adult wishing retraining) living within the boundaries of the Averill Park School District and has been accepted to a trade or vocational school. The deadline for submission of an application is May 15th. Scholarship applications may be obtained by contacting the Averill Park High School guidance department at 518-674-7025 or by emailing jcuilla@cfgcr.org.

Call Today For A complimentary Comparative Market Analysis! 518.477.1000(o) | 569 N. Greenbush Rd., North greenbush, NY 12144

518.674.3238(o) | 4350 NY 150, Suite 1. West Sand Lake, NY 12196



LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Dual Position Holders- County Legislature and Town Board Praise should be given to the Sand Lake Town Board for considering a proposal to adopt a local law that would prohibit Town Board officials from holding dual positions with the County or State. When constituents elect an official for a position, they are trusting that individual to focus and give proper attention to the job they were selected to perform. Any local official doing their job to the best of their ability, would easily recognize that either one of these positions alone, is demanding and time consuming. Residents want to feel that their Town Board members are looking out for the best interests of the local community. It is not uncommon for the Town and County to have conflicting interest on an issue. How can an elected official holding both positions of County Legislator and Town Board member, expect to remain independent and without bias when being pulled in antithetical directions? The answer is simply, it’s not realistic. Most people believe that trust is eroded when officials hold two positions/jobs, because It looks like they are “double dipping” and feeding from the public trough multiple times, at the taxpayers’ expense. This unsavory practice ultimately puts into question the integrity of public servants. No one political party should accumulate power by limiting the number of people interested in serving. The residents of Sand Lake deserve accountability because quite frankly, they pay for it! Shawntell Mills-Sanchez- Resident of West Sand Lake

Viewpoint - Positivity /Life’s Refreshing Ingredient What is it – Where is it - Why is it significant? There is no question in my seven decades on this earth that a positive attitude is the most refreshing ingredient in your recipe through life. Genuine positivity will meet the challenge if your goal is to consistently attain the best

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possible outcome in any situation, circumstance or decision. Reviewing the past, I am willing to wager that you can attribute your past success, achievements and best possible outcomes to you or someone’s positive approach and insight. Is this a novel idea? Of course not. Its like reminding an athlete to stick to the basics. A vocalist to rest their voice. A poet to take personal time. A businessman to step away, etc. However, like so many proverbs, time tested basic principles and values we all need a reminder from time to time. The end of a matter will always prove better than the beginning. That’s the mind set; anticipate the positive. When we apply positivity with family, friends, business associates, our customers, teammates, students, the result will “Bloom” favorably. Positivity brings energy, enthusiasm, uplifting spirits and encouragement to individuals or groups of people at the family dinner table, workplace, board room or classroom. Positivity is certainly reliable, time tested and contagious. We can bring our positivity and leave its fragrance wherever we go; through uplifting words, enthusiastic steps, energized conversations and smiles. Our return on investment (ROI) will yield efficiency, productivity and harmony. Would anyone question the practicality of those quality results? Positivity is one word yet its substance has incredible impact, wherever its applied. It has proven to be a “Pearl of Great Price”. A penetrating and powerful source of wisdom, insight, building confidence and clarity of purpose. To find this “Pearl of Great Price” you must look within. Start by counting the positive aspects in your own life. The things “stuff” we all can take for granted; like health, family, employment, hope, friends, experience, youth, etc. Once we start listing/noting the positive, it will take you much more time than you anticipated. Our minds will recognize the positive possibilities before us. At the same time, you will jump start a positive mind set, nourish your spirit and share your inner positivity. Keep in mind if you allow 5 minutes of negative thinking, it

will take 55 minutes to repair the damage. Let’s lead with the positive! Try it today! Everyone will like it! Certainly no one more than ourselves. Joseph Jasiewicz, Rensselaer

Rethink Required Parking Last Wednesday and Thursday, parking requirements for certain projects were discussed at both the North Greenbush planning meeting (4/7/2021) and town meeting (4/8/2021). I commend the planning board’s decision in the variance for the hardware store (application 21-09) from the required 69 spots to the designed 35 spots. Upon my review, I discovered that the required parking in North Greenbush zoning (Table 3, Part 2 Required Parking) was last updated more than 20 years ago (‘97 - ‘98). Parking requirements need to be reviewed. Many established in the ‘90s were based on pseudo science and limited research. Parking requirements developed in the ‘90s also do not take in account the rise of online retail and newer changes in work and lifestyles. I have had subscriptions to parking magazines. I have attended parking conventions. I have read parking-related research. Parking has changed in the last 20 years. A parking space needs roughly 350 square feet of land set aside. 69 spots for a hardware store would be 24,000 square feet of parking - that is half an acre! Outdated parking requirements increase the costs to the organizations in that they have to purchase and set aside more land than necessary. Storm water was also discussed at the town meeting. More parking spaces almost always means paved, water impervious, surfaces which also affects storm water management. More parking also increases the heat island effect which increases the temperatures of the adjacent buildings which in turn requires more cooling. Revising parking requirements based on newer and better research is needed. Revised parking requirements would benefit both the building owners and the community. Michael Myer, North Greenbush


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The Dollar Sign President By Rich Lowry

So far, the defining word of the Biden era is "trillion." The Joe Biden who por trayed himself as a moderate, old school, bipartisan dealmaker during the presidential campaign is now a distant memory. He's been replaced by the Joe Biden who is dazzling progressives with his willingness to "go big" -- in other words, spend jaw-dropping amounts that would have been unimaginable prior to the pandemic and are still shocking even now. Why has Biden embarked on a historic spending splurge with nary a whisper of bipartisan support? Well, Democrats talked themselves into the proposition that there basically isn't any such thing as spending too much money. Relatedly, the party consensus is that Barack Obama went "too small," with a stimulus package under a trillion dollars insufficient to the scale of post-financial-crisis recession. Besides, spending is what Biden can actually do -- he can pass his stimulus and relief bills under the so-called reconciliation rules in the Senate, requiring only 50 votes rather than the 60 it takes to break a filibuster. Finally, any Democratic president is drawn to the heroic allure of FDR and wants to measure himself against the New Deal. Biden had a recent meeting with historians in the W hite House at which FDR was much discussed. One of the participants, historian Michael Beschloss, told Axios that FDR or LBJ may be the most apt analogue to how Biden is "transforming the country in important ways in a short time." There's no doubt that any Democratic president would envy the sheer amount of dollars that Biden is shoveling out the door. In fiscal year 2019, the federal government, which wasn't exactly tightening its belt, spent $4.4 trillion. Biden is on pace to roughly match that with his first two major legislative initiatives -- the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill, and his new $2.3 trillion infrastructure proposal. The Biden team almost gives the sense that it is working backward -starting with a big, eye-popping price tag and then figuring out what initiatives can be thrown in to reach the top-line number.

The schools have tens of millions of dollars sitting unspent from prior relief bills, and here comes another $100 billion to upgrade school buildings in the infrastructure bill. The states were lavished with $350 billion in the COVID-19 relief bill, even though many of them didn't lose revenue during the pandemic. Why can't those dollars be spent on infrastructure? The new proposal is an infrastructure, drinking-water, broadband, home-retrofitting, manufacturing, long-term-care, electric-car, unionization bill -- and a few other things besides. The question is whether, when all the money is spent, anyone will point to any transformative change in the country attributable to the legislation. Or whether, like the Obama stimulus, it will be completely forgettable, money strewn over the landscape without leaving much of a trace. Certainly, the need for infrastructure spending over and beyond what the federal government, states and localities already spend is oversold. A recent paper for the National Bureau of Economic Research noted: "Over the past generation, the condition of the interstate highway network improved consistently, its extent increased modestly, and traffic about doubled. Over about the same time period, the condition of bridges remained about the same, the number of bridges increased slowly, and bridge traffic increased modestly." Shooting money out of a bazooka is not self-evidently what the state of America's infrastructure calls for. But when the only tool you have is huge reconciliation spending bills, everything looks like a crisis urgently requiring more profligacy. The bills are also a substitute for passing significant nonspending policy changes. Unlike FDR, Biden has narrow and tenuous congressional majorities. He's not getting HR1, gun control, a higher minimum wage or immigration reform, and perhaps couldn't even if Senate Democrats eliminated the filibuster. What he can do, which FDR and LBJ never could, is reach for the word "trillion" as much as possible.

The Political Benefits Of Building Back Boring Robert B. Reich, Tribune Content Agency

Joe Biden is embarking on the biggest government initiative in more than a half-century, "unlike anything we have seen or done since we built the interstate highway system and the space race decades go," he says. But when it comes to details, it sounds as boring as fixing the plumbing. " Under t he A mer ic a n Jobs Plan, 100% of our nation's lead pipes and service lines will be replaced -- so every child in America can turn on the faucet or fountain and drink clean water," the president tweeted. Can you imagine Donald Trump tweeting about repairing lead pipes? Biden is excited about rebuilding America's "infrastructure," a word he uses constantly although it could be the dullest term in all of public policy. The old unwritten rule was that if a president wants to do something really big, he has to justify it as critical to national defense or else summon the nation's conscience. D w ig ht E i sen hower 's Nationa l Interstate a nd Defense Highways Act was designed to "permit quick evacuation of target areas" in case of nuclear attack and get munitions rapidly from city to city. Of course, in subsequent years it proved indispensable to America's economic growth. America's huge investment in higher education in the late 1950s was spurred by t he S ov iet s' Sput n i k satellite. The official purpose of the National Defense Education Act, as it was named, was to "insure trained manpower of sufficient quality and quantity to meet the national defense needs of the United States." J o h n F. K e n n e d y launched the race to the

moon in 1962 so that space wouldn't be "governed by a hostile flag of conquest." Two years later, Lyndon Johnson's "unconditional war on poverty" drew on the conscience of America reeling from Kennedy's assassination. B ut Jo e B id en i s not arousing the nation against a foreign power -- not even China figures prominently as a foil -- nor is he basing his plans on lofty appeals to national greatness or public morality. "I got elected to solve problems," he says, simply. He's Mr. Fix-It. The first of these problems was a pandemic that's killed hundreds of thousands of Americans -- Biden carries a card in his pocket updating the exact number -- and its ensuing economic hardship. In response, Congress passed Biden's $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan -the most important parts of w h ic h a r en' t $1 ,4 0 0 checks now being mailed to millions of Americans but $3,600 checks per child paid to low-income families, which will cut child poverty by half. Now comes his $2 trillion American Jobs Plan, which doesn't just fund roads and bridges but a vast number of things the nation has neglected for years: schools, affordable housing, in-home care, access to broadband, basic research, renewable energy, and the transition to a non-fossil economy. W hy isn't Biden trumpeting these initiatives for what they are -- huge public investments in the environment, the working-class and poor -- instead of rescue checks and road repairs? Why not stir America with a vision of what the nation can be if it exchanges fraudulent trickle-down economics for genuine bottom-up innovation and growth? Even the official titles

of his initiatives -- Rescue Plan, Jobs Plan and soon-tobe-unveiled Family Plan -are anodyne, like plumbing blueprints. The reason is that Biden wants A mericans to feel confident he's taking care of the biggest problems but doesn't want to create much of a stir. The country is so bitterly and angrily divided that any stir is likely to stir up vitriol. Talk too much about combating climate change and lose everyone whose livelihood depends on fossil fuels or who doesn't regard climate change as an existential threat. Focus on cutting child poverty and lose everyone who thinks welfare causes dependency. Talk too much about critical technologies and lose those who don't believe government should be picking winners. Rescue checks and road repairs may be boring, but they're hugely popular -- 61 percent of Americans support the American Rescue Plan, including 59 percent of Republicans. More than 80 percent support increased funding for highway construction, bridge repair and expanded access to broadband. Biden ha s made it a l l so bland that congressional Republicans and their big-business backers have nothing to criticize except his proposal to pay for the repairs by raising taxes on corporations, which most Americans support. This is smart politics. Biden is embarking on a huge and long-overdue repair job on the physical and human underpinnings of the nation while managing to keep most of a bitterly divided country with him. It may not be seen as glamorous work, but when you're knee-deep in muck, it's hard to argue with a plumber.


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Creek Solutions LLC. Articles of Org. filed with the SSNY on 03/02/21. Office: Rensselaer County. SSNY designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail copy of process to the LLC, 9 Breigle Lane, West Sand Lake NY 12196. Purpose: Any lawful purpose. DAGEN SPECIALIZED, LLC Notice of Formation of the above Limited Liability Company (“LLC”). Articles of Organization (DOM LLC) filed with the Secretary of State of New York (“SSNY”) on March 16, 2021, Office location, County of Rensselaer. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of any such process served to: DAGEN SPECIALIZED, LLC, 55 Empire State Boulevard, Castleton, NY 12033. Purpose: Any lawful act. DANRICH203 LLC, Arts. of Org. filed with the SSNY on 03/18/2021. Office loc: Rensselaer County. SSNY has been designated as agent upon whom process against the LLC may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: Silvio Honovic, 35 Hilda Court, Troy, NY 12180. Purpose: Any Lawful Purpose. JENRICH9 LLC, Arts. of Org. filed with the SSNY on 03/ 18/2021. Office loc: Rensselaer County. SSNY has been designated as agent upon whom process against the LLC may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: Silvio Honovic, 35 Hilda Court, Troy, NY 12180. Purpose: Any Lawful Purpose.

“NOTICE OF FORMATION OF A LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. Name: Michael’s Restaurant & Bar, LLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 4/2/2021. Office Location: Rensselaer County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to 99 North Greenbush Road, Troy, NY 12180. Purpose: For any lawful purpose.” "NOTICE OF FORMATION OF A LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. Name: 16 SECOND AVE, LLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 2/16/2021. Office Location: Rensselaer County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to 16 SECOND AVE, LLC, 164 Columbia Turnpike, Suite B, Rensselaer, NY 12144. Purpose: For any lawful purpose." NOTICE OF FORMATION OF: Aunt Laura Will Help, LLC. Articles of Organization filed with the New York Secretary of State (SSNY) on 03/01/2021. Official Location: Rensselaer County. SSNY designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: 48 County Route 7, Nassau, NY 12123. Purpose: any lawful purpose.

"NOTICE OF FORMATION OF A LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. Name: LAW ENFORCEMENT CONSULTANTS OF NEW YORK, LLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 2/16/2021. Office Location: Rensselaer County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to LAW ENFORCEMENT CONSULTANTS OF NEW YORK, LLC, PO BOX 354, Rensselaer, NY 12144. Purpose: For any lawful purpose.” Notice of formation of D’Mosli’s LLC filed with SSNY February 5, 2021. Business located in Rensselaer County. SSNY designated as agent for process & shall mail to: 689 Bunker Hill Road, Nassau, NY 12123. Purpose: any lawful purpose. Notice of Formation of In Harmony Home Products LLC. Art of Org filed with Sect’y of State (SSNY) on Feb 20, 2020. Office in Rensselaer County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to the LLC, 689 Hoosick Road #135 Troy, NY 12180. Purpose: For any lawful purpose. Notice of formation of Universal Speech Services, LLC filed with SSNY 3/18/2021. Business located in Rensselaer County. SSNY designated as agent for process & shall mail to: 548 Snyders Lake Rd Wynantskill, NY. Purpose: any lawful purpose.

TIMEOUTS - Cont. from Pg. 27 · You don’t need much time. A break doesn’t need to be extensive to be effective. Schedule around 30 minutes for the timeout. That’s just enough time to watch a sitcom, read a chapter in a book or enjoy a nice, steamy bath. · Choose a kid-free time of day. If possible, select a timeout period when the kids are away from home or you can be guaranteed some alone time. If this is not possible, make an arrangement with your spouse to look after the kids while you get some alone time.

NOTICE OF FORMATION OF WSL Donuts LLC. Filed with SSNY: 3/17/2021. Office: Rensselaer Co. SSNY desig. as agent for process & shall mail to: WSL Donuts LLC, 1676 New Scotland Rd, Slingerlands, NY 12159. Principal office: same address. Purpose: any lawful activity. NOTICE OF ORGANIZATION OF GREENBUSH PARTNERS HOLDINGS, LLC On March 1, 2021, Greenbush Partners Holdings, LLC (the “LLC”) filed Articles of Organization with the NYS Department of State (“NYS DOS”). The principal business location of the LLC is 77 Troy Road, East Greenbush, New York. NYS DOS is designated as the agent upon whom process against the LLC may be served. The post office address to which the NYS DOS shall mail a copy of any process of service is 77 Troy Road, East Greenbush, New York. The LLC is organized for the purpose of any and all lawful business.

NOTICE OF ORGANIZATION OF MID-HUDSON MATERIALS, LLC On August 2, 2019, Central Storage Solutions, LLC (the “LLC”) filed Articles of Organization with the NYS Department of State (“NYS DOS”). The principal business location of the LLC is 1671 Central Avenue, Albany, New York. NYS DOS is designated as the agent upon whom process against the LLC may be served. The post office address to which the NYS DOS shall mail a copy of any process of service is 1671 Central Avenue, Albany, New York. The LLC is organized for the purpose of any and all lawful business. NOTICE OF ORGANIZATION OF T. C. PROPERTIES-MED 1, LLC On March 30, 2021, T. C. Properties-Med 1, LLC (the “LLC”) filed Articles of Organization with the NYS Department of State (“NYS DOS”). The principal business location of the LLC is 6 Greenwood Drive, East Greenbush New York. NYS DOS is designated as the agent upon whom process against the LLC may be served. The post office address to which the NYS DOS shall mail a copy of any process of service is 6 Greenwood Drive, East Greenbush, New York. The LLC is organized for the purpose of any and all lawful business.

Preepster, LLC filed with SSNY on 11/17/20. Office: Rensselaer County. SSNY designated as agent for process and shall mail copy to: 35 Middlesex Road, East Greenbush, NY 12061. Purpose: Any lawful. PUBLICATION NOTICE OF ORGANIZATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY FIRST: The name of the limited liability company is Black Anvil Body Art, LLC (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”). SECOND: The Articles of Organization of the Company were filed with the Secretary of State on April 7, 2021. THIRD: The office of the Company is located in Rensselaer County. FOURTH: The Secretary of State has been designated as Agent upon whom process against the Company may be served. The post office address to which the Secretary of State shall mail process is c/o the Company, 201 Verbeck Avenue, Schaghticoke, New York 12154 FIFTH: The Company does not have a specific date of dissolution beyond the events of dissolution set forth in Section 701 of the Limited Liability Company Law. SIXTH: The purpose of the business of the Company is to engage in any business permitted by law.

· Find an enjoyable activity. Select an activity for the timeout that you may not have the opportunity to enjoy when other people or tasks require your attention. Listening to music, taking an exercise class, writing in a journal, engaging in artwork or other crafts, or reading a book make for great timeout activities. A timeout is not the time to catch up on chores. · Treat yourself on occasion. Build an extra treat into the time-out, such as a bite of a favorite dessert or purchasing a clothing accessory or a luxurious body butter. by Jeff Scherer


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NOTICE OF FORMATION OF LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. NAME: Daley Financial Coaching, LLC. Articles of Organization were filed with the Secretary of State of New York (SSNY) on 3/25/2021. Office location: Rensselaer County. SSNY has been designated as agent of the LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail a copy of process to the LLC, 3 Boncroft Drive East Greenbush, NY 12061. Purpose: For any lawful purpose.

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Superior Landscaping & Snow Removal LLC filed Articles of Organization SSNY on 3/11/21. Office location: Rensselaer County. SSNY designated agent for service of process and shall mail to LLC, 7 Rugby Road, E. Greenbush, NY 12061. Purpose: Any lawful purpose. T&S Construction & Remodel LLC, Arts of Org. filed with Sec. of State of NY (SSNY) 2/24/2021. Cty: Rensselaer. SSNY desig. as agent upon whom process against may be served & shall mail process to 6 Crescent Ln., Troy, NY 12180. General Purpose WESTRICH294 LLC, Arts. of Org. filed with the SSNY on 0 3/22/2021. Office loc: Rensselaer County. SSNY has been designated as agent upon whom process against the LLC may be served. SSNY shall mail process to: Silvio Honovic, 35 Hilda Court, Troy, NY 12180. Purpose: Any Lawful Purpose.

Buckeye Lodge, LLC Arts. Of Org. filed with Secy. Of State of NY (SSNY) on February 17, 2021. Office in Rensselaer Co. SSNY desig. agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to is Pierro, Connor and Strauss, LLC, 43 British American Blvd., Latham, New York 12110. Purpose: Any lawful purpose Eadie Family Camp, LLC Arts. Of Org. filed with Secy. Of State of NY (SSNY) on February 22, 2021. Office in Rensselaer Co. SSNY desig. Agent of LLC upon whom process against it may be served. SSNY shall mail process to is Pierro, Connor & Strauss, LLC, 43 British American Blvd., Latham, New York 12110. Purpose: Any lawful purpose.

EAST NASSAU RURAL CEMETERY ASSOCIATION NOTICE OF MEETING The annual meeting of the East Nassau Rural Cemetery Association will be held at the Tsatsawassa Firehouse in Brainard, NY on Sunday, April 25, 2021 at 2PM. All are welcome and must wear facemasks to keep everyone safe. Thank you, Sharon McArdle Secretary & Treasurer, 518-461-2850

This can make the timeout even more enjoyable. Timeouts can be utilized by women who feel they need opportunities to unwind and put themselves first for a short time.




HL Propane



overs,” respectively — as E. Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy. The two men coordinated the 1972 break-in at Democratic Party headquarters and the casting company says filming is expected to happen in Albany. Liddy died last month. Julian Fellowes, who created “Downton Abbey,” is the creative force behind “The Gilded Age.” The story is said to take place several decades before the action of “Downton Abbey,” which opened with news of the sinking of the Titanic in 1912. The show portrayed the lives of British aristocrats through the

late 1920s. There is expected to be a crossover between the two series. Christina Baranski, Cynthia Nixon, Carrie Coon, and Denée Benton are in the cast for the new show, according to HBO’s synopsis. Troy’s intact Victorian architecture has made downtown a favorite location for directors seeking to capture the wealth and glamour of New York City during that time. During the 19th century Troy was one of the nation’s wealthiest cities, as reflected in the surviving buildings from that periods Location scouts for “The Gilded Age” scoured Troy for buildings and street scenes to use while set decorators shopped in Capital Region antique stores for period

Co. Inc.

Call M-F 8 am to 4 pm Rte. 20, West Lebanon, NY


pieces to use in the production. Director Martin Scorsese had his cameras filming downtown for 1993’s “The Age of Innocence,” a drama based on Edith Wharton’s classic novel that starred Daniel Day-Lewis and Michelle Pfeiffer. Other movies that used Troy’s buildings and streets include a version of H.G. Wells’ “The Time Machine” made in 2002 and “Ironweed” in 1987. “The Gilded Age” has filmed parts of its planned 10-episode run in Westchester County in the lower Hudson Valley and had plans to film in the historic mansions of Newport, R.I., to reproduce the sense of 19th-century aristocratic lifestyles.

420 Columbia Tpke. , East Greenbush (Across from Columbia Plaza)

Phone: (518) 477-4163 • Fax: (518) 477-1360 Email: info@beckersfarm.com www.beckersfarm.com

The Capital District Genealogical Society CAPITAL DISTRICT - Cordially invites you to join us, Saturday, April 24, 2021 at 1:00 P.M. via Zoom. This session will be recorded and available on the Member’s Only section of the CDGS website for one month only. Unlocking Notation Codes on Alien Passenger Lists Late 19th and early 20th century alien passenger manifests often contain cryptic number and letter codes. Learn how to interpret them and what significant details they can reveal about your ancestor’s immigration and naturalization experience. Our speaker Elizabeth Williams Gomoll, CG® received her credential from the Board for Certification of Genealogists. She is president of the Association for Professional Genealogists Northland Chapter, co-editor of Minnesota Genealogist and a director for the Minnesota Genealogical Society. She is also a member of the National Genealogical Society and several ethnic societies. This will be a Zoom meeting. There is a 100 person limit. Registration is free and will open to the public approximately April 16, 2021. See our website under meetings and events. www.capitaldistrictgenealogicalsociety.org

MON-SAT 8-6; SUN 8-5

SPRING SEASON SALE ON BULK MULCH & TOPSOIL Only $48 per bucket ~ Reg. Price $55

Your Choice

(1 bucket is approx. 1 cu. yd.) PRICE INCLUDES DELIVERY within a 10 mile radius (additional del. charge outside of 10 mi. radius)


GARDEN MIX Topsoil/Compost Mix

COLOR ENHANCED MULCH~ Red, Black & Walnut Brown

NATURAL MULCH~ suitable for playgrounds

COMPOST~ For Soil Enrichment

CRUSHER RUN~ For Road Base



LANDSCAPE SPECIALTY ITEMS •White Stone •#2 Round River Stone •Bank Run Gravel •Pea Stone •River Rock •Stone Dust

DOUBLE GROUND Sale Price $55, Reg. $60

Orders must be placed, paid & delivered by May 1, 2021. Three (3) bucket min. of same product for delivery at sale price! Prices subject to change. Call 518-477-4163 or stop in to place your order! Customer pick up available during regular business hours.

TREES • SHRUBS • ROSES • ANNUALS • PERENNIALS Most Items Also Available in Bags

Delivery Available

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