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MARCH 26, 2020 • Volume 2 • No. 36



for the latest news and live updates on COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Efforts underway to provide assistance for workers, public. 3

Paul’s Lawn Care LLC



Cs FourFour The The are the hardest Diamonds the hardest

born in month, you were your birthday to month Nextthe 1.2.Find

month, your toare 2. Next symbols. The first below. twobirthday box the there first Thehorizontal symbols. are two you which there shows symbol horizontal month, youthewhich Intergalactic on your followbirthday to shows Next line to 2. symbol Topaz Pearl Vol. 36, No. 16 The first the Intergalactic Graphics onSchinkel, symbols. twoLocator Jeff follow toare Stone Editor line there Gem Whiting, © 2020 by Vicki Topaz Pearl you which horizontal Locator second shows The Stone symbol Grid. Gem on the Intergalactic you follow tells toThe second line symbol Grid. Topaz Pearl Locator Stone vertical Gem youline which tells symbol Aquamarine second The Did you Grid. to follow. line vertical Sapphire which know you have a birthDAY. You A you tells Aquamarine a birthSTONE? symbol follow. know you also have to Sapphire been selected to be at theline vertical gem which Thethe you were born in month special gem stone has month Find 1.3. of the year. Aquamarine each for the where below. follow. to birthstone point box the the Sapphire gem at the is 3. The two lines meet birthday month, Garnet the to your Nextgem 2. point at the personal Amethyst The yourwhere 3. symbols. The first are two therelines meet theis two where you which horizontal point birthstone! shows symbol Garnet on is the Intergalactic personal Amethyst meet follow to your lines line Standards two Link: Math: Garnet Locator Pearl Diamond using Topaz Stone time Gem Measure personal birthstone! your Amethyst Reading calendars. The second Grid. Follow Comprehension: Ruby birthstone! Emerald you Math: tells Link: symbol Standards directions. written simple











Comprehension: calendars. Reading Follow written directions. simple Comprehension:

at the gem directions. written 3. The simple point where the two lines meet is your personal birthstone!


Diamond Opal Opal

Peridot Peridot Peridot

using time Measure vertical Math: which Link: line Standards Reading follow.time using Measure tocalendars. Follow

Math: Standards Link: Measure time using calendars. Reading Comprehension: Follow simple written directions.


Turquoise Turquoise

red Ruby –Turquoise Peridot – purplish red Garnet Peridot – light green Amethyst – purple Sapphire – blue Aquamarine – greenish blue Opal – blue and green and white – red

Ruby – white red – purplish – orangish – red green yellow Topaz GarnetDiamond Ruby – light Peridot red – green – purplish Emerald Garnet – purple – light blue green – light Turquoise Amethyst – blue Sapphire blue Peridot ––white – purple Ruby – red greenish Pearl Amethyst green and white red blue andgreen Aquamarine – blue ––light Opal Garnet – purplish Peridot – greenish blue Sapphire and white purple yellow green Aquamarine – blue Diamond and orangish Amethyst –– white – –blue Sapphire Topaz Opal To findwhite1. Good thinking meaning. green – greenish blue special green has––a blue – white blue andon Aquamarine Opal light yellow Emerald Diamond – and Each birthstone 2. Contentment Turquoise yellow white Topaz answer orangish –orangish put your Diamond Topaz – white math problem, ––green Pearl blue out, do eachTurquoise Emerald light blue 3. Married happiness Emerald – green Turquoise –– light then find the white thinking the line next to each gem and Pearl––white Pearl Good Dependability 1. 4. To find meaning. To find on the right. a special the list answer in has Each birthstone meaning. on has a specialput your answer Each birthstone answer on problem, out, do each math math problem, put your

To find Ruby a special has18 - 16 = meaning. each birthstone the out, do Each the on find find then Garnet and gem6and to answer each 13 - 9 = to each next yourPeridot nextmath the line =putthen the line - right. problem, 9gem do each out, the right. on the Amethyst list on the list in the the 7 - 2 = answer in Sapphire find answer = then - 10and each11gem Ruby the line next to = 18 - 16 4 + 3 =GarnetAquamarine Opal 4 = Ruby = + right. 16 Peridot = list 62the 9 --on Diamond answer in the18 Garnet +4 = Topaz Amethyst Sapphire + 2 = Peridot 68 = = 9 -- 10 11 Emerald Amethyst Aquamarine Opal - 6 = Turquoise = Sapphire 4 == 18 2 -+ - 4 = Ruby 10 -16 16 11 Diamond Topaz Pearl Aquamarine = = 2 == - 5 Garnet + 64 Peridot Opal 928 -+ Emerald Turquoise 4 = Amethyst 16 - planet. Diamond Sapphire Topaz the Pearlthe spaceship reach 102 == + 11 8 Help Aquamarine 4 +- 36 == theEmerald Turquoise Opal 15 planet. 2 +- 44 == spaceship reach the 16 Pearl 16 4 +- 45 ==Help Diamond Topaz 8+2 =

= 13 - 9 137 -- 92 = =4 = = 74 +- 23 15 = 4 =16 + 93 1344 -+ = = 15 74 -+- 246 == 16 - 5 =

Emerald reach the planet. = 15 - 6 =Help the spaceship 16 - 4 Pearl 16 - 5 = Help the spaceship reach

the planet.


1. Good thinking

Contentment Sincerity 5. 2. thinking Contentment 2. Good 1. happiness Married Hope happiness 6. 3. Married 3. Contentment 2. Dependability 4. 7. Dependability Courage 4. 3. Sincerityhappiness 5. Married Sincerity Innocence 8. 5. Hope 6. Dependability 4. Hope Love 6. Courage 7. 9. Sincerity 5. Innocence 8.10. Courage Loyalty 7. Love 9.11. Hope 6. Innocence Health 8. Loyalty 10. Courage 7. Love Success 9.12. Health 11. Loyalty Success 8. Innocence 10. 12. Health 11. 9. Love Success 12. Loyalty 10. 11. Health 12. Success

common cut

The “brilliant.” This themost known as This the “brilliant.” and surfaces known or as Cut has 58 facets Cs or surfaces cut is and the facets in Four 58 common has reflected The most the lightThe the hardest are“brilliant.” This in the and colors the Diamonds into the light splits asreflected the surfacesknown Editor known Whiting, Vickicolors bythe 2020 © into natural materials and surfaces or of splits facets popular 58 has surfaces of the rainbow. most the are interview and investigation. they Locate information through jewelry in the reflected for Standards Link: Research: gemstones light rainbow. the the all of the interview and investigation. brilliance. their the colors Locate information through into because of splits Colorsurfaces Standards Link: Research: scratched by only be some They can contain rainbow. diamonds the of Most investigation. diamond. interview and Color another Locate information through common the most some Standards Link: Research: color and contain diamonds Most by their cut, or blue. are valued of yellow They Color are shades common most the clarity. and and color carat is both color, contain some diamond diamonds Most A colorless of yellow or blue. shades are expensive. and the most common AQUAMARINE rare andcolor both Cut is diamond is blue. or colorless cut A of yellow most common Theshades are This “brilliant.” the is both GARNET AQUAMARINE andasexpensive. rare known diamond colorless CaratA and E T S facets or surfaces has ofin the B I R G A R N measurement is a 58 and expensive. AQUAMARINE A carat rare AMETHYST the light reflected GARNET onethe colors makeinto D 142 caratssplits Carat P EI RR IG DA OR T NU E T Sweight. surfaces of weighs GARNET A B the rainbow. a measurement of is that carat DIAMOND Adiamond interview and investigation. E T Sounce. ACarat AMETHYST Locate information of than Research: I HR through make one measurement a more is worth pretty Standards Link: SG EA TR ONR TI U Da full carat is142 carats It was carat A T RP weight. M B AMETHYST Color E R I D O T one less. A make EMERALD some slightly carats that weighs contain weighs miserable. You diamond diamonds A142 Most DIAMOND I AD UOQ A U Done thatweight. ounce. common weighs I RE AR MS the N P prettysneezed, coughed than R I and E A A diamond It was more color ounce. worththat E T O R DIAMOND is most carat H or blue. a full T Rtime PEARL yellowmore Mlast of I than shades energy. You the worth isdiamond er no and had carat less. miserable. full aare both Clarity EMERALD slightly Rememb T NR LH ES EE Z TU OM M weighs that H one colorless Yeasy A isis less. T A an Q diamond slightly U there’s clear EMERALD flu? coughed A But weighs M the that sneezed, one RUBY I R A INEall a cold rare and expensive. Q AA completely EorN had you AQUAMAR is a shouldn’t but thatbe way to avoid N EI AR RA LMAAO UO Using said PEARL no energy. be flawless handtosanitizer and had B P H E your M PEARL U pretty Clarity Z_____________ have for washing E Z Just join was It PERIDOT ____ E that: diamonds Carat easy L GARNET an most M N S and U H T there’s Clarity rare Y of is E But E T N E R N LQ P I diamond YouScoop’s B G AA clear is a measurement H R PN is Y carat I S miserable. T P _________. completely diamond aWhile Abubbles. and RUBY Kid be clear soap one all with Y U orA shouldn’t make completely avoid A spots to AMETHYST sanitizer way RUBY 142 carats D coughed is hand O U that weight. O O doesn’t Thands but that ityour sneezed, A O SAPPHIRE is LS A SQUAD. flawless R OUsing I D be _________, but weighs O A to A E LA that said does kill L P OR flawless P E be A B diamond to washing D sanitizer H said for energy. E noSCRUB ounce. I R____________ _____ had join B that: H andJust rid ofmorehave than UPjoin have DIAMOND R A of getting PERIDOT diamonds R a Ivery good joband worth isWhile automatically most diamonds carat and E T O do You full most PERIDOT arare an easy rare there’sHOW TOSJOIN: R H S A N and _________. But OPAL Scoop’s less. M T Kid N a slightly II soap QE PPwith besanitizer weighs P AAhands shouldn’t that Think one P OSShands! dirt.spots all time you U Nyour TQ bubbles. P Y A sanitizer orofbubbles. hand to avoid U __________ Q or doesn’t DP ithand spots Y wash wayEMERALD UT Using A SQUAD. every your _________, T M kill SCRUB does ____________ SAPPHIRE for washing N I R A Msanitizer E S SAPPHIRE _____ “touch-up” join little Just a just that: TOPAZ as ____________ ofsoap D and S good PEARL While getting M of I aO U job Clarity Zvery ol’ _________. E goodrid E hands soap with L L R A do N O with S automatically H U Kid Scoop’s clear diamond is washings identical Y TO JOIN: You join hand T HOW doesn’t A completely Letter sequencing. Recongizedpatterns. hand itsanitizer ofwater. _________, OPAL that is RUBY spelling dirt. hands! O O your Link: SCRUB TURQUOISE and sanitizer reading. Recall T killThink to be flawless L A __________ and scan Edoes of but have you washStandards said R rid T A timeSQUAD. A words. Skim E getting D T every P of O A B job N D H S O good ____________ diamonds most S N join do aa very and Mautomatically “touch-up” T M rareof sanitizer PERIDOT just TO JOIN: You T as Q hand I N HOW P little dirt. Think soap bubbles. TOPAZ hands! or ol’ P S P A __________ good withspots Y U time you wash your ____________ every hand identical Recongized SAPPHIRE little awashings D“touch-up” sequencing. just Sidentical as O Link: Letter Recongized I patterns. E soap L Standards sequencing. ol’ O spelling water. Letter U and with good A scan reading. Recall TURQUOISE Standards R Link: patterns. S Skim and spellingwashings Recallhand words. TURQUOIS OPAL words. Skim and scan reading.D A T E T and water. T M S N O TOPAZ Recongized identical Link: Letter sequencing. spelling patterns. scan reading. Recall TURQUOISE Standards words. Skim and

Jeff Schinkel, Graphics

Special Edition

Remember the last time

hands? hands? my my I wash I wash should When are nice Whenshould your hands hands are nice Now thatNow that your

use acould use a couldthey they and clean, clean, and DISTOUE playing Try these: • after DISTOUE playing little exercise. • after little exercise. Try these: using the STROMORE • after • after using the STROMORE or KONCOGI • before eating • before eating or KONCOGI • after petting SANIMLA petting SANIMLA • after and DRFNEI my hands? visiting a sick after I awash • before should hands are nice sickorDRFNEI When Now that your visiting afternose, sneezing and your before •after out could use a coughing fingersthey yourclean, Spreadand blowing • out that these: fingers Feel Try your DISTOUE your nose, coughing or sneezing possible. Spread exercise. playing blowing as far aslittle after • after out the RATHS taking • •after Now possible. Feel that as squeeze s-t-r-e-t-c-h? as far using the the RATHS after taking outSTROMORE •• after two tight fists.Now squeeze them intos-t-r-e-t-c-h? • before eating or KONCOGI 10 times. Repeatthem into two tight fists. washing SANIMLA fun! Get a set of FREE hand at • after pettingHealthy Repeat 10 times. classroom for your a sick pages visiting of FREE hand washing activity set aDRFNEI Get fun! • before and afterHealthy rub-squad sneezing or kidscoop.com/sc classroom at your fingers out coughing your for nose, Spread pages your activity blowing that • after as far as possible. Feel kidscoop.com/scrub-squad squeeze out the RATHS • after taking

or the flu? coldtime the alast er had you Rememb you had a cold or the flu?

Fact and Opinion facts and A newspaper publishes bothnewspaper for the n Opinio opinions. andthrough Fact Look with a


Fact and Opinion

Look through the newspaper for attract words that through Lookread more. to through you for Look newspaper the attract for words that could Thenewspaper words the more. to read to attract you used through attract beLook that words could words The a or for antoadattract to more. youused read to you the be newspaper you Can or a could story. an ad attract words tothat The you words you Use Can find to attract used more. bestory. read tofive? you Use five? find to words or these adcould to an you toa words words these The aastory. you write write attract tostory. usedCan bestory. Use Vocabulary five? Link:Vocabulary Link: find Standards Standards a Recognize ad or Recognize toandan Development: you Development: that phrases to words and that words phrases these events. words rather than tell show events. than tellyou story. rather Can show a story. write

find five? Use these words to write a story.

Standards Link: Vocabulary Development: Recognize words and phrases that show rather than tell events.

each. Discuss of Opinio examples nfacts and three both publishes and newspaper Fact difference. A tell the both can and for facts how you facts and parent the newspaper publishes through both publishes Look newspaper A newspaper A opinions. newspaper for Distinguish with a for through newspaper Look Comprehension: Discuss the each. the of opinions. Link: Reading through Standards Look examples Discuss with a three opinions. and opinion. of each. examples difference. threefact between with a tell Discuss difference. can the each. tell the how can you of parent how you three parentexamples Distinguish Distinguish tell the difference. Comprehension: can Comprehension: Reading Reading how Link: you Link: parent Standards Standards opinion. and opinion. between fact and

between fact

Comprehension: Distinguish Standards Link: Readinghands together under your opinion. Rub between fact and Make sure warm running water. under together wrists. up to your Rub your hands to get wet sure warm running water. Make your wrists. to get wet up to a generous amount of soap.

onds Diam Diamonds s and onds Gem Diam andGems … I am brilliant because s onds Diam story. and Finish thisGem … Use

under soap or together Rub your hands powdered soap. soap, of sure Liquid amount generous Make Use arunning water. great.or allsoap warm soap arewrists. barpowdered Liquid soap, up to wet are getsoap great. tobar allyour because … I am brilliant back the palms, Get this SCRUB: story. Finish back soap. palms, ofwrists, under the Get amount hands, SCRUB: a generous of your Use under wrists, or your hands, between of your andsoap powdered nails soap, your because Liquid your betweenleast andbrilliant am Iare 20 seconds. your nails at seconds. for20 great. allleast fingers bar soap for at fingers

Gems and Finish this story.

toofget rid of … rid getback your because to hands Rinse palms, hands the brilliant am Rinse your I Get SCRUB: germs). dirt and germs). andunder dirt (and (and the soap soap wrists, hands, your ofthe story. this Finish your between nails and hands your use or use or hands Air dry your dry your Airleast 20 seconds. cloth either fingers for at

A synonym is a a that meansisthe word A synonym the meansthe or nearly word samethat nearly or thing asthe same same as thingSearch sameword. another Identify word. Search another Visual Discrimination:objects. a isfor Standards Link: newspaper in common thesynonym A differencesIdentify Discrimination: for Link: Visualand newspaper Standards similarities the in common objects. for the synonyms similarities and differences the that means forthe word synonyms CLEAN. word nearly the or CLEAN. word same for look for look Then,thing as Then, Discrimination: Identify same Standards Link: Visual in common objects. the the for for synonyms synonyms similarities and differences Search word. another DIRTY. word DIRTY.for word newspaper easier the Which easier werefor Which were Identify the to synonyms Standards Link: Visual Discrimination: objects. find? hands to find? in common many hands similarities and differences How many How word CLEAN. can you

Air dry your hands or use a clean towel, either cloth or paper.

and bubbles can you bubbles andon this page? find page? ANSWER: B & C.

a clean towel, a clean towel, either cloth or paper.

or paper. of Rinse your hands to get rid the soap (and dirt and germs).

with your feet slightly

Hold your hands out in front of you. Reach over your back and pat your shouldersHold out in front your your over Crosshands your for 30 seconds. of you. Reach this front in back try again. your hands patout yourDo arms andHold and shoulders deserveCross your You over your seconds. Reach for 30 seconds. you. for of30 this Do back back! try on theand a patarms pat your andagain.

newspaper article. Select three paragraphs in a of the words to article. away some in a newspaper scrubparagraphs you three Can Select losing the words to some of sentences awaywithout make you scrub Can shorter losing sentencesinwithout details? a newspaper article. important make shorter paragraphs

three Select important details? of the words to Can you scrub away some losing make shorter sentences without important details?

find on this

How many hands and bubbles can you find on this page?

Then, look for synonyms for the word DIRTY. Which were easier to find?

shoulders deserve seconds. You for 30 seconds. Cross your for 30 a pat on the back!

arms and try again. Do this for 30 seconds. You deserve a pat on the back!

word: This week’s This week’s word:


means squad squad means The nounThe noun that crew that work or work team a team oracrew together. together.

charge of wasofinword: week’s in thein the My squadMywassquad This in charge detergent detergent much much tootoo putput the playground. Someone cleaning Someone playground. SQUAD towntown cleaning the youryour nownow squad machine, andand wordmeans the usesquad washing machine, a Try to useTry squad washing noun Theto word the today when a in soapsuds! WriteWrite in a sentence covered work thatfriends in soapsuds! getting crew when or today team covered atalking your with in a sentence isisgetting the scene. describing friends article together. yourfamily members. the scene. news talking withand describing article news in the and family members. in charge of

FT/PT SALES: Avg.$30+ per hour Standards Link: Vocabulary Development: Recognize words and phrases that show rather than tell events.

s-t-r-e-t-c-h? Now fists. them into two tight Repeat 10 times.

set of FREE hand washing Healthy fun! Get ain puzzle, classroom at theyour pages for the words Find activity

Stand scrub-squad Scoop SANITIZER up, this week’s Kid then inkidscoop.com/ in the puzzle, apart. Reach yourashands Find can. feet slightly activities. youyour andwords high with storiesthe up, UP asStand BATHROOM your hands up, SANITIZER for your and reach then in this week’s Kid Scoop Now bendapart. Reach S D B COUGHING times. O activities. 10 as P Aand high as you can. toes. Repeat stories up, UP BATHROOM S T H G puzzle, for your words inCthe feet slightly MEMORIZE yourreach Find the Now with and A SU Standbend AG Eweek’s Scoop D B Kid ST Nin times.up, COUGHING 10hands your Repeat PL A O SANITIZER M OS then Reach toes. apart. H this can. BUBBLES and activities. up, UP as high as you your BATHROOM R W C stories MEMORIZE for I L AAN ET LU CB A U Now bend and reach SQUAD M O S N S D B toes. Repeat 10 times. COUGHING S RT HH MG Y P H AO OQ B BUBBLES E E B ELBOW T U A U I L MEMORIZE L C E N R W A A S N O C M S L SQUAD SCRUB G L U G S R T YN H BUBBLES B B Q U O T N A M L I C H E R E R W ELBOW Extend your arms straight out, H E DIRTY SQUAD D W B U OH AMS YR H O your shoulders. Q B R G S R T N S L level with twirling your E U E L SCRUB ELBOW AVOID start G S Slowly I M EG ML OU RG I S Z RE T N S L motion. arms straight out, a circular your SCRUB Extend DIRTY GERMS A S R H E arms in Extend straight out, and faster arms shoulders. your fasterwith D W CB WU AO your V O I RD H E Spin them level DIRTY shoulders. I ND M your with W B U O A S your seconds. level for 60 TOWEL twirling start AVOID Slowly E I S twirling your Slowly start AVOID E M O R I IN Z motion. ZA ES I S circular motion. in aa circular arms in R G M M EE ZM IO T R I PALMS arms GERMS faster and faster faster and GERMS D them faster Spin them Spin O II D V O A V W A C W M C II N N M NOSE for seconds. 60 seconds. for 60 TOWEL TOWEL S A S T II N N A Z II T E Z SOAP R E G R PALMS G PALMS



are valued by their cut, Cut They Cut is clarity. cutand common carat color, The most is


Emerald Sapphire

color, carat

the month you were born borninin

Findthe month you were Find 1. 1. box below. thethebox below.

selected to be special gem stone has been of the year. the birthstone for each month


youyou DidDid a birthDAY. a birthDAY. you have you have You know You know AA a birthSTONE? also have a birthSTONE? you have you also know know to be selected be toyou has been selected gem stone hasa been special stone gemyou Did special year. the birthDAY. of have month year. for each of the You know month the birthstone A for each birthstone theknow you also have a birthSTONE?

The Four Cs

No. 16 Jeff Schinkel, Graphics Vol. 36,

Someone put too much detergent your town washing machine, and now Write a is getting covered in soapsuds! scene. news article describing the

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Next Week: © 2020 by Vicki Whiting, Editor

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For Fun Weekly Activities! Diamonds are known and natural materials known and natural materials mostofpopular of are the popular the most they arethey for jewelry for the hardest arejewelry all the gemstones Diamonds all the gemstones known and brilliance. of their brilliance. of theirmaterials because becausenatural of by by scratched scratched be popular bethe most only only can are They they They can diamond. diamond. for jewelry the gemstones anotherall another because of their brilliance. by scratched theirbecut, Edition Special Edition cut,EditorEditorJeffJeff only valued their can Graphics Special by They They are Schinkel,Graphics Schinkel, arebyvalued They Vicki Whiting, by Whiting, Vicki 2020 2020 © ©by clarity. anddiamond. another color, carat and clarity.

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No.1616 Schinkel, Graphics Vol. 36,No. by Vicki Whiting, Editor Jeff Jeff Schinkel, Graphics Vol. 36, © 2020 © 2020 by Vicki Whiting, Editor

The largest-circulation print newspaper in New York’s Capital Region

My squad was cleaning the playground. Try to use the word squad in a sentence today when talking with your friends and family members.




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As I work from home and write this letter, new effects of COVID-19 happen on almost an hourly basis. For many of you your daily routine has changed, and your focus has been on staying safe and taking care of family members and your community. Here at Local First, we sent all of our employees home quickly to keep them safe, but we are continuing to print your community newspaper so that you have another avenue to keep up on what is happening. We are a small, tight-knit group that works very hard to give you a product that we are all proud of. Starting with this edition we are making changes to keep you up to date with COVID-19 news and what information we have on what is opened, closed, etc. We also want to make sure we are rallying around our local businesses that are being affected by the changes being put in place. If you advertise with us, please reach out to your rep or call head of Advertising Jennifer Morrell at 518-526-6330 to discuss. We want to make sure the public knows your services are still available, or you have pick up/delivery, or anything that helps get you through this tough time. With a majority of us doing our part by staying home as much as possible, we’re also giving you some new ways to pass the time (there’s only so much Netflix we can take). We’re putting more puzzles in weekly to give your mind a respite and keep the juices flowing. You will also see a kids page in every week so that the youngest readers who are home from school have puzzles and games they can do every week. We also want to hear from you! We’re compiling your recipes and will be publishing those weekly, so we can all take the communities best local cooking and share with everyone. Look for some special guests in the upcoming weeks to help with recipes and videos as well! Email your favorite recipes to roberta@crwnewspapers.com and look for those every week! We’ll obviously take any drink recipes as well! We’re all in this together! I want you to know that we are talking every day about how we can put important information in Local First to help you. Support local businesses where you can and support each other in the coming weeks. Stay safe and healthy! Sincerely,

Todd J. Peterson Publisher All up to date information is currently available at www.timesunion.com. Sign up for a free Coronavirus update newsletter at www.timesunion.com/newsletters.

Albany Pine Bush Preserve Coronavirus Update ALBANY - The Albany Pine Bush Preserve Offices and Discovery Center are closed due to concerns about Coronavirus. All scheduled programs, activities and meetings are cancelled during this time. The twenty mile trail system in our beautiful 3,350 acre preserve remains open though and we have lots of other resources listed below where you can find ways to interact with the Pine Bush. Go for a walk! There are 20 miles of trail in the Albany Pine Bush Preserve. Enjoy some fresh air and get a little exercise. Find a place to start from here: www.AlbanyPineBush. org/visit-the-pine-bushpreserve. Also, check our alerts page before you go out for information on certain trail closures and ticks. Take the 20 Mile Challenge! Walk all of the trails in the preserve and earn a little prize. Click here for more info and to download a checklist. Download the Agents of Discovery Mobile Game. The Albany Pine Bush Preserve is a mission site for Agents of Discovery. Download the app onto your mobile device and go for a hike at Trailhead #1 near the Discovery Center. The app will prompt you to complete challenges along the way! Click here to learn more. Use our online resources. You can find all kinds of fun activities on our resource page. www. albanypinebush.org/ learn-resources Tell Your Pine Bush Story! We would love to hear from you. Tell us about your favorite spot, stories from long ago or why the Pine Bush is special to you. Take a virtual field trip. Watch our new video. This 13 minute movie was co-produced by WMHT and gives a wonderful

P.O. Box 1450, Clifton Park, NY 12065 • 518-454-5501 • Fax 518-454-5541 www.crwnewspapers.com


MARCH 26, 2020

For restaurant industry, helping is special of day Efforts underway to provide assistance for workers, public ByLINE: STEVE BARNES AND SUSIE DAVIDSON POWELL

Editor’s note: We will be developing a larger, more comprehensive list of restaurant/food business offerings amid coronavirus concerns at timesunion.com. These listings were current as of last Thursday. Please vist the website for most up-to-date information, and always feel free to check out your favorite eatery’s own web and social sites. Initially stunned by an unprecedented government order that shut down most of their industry, restaurateurs pivoted quickly this

week to address two new fronts: operating on a takeout/delivery-only basis, for those that choose to do so, and finding ways to help. For the latter, that meant assistance for both the general public, some of whom are facing new or worsened food insecurity, and for hourly restaurant employees who are suddenly out of work. It’s all part of the mindset of much of an industry that considers its job to be taking care of people, not just providing food and beverage. In restaurant parlance, patrons are guests rather than mere customers. On Tuesday, an organization called Feed Albany was launched by restaurant and business executives and a local official. It is soliciting

donations with the goal of providing at-risk people with free or low-cost meals and offering unemployed restaurant workers the chance to receive financial assistance by preparing and distributing food throughout the Capital Region. The first meals are projected to be available Friday, organizers said. In addition to soliciting financial donations from the public and seeking government and private grants, Feed Albany is asking restaurants with commercial kitchens, now unused or largely dormant, to donate their use for meal preparation. The nascent organization’s website, feedalbany.com, has sections for people to apply for Please see RESTAURANTS 11

Teachers ‘desperate’ to connect Achievement gap, internet access, special needs all worries during shutdown ByLINE: RACHEL SILBERSTEIN

Melissa Migneault Dupont, a literacy instructor at East Greenbush Central School district, messages her high school students three times a day. Sometimes she'll send a lighthearted meme or just ask them how they're holding up. The teens, many of whom struggle with language barriers or have special needs, rarely respond. "It's frustrating and sad," Dupont said. "I teach a population that is already behind the eight ball when it comes to education. They fall even farther behind when we can't keep their knowledge fresh." If teachers' jobs were hard before the novel overview of the Albany Pine Bush and how you can get involved in its protection.

coronavirus swept through the Capital Region, forcing schools to close and families to retreat indoors, last week was especially trying as they scrambled to create through a computer screen a sense of normalcy for the hundreds of thousands of children that were suddenly out of school. With COVID-19 cases on the rise in New York, schools have been ordered to stay closed through April 1 to slow the rate of infection, but local districts have had little time to get their teachers up to speed on remote learning tools like Google Classroom and Blackboard. Efforts have been made to get district-issued Chromebooks and Wi-Fi hotspots into homes, but too many students still lack consistent internet access or a supervising adult to help them maneuver the online classroom, officials Mechanicville

664-5453 Saratoga

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say. "Right now we are just trying to take this day by day and meet each challenge as it comes up," Albany Public School Teachers' Association president Laura Franz said. "We are all desperate to do what we love and connect with our students." School officials in Albany and East Greenbush have decided to delay introducing new material until all teachers and students are on board, citing equity concerns. They worry about widening achievement gaps, not to mention federal laws that require districts to provide students with disabilities an equal opportunity to participate in all the district offers. Instead, teachers have come up with Please see TEACHERS 12

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Zonta Club Of Albany - JMK Klausman Scholarship For Women In Business CAPITAL DISTRICT The Zonta Club of Albany is inviting women pursuing a business program who have demonstrated outstanding potential in the field to apply for the Jane M. Klausman Award. Any woman undertaking a business program at an accredited university/ college/institute, including online students, with major field of specialization in accounting,

finance, business management, marketing, operations management, human resources management, international businesses or entrepreneurship is eligible to apply. Students must be enrolled in at least the second year of an undergraduate program through the final year of a Master’s program at the time the application is submitted to the local Zonta club. At the local level, the Zonta Club of Albany awards $1,000 to the individual selected, which is then submitted to the District Level awards which $2,000 and if selected, the

International Level for an award of $8,000. In 2015, the Zonta Club of Albany was selected at the District and International Levels. Students who are interested can find the application at www.zonta.org. All applications need to be submitted electronically by email to jmkzontaalbany@aol.com by April 1, 2020. If you have any questions regarding the scholarship, please feel free to contact The Zonta Club of Albany at jmkzontaalbany@aol.com. We look forward to business students applying for the scholarship.

Pruyn House – Available For Events

HELP & ASSISTANCE FOR SENIORS WHO WANT TO KEEP LIVING SAFELY AT HOME Eddy SeniorCare is a local non-profit that supports older people who want to stay in their homes, and avoid nursing home placement. Our assistance includes many different services, plus help and support for caregivers... and it’s all covered by Medicare and Medicaid.  We send nurses, therapists and aides to your home  We provide transportation to and from important medical appointments  We cover medical care, prescriptions, dentures, hearing aids, eyeglasses and even some over-thecounter drugs

We’ve just expanded to in serve seniors d an both Albany y Schenectad Counties!

Learn More. Call Today.

518-500-3158 Eddy SeniorCare is a Program of AllInclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), bringing many services together to provide comprehensive care for seniors

OPEN SUNDAY 1-4pm or by App’t

Standards Include: HWF, CA, Granite, SS Appl. & More! Directions: Delaware Ave. Pass, High School Before, Fisher Blvd. Call Maria Martin 518 857-6966 For Details • mariamartinrealtor@gmail.com

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LATHAM - The Friends of Pruyn House and the Town of Colonie are delighted to announce that after many months of renovation and rehabilitation work on the Pruyn House, we are once again open and available for rentals. Have you always longed to have your wedding or event at this beautiful historic site? We have dates available for 2020 and 2021. The historic Pruyn House, built between 1825 and 1830 is open for touring Monday through Friday, from 9:00- 3:30, free of charge. If you are interested in renting the House, Barn or Schoolhouse for an event, please call us at 518-783-1435 for details. The mission of the Friends of Pruyn House, a not-for-profit community organization in partnership with the Town of Colonie, serving as the educational, historical and cultural center of the Town, is to restore, conserve and preserve the Pruyn House Complex. It is the site for a wide variety of public, private, civic and corporate events throughout the year.


New York State Commission for the Blind CAPITAL DISTRICT - The New York State Commission for the Blind (NYSCB) provides free vocational rehabilitation and other services to legally blind New York State residents, including children, adults, and older adults. NYSCB assists participants in achieving economic self-sufficiency and full integration into society. Call toll-free (866) 871-3000 or visit our website: visionloss.ny.gov

Intro to Flying Drones CAPITAL DISTRICT The Empire State Aerosciences Museum and Schenectady County Community College will present a full day course: “Intro to Flying Drones” on Saturday, April 25, 2020 from 8:30 am – 5:30 pm. This program is offered in conjunction with SUNY Schenectady and the Empire State Aerosciences Museum. - The face of the aviation industry is rapidly changing because of UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) (drones). Integrat-

CASH FOR CARS AND TRUCKS We Buy Junk/Unwanted Cars And Trucks

ing them safely into the national airspace system is a growing challenge. The rules and regulations are set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Recently, the rules and regulations for hobbyists have changed with additional resources and requirements to be rolled out. Some of the requirements will require most recreational drone pilots to take an online FAA aeronautical knowledge and safety test. This course will provide information for the hobbyist to understand how to operate a UAS legally, responsibly, and safely within the national airspace. Other topics include ethical uses of UAS, where you can and cannot fly, traveling with your UAS, resources to

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help identify and plan for safe flights, and how to use your UAS for commercial purposes. As part of course fee, students will receive a RYZE DJI Tello Boost Combo and GameSIR T1D Controller, which will be used during instruction. Instructors will cover getting the drone off the ground, into the air, learning the flight controls, and landing it safely. The course is taught by experts who not only enjoy flying their UAS for recreation, but also fly UAS as part of public safety teams and commercial applications. Students must bring a cell phone to class. For more information call Schenectady County Community College at (518) 595-1101 (Ext 3 or 4).

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AROUND YOUR COMMUNITY Books for Troops Will Close March 30, 2020

CAPITAL DISTRICT - It is with deep regret that Books for Troops has decided to close its doors to protect our volunteers and our patrons from the Corona Virus as many other businesses and organizations have done. We hope

to reevaluate the situation monthly, so please check Facebook and Local News at the end of each month to see where we stand on reopening. The office will remain intact ready to resume operation as soon as safety dictates it. All donations in our account will remain there until our mailings resume. Please do NOT donate any books

during this time. We do not have the staff to cover the intake of books. You have supported us in the past, please continue to support us during this very difficult time. We hope in the near future to be able to resume the important work we are doing to support our troops. Stay safe and be cautious. Ellen Keegan


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Town of Colonie Senior Men’s Golf Club is Looking for New Members 55 & Older

4308 for info.

COLONIE - Colonie Golf Course, Senior Men’s Club plays 9 holes on Tuesday mornings. Players are divided into flights based on handicaps. Four 18 hole tournaments are also played each year. Openings are limited. For more information call Brian Meurs at 518-477-3114 or Arndt Oertel at 518-8693879.

ALBANY - The journey continues on Tuesday, March 31, as we visit another sacred space. Join Diane Conroy-LaCivita as she travels to the Wilborne Temple First Church of God in Christ located at 121 Jay Street in Albany. Built in 1877, the Romanesque Revival Wilborne Temple is attributed to Albany architect Adolph Fleischmann. State architect Isaac Perry collaborated with congregant Fleischmann on a design that echoed Albany’s city hall. Its tower and those of the other churches in the area are focal points of the Center Square/Hudson Park Historic District in Albany. In 1957, The First Church of God in Christ purchased the structure. Currently, the Pentecostal church is under the pastoral leadership of Elder Solomon Dees. Wilborne Temple is known as a family-oriented teaching church as well as having one of the best choirs in the Capital District. The CSSC shuttle bus will leave The Beltrone Living Center 6 Winners Circle Albany, NY 12205 at 9:30 a.m. and return at approximately 11:30 a.m. Space is limited. This outing will require a bit of walking with no elevators. To make a reservation, please call Sharon Herald at 518-459-2857 ext. 302

Albany CCR Announcement, Mass Cancellation LOUDONVILLE - In compliance with Bishop Scharfenberger’s directive to cancel all public Masses in the diocese, the April 15 Charismatic Mass and Healing Service at Christ Our Light is canceled. Please check our website at AlbanyCCR.org for further developments.

Capital District Genealogical Society CAPITAL DISTRICT The March meeting of the Capital District Genealogical Society has been cancelled. The William Sanford Colonie Town Library is closed until further notice. The April meeting is still on the schedule as planned. Check the website for up to date information. capitaldistrictgenealogicalsociety.org

Capital District Senior Softball League Looking for Players CAPITAL DISTRICT - Capital District Senior Softball League (CDSSL. COM) is recruiting players for their 55+ mens league. Call Wayne at 518-852-

Join CSSC and Visit Wilborne Temple First Church of God in Christ

Join us for Community Passover Seder! LOUDONVILLE - Warm and inviting atmosphere, gourmet Passover cuisine and enjoy interactive and inspiring Seder! Community Passover Seder: 1st: April 8th.

2nd: the 9th at: Shaker Rd - Loudonville Fire House, 550 Albany Shaker Rd. - Night 1; Rabbi’s Home: 284 Osborne Rd. - Night 2 . RSVP Required by April 1st. Couvert $36 Adult, Child $18 - * Early Bird by 3/29: $25 - *** No One will be turned away due to lack of funds. Co- Sponsors: Silver:$72, Gold:$180, Partner:$360, Gold Partner:$613. Contact us for more details and to order matza; chaicentercolonie@gmail.com - Rabbi Mordechai & Chana Rubin, Directors. Chai Jewish Center. “Where every Jew is Family!” ChaiCenterColonie@gmail.com - 518.368.7886.

Good Friday Fish Fry Fundraiser LOUDONVILLE - Good Friday Fish Fry/Clam Roll Lunch and Fish/Fried Clam Dinner fundraiser to benefit the Shaker Rd Fire Department Explorer Post 475. Friday, April 10th. Lunch 11am-2pm and dinner 4pm-7pm. Lunch is $6 and includes: Fish Fry or Clam Roll, Fries, Cole Slaw and Beverage. New England Clam Chowder-$2. An extra fish or clams-$3. Dinner is $10 and includes: Fish, Fried Clams or Combo of both, Fries, Cole Slaw, Clam Chowder, Dinner Roll, Dessert and Beverage. Children under 5 are free. Hot Dogs available for $2. You can pre-order on April 10th at post475ff@gmail. com or call 518-458-1352. All proceeds to benefit our future firefighters!!!

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The Th Fo Diam

© 2020 by Vicki Whiting, Editor Jeff Schinkel, Graphics Vol. 36, No. 16 © 2020 by Vicki Whiting, Editor Jeff Schinkel, Graphics Vol. 36, No. 16 © 2020 by Vicki Whiting, Editor

You know you have a birthDAY. You know you have a birthDAY. DidDid youyou you have also have a birthSTONE? know know you also a birthSTONE? AA gem stone has been selected to be specialspecial gem stone has been selected to be You know you have birthDAY. Did you the birthstone fora each month of the year. theknow birthstone for each month of the year. you also have a birthSTONE? A special gem stone has been selected to be the birthstone for each month of the year.

Jeff Schinkel, Graphics


Findthe themonth monthyou you were were born 1. 1. Find borninin the box below. the box below.



Opal Diamond Opal

Peridot Peridot

Turquoise Opal


Standards Link: Math: Measure time using calendars. Reading Comprehension: Follow simple written directions.

Turquoise Turquoise

out, do each math problem, put your answer on Turquoise –– light light blue the line nextTurquoise to each gem and then blue find the Each birthstone a special meaning. To find answer in has the list on the right. Each birthstone has a special meaning. To find out, each put your answer on out, do do each math math problem, your answer on Each birthstone hasproblem, a special meaning. To find Garnet 18 - 16and =put Ruby the line next to each gem then find the the line next to each gem and then find the out, do each math problem, put your answer on Amethyst 9 6 = Peridot answer in in the the list list on on the the right. right. answer

13 - 9 = 7 - 2 = 4+3 = Aquamarine - 10and = then Sapphire the line next to each11gem find the 13 - 9 = Garnet 18 - 16 = Ruby 13 Garnet 16 = Diamond + right. 4 = Ruby Opal answer in the18 list 7 -- 9 2 = =4 + 4 = Amethyst 9 --on 62the = Peridot 7 - 2 = Amethyst 9 -- 10 68 = Emerald + 2 = Peridot Topaz 4 + 3 15 = - 6 = Aquamarine 11 = Sapphire 1344 -+ 18 + 93 4 =16 = - 5 Garnet Diamond 2 -+ 4 == = Opal = Aquamarine 11 -16 10 Sapphire = Pearl 16 - 4 = Ruby Turquoise 15 6 = Emerald 8 + 2 = Topaz 74 -+- 245 == Amethyst 92 -+- 644 == Peridot Diamond Opal 16 = Pearl 16 = Turquoise Help the spaceship reach planet. 4 +- 36 == Aquamarine 118the -+10 Sapphire 15 Emerald 2 == Topaz spaceship reach the planet. 16 Pearl 16 Turquoise 4 +- 45 ==Help the Diamond 2 +- 44 == Opal

15 - 6 = Emerald 8+2 = spaceship reach the planet. 16 - 5 =Help the Pearl 16 - 4 = Help the spaceship reach the planet.

Topaz Turquoise

2. Contentment 3. Married happiness 1. 4. Good thinking Dependability 1. Good thinking 2. Contentment 5. Sincerity 2. Good Contentment 1. thinking 3. Married 6. Hope happiness 3. Contentment Married happiness 2. 4. 7. Dependability 4. Dependability Courage 3. 5. Married Sincerityhappiness 5. Sincerity 8. Innocence 6. Dependability Hope 4. 6. Hope 9. Love 7. Courage 5. Sincerity 8.10. Innocence 7. Courage Loyalty 9.11. Love 6. Hope 8. Innocence Health 10. Loyalty 7. Courage 9.12. Love Success 11. Health 8. Innocence 10. Loyalty 12. Success 11. Health 9. Love 12. Loyalty Success 10.

11. Health 12. Success

Standards Link: Research: Locate information through interview and investigation.

Standards Link: Research: Locate information through interview and investigation. Standards Link: Research: Locate information through interview and investigation.

They Cut The most com color The known as them know has 58 facets Cut has 5m Th the lightThe refle Diam surfacesknow split the li natur of the rainbo has 5 surfa they the li all th of th becau Colorsurfa They Most diamon of the Col anoth color and the Most are shades of They Col color color A colorless d Most are s rare andcolor expe Cut A co The m are sh rare know CaratA cola has 5 A carat rare is a m the lia 142 c Sweight. surfa Car of the S ounce. A Car Adiam car Da full carat is A car weig Col Done thatweig weig Most ounc I color ounc a full I sh aare full one AClarity A colt A completely one A rare ta said to be fla M Cla M Srare andCla Car mos A car Abubb co spots or A com D O weig O said said t ounc I rare a fullaa N rare N one A spotst spots



Peridot Garnet – purplish red Ruby –Turquoise red Amethyst – purple Peridot – light green Aquamarine – greenish blue Sapphire – blue – white – blue and green and white GarnetDiamond – purplish red RubyOpal – red Garnet – purplish red Ruby – red Emerald – green Topaz – orangish Amethyst – purple Peridot – light green yellow Pearl – white Turquoise – light blue Amethyst – purple Peridot – light green Aquamarine – greenish blue Sapphire – blue Garnet – purplish red Ruby – red Aquamarine – greenish blue Sapphire blue Diamond Opal – blue andgreen green and white Amethyst –– white purple Peridot ––light Aquamarine – greenish blue Opal Sapphire – and bluegreen Emerald – white green Topaz –blue orangish yellow Diamond – and white Each birthstone has–a blue special meaning. findwhite 1. Good thinking Diamond – white Opal and green Pearl – white Turquoise – light blueToand Emerald – green Topaz – orangish yellow Emerald – green Topaz – orangish yellow

Pearl Pearl––white white


1.2. Find you were born in Nextthe to month your birthday month,

3. The gem at the simple written directions. point where the two lines meet is your personal birthstone!



Vol. 36, No. 16

2. Next toare your the box below. there twobirthday symbols.month, The first there are two symbols. Thehorizontal first Topaz symbol shows you which Pearl Topaz youthewhich horizontal 2. symbol Next your month, line to to shows followbirthday on Intergalactic Pearl line toare follow onSchinkel, the Intergalactic there twoLocator symbols. The first Gem Stone © 2020 by Vicki Whiting, Editor Jeff Graphics Vol. 36, No. 16 Topaz symbol shows you which horizontal Grid. The second Gem Stone Locator Pearl line toThe follow on the Intergalactic symbol tells you Grid. second Gem Stone Locator which vertical line Aquamarine symbol tells you Sapphire You know you have a birthDAY. Did you Grid. The second to follow. which vertical line know you also have a birthSTONE? A Aquamarine Sapphire symbol special gem stone has been selected to be to follow.tells you which vertical Thethe gem at theline the birthstone for each month of the year. Aquamarine Sapphire 1.3. Find month you were born in to follow. point the the boxwhere below. 3. The gem at the Amethyst Garnet two lines meet is 2. point Next where to yourthe birthday month, 3. The gem at the your personal Amethyst there are two symbols. The first Garnet two lines meet is point where the birthstone! Topaz symbol shows you which horizontal Amethyst Pearl Diamond your personal Garnet line Standards to follow onMath: the Intergalactic two lines meet Link:is Gem Stone Locator Measure time using birthstone! Emerald your personal calendars. Reading Grid. The second Ruby Comprehension: Follow birthstone! Diamond symbol tells you Standards Link: Math: simple written directions. Measure time using which vertical line Diamond Emerald Aquamarine Sapphire Standards Link: Math: Reading Measure using tocalendars. follow.time Ruby Emerald Comprehension: Follow calendars. Reading Ruby simple written directions. Comprehension: Follow Amethyst

Diamonds ar natur natural mater they arethey the m all th all the gemst Diam becausenatur of th beca They can onl They they anotherall diam th anoth becau They are valu They They color, carat anoth color

words. Skim and scan reading. Recall spelling patterns.


A com said t rare a spots

words. Skim and scan reading. Recall spelling patterns.






Fact and Opinion

Standards Link: Letter sequencing. Recongized identical words. Skim and scan reading. Recall spelling patterns.

A newspaper publishes both facts and opinions. Look through the newspaper for three examples of Opinion each. Discuss with a Fact and A newspaper publishes facts and parent how you can tell the both difference. A newspaper newspaper publishes facts A publishes both facts and and for opinions. Look through both the newspaper opinions. Look Comprehension: through the newspaper Standards Link: Reading Distinguish three examples of each. Discuss with a for opinions. Look through the newspaper for between and opinion. of each. Discuss with a threefact examples parent how you can tell the difference. three examples of each. Discuss with a parent how you can tell the difference.

Fact and Opinion Fact and Opinion

Look through the newspaper for words that attract Look through you to read more. Look through the newspaper for Thenewspaper words words that could attract the for you to that read more. beLook used to attract through words attract The words could youused to antoadattract or for a you to read more. the be newspaper story. Can you The words could you tothat an ad or a words attract Can you find Use bestory. used to attract you tofive? read more. find five? Use these words to a you to an ad The words could these wordsor to write aastory. story. Can you write story. be used to attract find five? Use Standards Link: Standards Link:Vocabulary Vocabulary Development: Recognize you to an ad ortoa Development: Recognize words and phrases that these words andwords phrases show rather than tellthat events. story. show rather Can than tellyou events. write a story.

find five? Use Standards Link: Vocabulary Development: Recognize these words to words and phrases that show rather than tell events. write a story.

Standards Link: Vocabulary

parent how can tell the difference. Standards Link: you Reading Comprehension: Distinguish Standards Link: Reading Comprehension: Distinguish between fact and opinion. between fact and opinion.

Standards Link: Reading Comprehension: Distinguish between fact and opinion.

Diamonds Diamonds and Diamonds andGems Gems I am brilliant because … Diamonds and Finish thisGems story.

I am brilliant because … Finish this story.

and Gems

I am brilliant because … Finish this story.

I am brilliant because …


Standards similarit Link: Vi similarities and diffe

Standa similarit

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2020 by Whiting, Vicki Whiting, EditorJeffJeff Schinkel,Graphics Graphics Special Special Edition © 2020©by Vicki Editor Schinkel, Edition

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Remember the last time Remember the alast you had coldtime or the flu?

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When I wash my my hands? Whenshould should I wash hands?

Now thatNow your • •after playing DISTOUE after playing DISTOUE and clean, they and c • •after using thethe STROMORE little exercise. after using STROMORE little • before eating or KONCOGI • before eating or KONCOGI • after petting SANIMLA • after petting SANIMLA • before and after visiting a sick DRFNEI my hands? I awash •When before andshould after visiting sick DRFNEI • after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing Now • after playing DISTOUE after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing Spreadand yourc • •after taking out the RATHS as far aslittle possib after taking using the Sp •• after outSTROMORE the RATHS s-t-r-e-t-c-h? as faN • before eating or KONCOGI them intos-t-r two • after pettingHealthy SANIMLA fun! Get a set of FREE hand washing Repeat 10 the activity pages for your at washing • before and afterHealthy visiting a sick fun! Get aDRFNEI set classroom of FREE hand • after blowing yourkidscoop.com/scrub-squad nose, coughing sneezing activity pages for or your classroom at Sp • after taking out the RATHS kidscoop.com/scrub-squad Healthy fun! Get a set of FREE hand washing

t was prettysneezed, coughed miserable. You and had no energy. Remember the last time neezed, coughed Butathere’s an easy you had cold or the flu? way to avoid all nd had no energy. It was pretty that: Just join But there’s an easy Using hand sanitizer shouldn’t be a miserable. Kid YouScoop’s _________________ for washing your way to avoid all sneezed, coughed soap and _________. hat: and Just had join noSCRUB energy.SQUAD. Usinghands handwith sanitizer shouldn’t be aWhile sanitizer does killfor _________, doesn’t ButScoop’s there’sHOW an easy Kid _________________ washing ityour TO JOIN: You join automatically dosoap a veryand good job of getting rid of way to avoid all time you wash your hands! hands with SCRUB SQUAD. every _________. While that: Just join __________ dirt. Think of handbesanitizer Using hand sanitizer shouldn’t a it doesn’t Kid Scoop’s _________________ for washing your HOW TO JOIN: You join automatically sanitizer asdoes just akill little_________, “touch-up” ____________ do a very good job of getting ofsoap SCRUB hands with soap and _________. While hand washings with goodrid ol’ very timeSQUAD. you wash your hands! sanitizer does kill _________, doesn’t dirt. Think hand it sanitizer andof water. HOW TO JOIN: You join automatically __________ do aa very job of ____________ getting rid of as just little good “touch-up” every time you wash your hands! __________ dirt. Think of hand sanitizer hand washings with good ol’ soap as just a little “touch-up” ____________ and water. hand washings with good ol’ soap

Find the words theyour puzzle, activity pagesinfor classroom at SANITIZER then inkidscoop.com/scrub-squad this week’s Kid Scoop Stand with you Find in the puzzle, apart. Reach yo BATHROOM storiesthe andwords activities. SANITIZER high then in this week’s Kid Scoop up, UP asStand COUGHING BATHROOM S T H G Now bendapart and S D B O activities. P Aand stories MEMORIZE toes. Repeat up, U the words in the puzzle, COUGHING SANITIZER M O Find U A C E L A N S Now BUBBLES KidSScoop Stand S then D B P A O G week’s H this T in BATHROOM MEMORIZE to apart R W C stories T U B N activities. I L Aand SQUAD up, U COUGHING M O S N A E L C A U BUBBLES Now S T H G P A O S D B ELBOW MEMORIZE E E R H M Y H O Q B to R B U T A N L I C W SQUAD M O S N A E L C A U SCRUB BUBBLES G L U G S R T N S L ELBOW DIRTY E B Q B R W E R T U A H N O L Y I M C H SQUAD D W B U O A S R H E Extend your arm SCRUB ELBOW AVOID E L O Q Y H H M R G E U G L level with you S B T N S R M E M O R I Z E I S SCRUB GERMS DIRTY G L U G S R T N S L Slowly start tw a circ D W CB WU AOV AO SI RD H E arms in Exten DIRTY I N TOWEL AVOID DM W B U O A S R H E Spin them fast Exten leve AVOID leve for 60 se M S I S E R IIN Z O M E PALMS Slow GERMS G S A I I T Z E R M I E Z R O M E Slow GERMS arm NOSE arm II N D TOWEL O II D V O W A A V C W M C N M TOWEL Spin Spin SOAP PALMS PALMS G R N A T II N Z II T E Z R E G S A S

and water.


Rub your hands together under warm running water. Make sure Rub your hands together under to get wet up to your wrists. warm running water. Make sure to get wet up to your wrists.

Use a together generous amount Rub your hands under of soap. Liquidamount soap, powdered Use arunning generous of sure soap. soap or warm water. Make barpowdered soap are allsoap great.or Liquid soap, tobar getsoap wet are up to wrists. allyour great. SCRUB: Get the palms, back

SCRUB: Get the palms, back under Use a generous amount ofwrists, soap. of your hands, of your hands, wrists, under Liquid soap, powdered soap or your your nails and between your nails and between your bar soap for arefingers allleast great. for20 at seconds. least 20 seconds. fingers at

Rinse get rid of Rinse your hands to hands getback ridtoof SCRUB: Get the your palms, soap (and dirt (and andunder germs). the soap dirt and germs). ofthe your hands, wrists, your nails and hands between your Air dry your or hands use or use Airleast dry your fingers at 20 seconds. a cleanfor towel, either cloth or paper.

a clean towel, either cloth or paper.

Rinse your hands to get rid of the soap (and dirt and germs). Air dry your hands or use a clean towel, either cloth

A synonym is a word that meansisthe A synonym a word meansthe the samethat or nearly same or thing nearly same asthe sameword. thingSearch as another another word. Search the newspaper for A synonym is a the newspaper for synonyms for word that means the synonyms forthe the word CLEAN. word same or CLEAN. nearly the Then,thing look for Then, look for same as synonyms for the synonyms for the another word. Search word DIRTY. word DIRTY.for the newspaper Which easier Which were were easier synonyms for the to How many hands to find? find? How many hands and bubbles can you andon bubbles can you find this page? find on this page?

How many hands

as fa s-t-rthem

word CLEAN. Then, look for synonyms for the word DIRTY. Which were easier to find?

Hold your hand of you. Reac shoulders and p Hold for 30 seconds of y arms andHold try a shoul for 30 seconds. for of3y a patshou on th arms

Select three paragraphs in a newspaper article. Can you three scrubparagraphs away some in of athe words to article. Select newspaper make sentences losing Can shorter you scrub awaywithout some of the words to important details? make shorter sentences without losing

Select three paragraphs in a newspaper article. important details? Can you scrub away some of the words to make shorter sentences without losing important details?

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Someone much detergent Someone putput tootoo much detergent in thein the My squadMy s was washing machine, cleap washing machine, andand nownow youryour towntown cleaning the getting covered in soapsuds! a Try to useTry isisgetting covered in soapsuds! WriteWrite a Th the news article describing the scene. ain tea in a sentence news article describing the scene. talk

Someone put too much detergent in the washing machine, and now your town is getting covered in soapsuds! Write a

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Rally Around Your Local Businesses.

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meals, unemployed restaurant workers to volunteer time in exchange for financial assistance and restaurateurs to offer kitchen space. In less than a day, several kitchens had signed up, as had more than 30 volunteers, organizers said. The goal is to have at least six kitchens producing food. Feed Albany’s founders are Joe Bonilla, managing partner and co-founder of the marketing firm Relentless Awareness, which counts members of the food and beverage industry among its clients; Matthew T. Peter, executive director of the Albany Parking Authority and an Albany County legislator; Jason and Kay Pierce, co-owners of Savoy Taproom in Albany; and Dominick Purnomo, wine director and co-owner of the Albany restaurants Yono’s and dp: An American Brasserie. Purnomo is also involved with another effort being introduced this week: Tip Your Bartender, tipyourbartender.online, allows the public to donate online directly to the personal PayPal or Venmo accounts of bartenders, servers, chefs and cooks. (The effort has also reserved the URLs tipyourserver.online, tipyourchef.online and tipyourcook.online; all redirect to the main site.) Officially due to launch Friday, Tip Your Bartender is soliciting profiles from area restaurant workers that site visitors will be able to browse among and select for tips, in $5 increments; and it is seeking donations of gift cards from restaurants and other businesses that will be raffled off daily. When the site went live, dp/ Yono’s and Plumb Oyster Bar in Troy had committed gift cards. Also involved with Tip Your Bartender are Jeff Buell and Jessica Sheridan of Redburn Development, which has committed $80 million to a 10-building renovation deal in restaurant-rich downtown Albany; and Heidi Knoblauch, owner of Plumb. As a prelaunch incentive, Redburn promised $2,000 would be donated to restaurant workers through the site, Buell said in a Tuesday video introducing Tip Your Bartender. Bonilla, who is also helping with this effort, said Relentless Awareness would donate $500 in tips. Servers and bartenders are among those expected to be particularly hard hit by the ban on bar and dine-in service. As tipped employees, most are paid the minimum of $7.85 per hour, though gratuities in many cases bring their wages to $20 or $25 per hour or higher. According to academic and industry research, tipped food-service employees are twice as likely as the rest of the working population to live paycheck to paycheck. A group of Saratoga Springs restaurateurs has been meeting this week to set

MARCH 26, 2020 • LOCAL FIRST - LCD P  AGE 11

up a fund to aid unemployed restaurant workers in an around the Spa City, and some individual restaurants, including Sunhee’s Farm & Kitchen in Troy, have already launched online fundraising pages for their donations to their staff. Our restaurant critic, Susie Davidson Powell, has been assembling a list of takeout and delivery options for restaurants and food businesses around the greater Capital Region. Below are several; if you have any you would like to add, comment on the Table Hopping blog post -- blog. timesunion.com/tablehopping -- about takeout and delivery specials. (“Curbside” indicates curbside delivery.) n Cuckoo’s Nest (Albany): Offering to-go menus, delivery, curbside, gift certificates, wine n Crave (Albany): Offering to-go menus, delivery, curbside, gift certificates n Hamlet & Ghost (Saratoga Springs): Offering to-go menus, delivery, curbside, gift certificates, booze n 288 Lark (Albany): Offering gift certificates n Solevo (Saratoga Springs): Offering to-go menus, curbside, gift certificates, wine, dry goods n Milano (Latham): Offering to-go menus, delivery, curbside, gift certificates, wine n Lark St. Poke (Albany): Offering togo menus, delivery, curbside, gift certificates, booze n Malcolm’s (Schenectady): Offering to-go menus, curbside, gift certificates, wine n Nighthawks (Troy): Offering to-go menus, delivery, curbside, gift certificates, wine n Gracie’s (Catskill): Offering to-go menus, curbside, gift certificates, online store n Sunhee’s (Troy): Offering to-go menus, delivery, curbside, gift certificates, dry goods n Perfect Blend (Delmar): Offering to-go menus, curbside, dry goods n Franklin Alley (Troy): Offering togo menus, delivery, curbside, booze n Collar City Cold Pressed (Troy): Offering delivery, curbside n Troy Kitchen (Troy): Offering to-go menus, curbside, gift certificates n The Daisy (Troy): Offering to-go menus, curbside, gift certificates n Delaware Supply (Albany): Offering to-go menus, curbside, gift certificates n Albany Ale & Oyster (Albany): Offering to-go menus, curbside, gift certificates, wine, beer n New World Bistro Bar (Albany): Offering to-go menus, delivery to Albany and Delmar locations, curbside, gift certificates, wine, beer n 3Fish (Albany): Offering to-go menus, curbside, gift certificates n Graham’s Coffee (Schenectady):

Offering to-go menus, curbside, gift certificates n Walt & Whitman (Saratoga Springs): Offering to-go menus, curbside, gift certificates, wine, beer n Henning’s Local (Catskill): Offering to-go menus, curbside, gift certificates n Mermaid Cafe (Catskill): Offering to-go menus, delivery, curbside, gift certificates n June Farms (Averill Park): Offering gift certificates n Nine Pin Cider (Albany): Offering to-go menus, curbside, gift certificates n Alb. Distilling Co. (Albany): Offering to-go menus, curbside, gift certificates, booze n Dyad (Kinderhook): Offering to-go menus, curbside, gift certificates, wine, beer n Saissoner (Kinderhook): Offering to-go menus, curbside, gift certificates, wine, beer n Plumb Oyster Bar (Troy): Offering cocktail delivery only n Wishing Well (Wilton): Offering occasional takeout dinners, gift certificates n Docs (Glens Falls): Offering curbside, gift certificates n AJ’s Pizzeria (West Sand Lake): Offering to-go options, gift certificates n El Loco (Albany): Offering to-go options, gift certificates n Rip Van Winkle Brewing (Catskill): Offering gift certificates n Superior Merch (Troy): Offering

online store, gift certificates n Front Street Social (Ballston Spa): Offering takeout, delivery, gift certificates n Bartlett House (Ghent): Offering takeout, gift certificates n Crossroads Food Shop (Hillsdale): Offering gift certificates n Bake 4 U (Delmar/Slingerlands): Offering to-go menus, curbside, gift certificates n Rivertown (Hudson): Offering to-go menus, curbside, gift certificates, wine n Lucas Confectionery/Peck’s (Troy): Offering to-go menus, delivery, curbside, gift certificates, wine n Pieconic (Chatham): Offering to-go menus, curbside n Talbott & Arding (Hudson): Offering to-go menus, curbside, gift certificates, wine n Carmens (Troy): Offering to-go menus, delivery (weekends only) n Twisted Vine (Delmar): Offering delivery to Delmar and Slingerlands area, online ordering, curbside Local chambers of commerce and business improvement districts have been collecting similar details from their members, and those lists are continually being updated.

Some sites to visit:

n larkstreetbid.org/support-hub/ n downtownalbany.org/safelysupport n downtownschenectady.org/portfo-

lio/support-downtown-schenectadys-local-businesses/ n facebook.com/saratoga.chamber

Send Us Your Favorite Recipe! While we’re working and taking care of ourselves at home, submit a recipe (and photo, if available) that you would like to share with your community. We will publish weekly! Send to: roberta@crwnewspapers.com



This is the season that the winter hardy members

All the beautiful flowers I grow in summer of the hibiscus are put on their show. Their flowers can’tclosely giveresemble me the the that firstis thatsame of the thrill tropicalas hibiscus crocus emerging as the last of the winter’s so popular in the tropics. snow The retreats from After long tall (up to the 10’) gardens. woody shrub thata we see flowerless these of the bloomingwinter, around the areafirst right blooms now is althea also called Rosesoofprecious. Sharon. ItSnowdrops, seems that althea is gainseason seem daffodils, ing allium, in popularity lately. and I greatly the single Variegated Tulip. tulips, hyacinths all admire the bulbs we flowering varieties that I’m starting to see more of. planted in the fall arrive in sequence to brighten Tropical Hibiscus. These single flowering altheas weren’t widely availaearly spring days. Planting these bulbs in fall ble when I planted my hedge 10 years ago or I would is like sending yourself a love letter won’tis have surely opted for one of those. Rosethat of Sharon arrive until inspring. These smallbut bulbs a available a wide range of colors tend are toward miracle in themselves. the reds and lavenders. There are even varieties that How doa bi-colored we makeflower sureand ourthere’s bulbsa nice willwhite return have that Lily Flowering Tulip. seen as well. The of flowers bit smaller than yearI’ve after year? Think themareasa rechargeable those of the tropical hibiscus but you can see the rebatteries. They don’t store electricity but semblance. “growth energy”. The trick to perpetual success While the althea is a woody shrub, there’s another Althea or Rose of Sharon. with bulbs is in “recharging the battery” After hardy hibiscus, the mallow hibiscus that is perennial theyinflower in dies spring, that “growth energy” is nature (it to the ground in winter). Like althea depleted during thethe all-out effort to is reproduce or Rose of Sharon, mallow hibiscus a relative of (flower) in spring. thetheflowers go much by, the tropical hibiscus After although flowers are Muscari. larger.the The spent showy mallow will growThis from remove bloom hibiscus and stem. the ground to a height of 4’ to 6’ during each growing prevents the bulb from wasting “growth season. Mallow hibiscus range in color from energy” producing seeds. flowers That “growth energy” white to deep purple andbulb encompass shade of is instead directed to the whereevery it is stored pink in between. As if this weren’t enough, the flowMallow Hibiscus flowers until next spring’s flowering cycle. This is also ers can be as large as a dinner plate! I know you’ve are huge. the time to feed your Scratching some seen these around townbulbs. since they are in flower right bulbnow. foodA into the soil around your bulbs will lot of folks don’t realize that this plant is harNarcissus provide the nutrients they need to grow larger dy in our area and will easily survive over winter to and showier year.bulbs’ Each ofleaves the giand return more larger plentiful. Thinkeach of the ant flowers that a mallow hibiscus produces will only as solar collectors that change sunlight into remain open forthat one is day. Fortunately, they below produce “growth energy” sent to the bulb plenty of buds so the show goes on for at least a coufor storage. Don’t cut off these solar collectors ple of weeks and even longer for a well-established when you remove the spent blossoms. Let clump. You can see how large Mallow Hibiscus Mallow Hibiscus. themflowers remain they charging up youris Spring Crocus are until by using myfinish face for comparison...this batteries”. The leaves eventually the largest flower we can“bulb grow this far north...the tropics havewill nothing on us! turnnorthern yellow,members letting of you they have If you plant either of these the know hibiscusthat family, you’ll need to be patient in spring. Neither the woody shrub althea nor the perennial mallow done their job and can be cut away. They will hibiscus will show any sign of life spring is well under way. I usually spend theuntil rest of the year invisible to us see butno sign of life from either in my yard until the lilacs are in bloom. That’s when the still growing roots and gathering strength for first leaves appear on my althea and the mallow hibiscus is just poking a shoot up another grand show of flowers next year. They from the soil. They are amazing plants and easily deserve a place in your garden. Spring Sun Through a Daffodil. Thanks for the read. really are little miracles. Thanks for the read.

"self-guided" or "parent-guided" lessons, a combination of optional assignments, online reading materials, and educational games to keep kids busy. In the city of Schenectady, teachers spent the last week trying to touch base with all 9,250 students, while homing in on the most vulnerable, students who live in poverty or are dealing with trauma at home, according to Juliet Benaquisto, a special education teacher and president of the Schenectady Federation of Teachers. "It's all hands on deck; everyone is trying to do everything," Benaquisto said. "I make contact with every student almost every day, whether it's through my Google classroom, email or by texting families, or getting on the phone with them to make sure they have internet." The state Education Department has provided some guidelines, and class formats can vary greatly. Teachers who had been using online learning platforms continue to use them, while others say they are still figuring out the technology. An ambitious few have tried to schedule a Google hangout or record videos of themselves speaking directly to students. Educators are also finding it difficult to plan without knowledge of how long the closures may last. Some say they'd like


Week Of March 29, 2020 ARIES – Mar 21/Apr 20 Things are not always what they seem, Aries. Keep this in mind when dealing or working with people you have never met. It may take some time to figure things out. TAURUS – Apr 21/May 21 Taurus, asking a bunch of questions may not unveil the answers you were hoping for. You may not be asking the right questions. Keep forging ahead. GEMINI – May 22/Jun 21 The ability to listen is an important skill, Gemini. This ability is especially valuable when others come to you for advice. Listen intently and do your best to help. CANCER – Jun 22/Jul 22 Cancer, even if things do not entirely make sense this week, you can glean certain bits of information here and there that can help you to paint the bigger picture. LEO – Jul 23/Aug 23 Leo, imitation is the highest form of flattery. Keep a keen eye on someone you admire at work, and then try to mirror this person in your actions.

to provide more structure and accountability for students, but they know many parents are preoccupied with keeping their own jobs and food on the table. It's still unclear if the missed school days can be made up in the summer or if students will be held back a grade over the lost learning. On Friday, the Education Department announced that state standardized tests would be suspended this year so that schools could continue to "focus on local school and community needs" during the closures. No one is sure what will happen with the Regents exams that are slated to take place in June. "Until the Regents are canceled, I don't want anyone to not be prepared," said Mike Silvestri, a U.S. history and activism teacher at Schenectady High School. Silvestri, who is also an officer in the Schenectady teachers union, said instead of taking attendance, he posts a daily question on Google Classroom to gauge participation among students. Sometimes the prompt is class-related, other times it's "How's your day going?" A drop-down, multiple-choice menu makes it easy for students to respond. Some private schools in the Albany area have found ways to provide more structured online instruction, at least for older students. At Loudonville Christian School, students in grades 4 through 12 Please see TEACHERS 13

VIRGO – Aug 24/Sept 22 Virgo, certain responsibilities may seem like a drain on your time. But right now you are not seeing how even small tasks can add up to big results in the end. Remain patient. LIBRA – Sept 23/Oct 23 Libra, certain battles cannot be won no matter how hard you try. Do not focus unnecessary energy on things that cannot be scaled. Direct your focus to more inportant projects. SCORPIO – Oct 24/Nov 22 A project you started may come to a screeching halt, Scorpio. This does not mean you should abandon it entirely. It just means you will have to take a brief hiatus and restart. SAGITTARIUS – Nov 23/Dec 21 Sagittarius, people naturally want to be around you, but sometimes you need to take a step back and focus on yourself. Clear your schedule for some personal time this week. CAPRICORN – Dec 22/Jan 20 Spring is a time of new beginnings, Capricorn. You may be presented with

several new opportunities. Travel, a new job or even expanding your family may be in the cards. AQUARIUS – Jan 21/Feb 18 Aquarius, even if you do not have all the answers, you can take steps that address many of the changes that have occurred in your life lately. PISCES – Feb 19/Mar 20 Channel your creativity into projects that let you express yourself, Pisces. Artwork, writing and crafting are a few examples. FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS MARCH 29 Elle Macpherson, Model (56) MARCH 30 Celine Dion, Singer (52) MARCH 31 Christopher Walken, Actor (77) APRIL 1 Mackenzie Davis, Actress (33) APRIL 2 Clark Gregg, Actor (58) APRIL 3 Paris Jackson, Model (22) APRIL 4 Robert Downey, Jr., Actor (55)


have largely resumed their old schedule by video conferencing most of their classes with Zoom. Band, physical education, and art are still done independently, and parents must sign off to give students credit. "The classes and socializing have kept us on a regular schedule," said Katie Whitt, who has children in fourth, seventh and ninth grade at the school. "Without that schedule and normalcy, it would be a tougher time." For the younger grades, however, the Loudonville school has set up an online portal where teachers post daily activities and resources for parents. Online instruction doesn't always work as well for younger children, who require more hands-on support, schools are finding. In Schenectady and Albany, elementary school children were sent home last Friday with homework booklets and instructions to call a teacher if they need help. "We had packets ready with crayons, markers, pens, and pencils to hand out to the children," Arbor Hill Elementary School Principal Rosalind Gaines-Harrell said. "Our main concern is online access." As they wait out the crisis, teachers tend to children's physical and social-emotional needs. Many have volunteered to distribute "grab and go" meals at designated pick-up locations. Bus drivers are delivering lunches to families who can't leave their homes. For parents who worry that their kids aren't getting much learning done, school leaders are asking for a little patience as districts figure out a system that works for all students. "Real talk, there's a reason we go to school," said Franz, the Albany union leader. "It's really important that instruction comes from a teacher to the students, and it's a construct that works. You can't just replace that by getting in front of a computer." Rachel.Silberstein@timesunion.com - 518-454-5449

Vendors Wanted Flea Market EAST GREENBUSH - Looking for vendors for our VFW Auxiliary Spring flea market. 100 Hays Rd East Greenbush NY. Saturday April 4 2020, 10 am to 3pm. Table rental is$ 20.Questions please contact Maureen at 518-653-3539, or email mojoty2003@yahoo.com.

Vendors Wanted BALLSTON SPA - Crafts and Antiques. The Saratoga County Historical Society at Brookside Museum is holding a craft and antique fair. Seeking vendors of handmade crafts, antique/historic collectables and farm products. Saturday, June 13, 2020. 9am-4pm. Contact Beth

MARCH 26, 2020 • LOCAL FIRST - LCD P  AGE 13

Save The Date! Newtonville United Methodist Church Garage Sale NEWTONVILLE - The Newtonville United Methodist Church, located on the corner of Maxwell Rd & Rt 9, north of Siena College will hold a Garage Sale on Saturday, April 25, 2020, from 8:30am–2:00pm in Fel-

Silvestri for more info. 518885-4000 or bsilvestri@ brooksidemuseum.org

Join the Capital District Parkinson’s Support Group for our Monthly Meeting CAPITAL DISTRICT - We meet the second Thursday of most months at 7 PM at the Beverwyck Senior Center in Slingerlands. No membership or reservations required. People with Parkinson’s, and care partners are welcome to attend to learn more about Parkinson’s disease and share information. For more meeting information, contact info., topics and directions visit our website at www.cdparkinsons.org See answer in back of paper.

lowship Hall. Garden items, tools, house wares, linens, appliances, furniture, holiday items, jewelry, toys, books, and more will be sold. There will also be a luncheon café and bake sale. Early bird special entry at 8:00 AM for $3.00. Collectors & dealers may be especially interested. The GARAGE SALE is a place to say hello to friends old and new and to bring home something you didn’t know you needed!!


Feathers Along the Mohawk


by Jeff Scherer

Contact us at feathersalongthemohawk@gmail.com

Vaping Public Service Announcement CAPITAL DISTRICT Vaping has become almost more common today then cigarettes. Originally marketed as being more safe than other tobacco products recent events have made it clear that this is not the full story. One study found that those who vape the equivalent to a pack of cigarettes a

©2020 Jeffrey Scherer

Refugee Welcome Center Looking for Playgroup Volunteers

day had a 70% higher risk of stroke. This is only one of the health risks that can arise from vaping. For more information visit: https://www. narcononnewliferetreat. org/blog/vaping-linkedto-serious-healthproblems.html Addiction Screenings - Narconon can help you take steps to overcome addiction in your family. Call today for free screenings or referrals. 1800-431-1754.

ALBANY - The Refugee Welcome Center, located at 104 Ontario St. in Albany, is looking for playgroup volunteers Mondays and Wednesdays from 11:15 - 1:15. Would you


like to play with a few preschoolers while their moms are in ESL class? If you are interested please call Wayne 518-369-5053 or email wayneroberge@ gmail.com. Thank you.

Fentanyl Public Service Announcement CAPITAL DISTRICT Fentanyl has been making headlines recently, this is because the incredibly potent chemical has been contributing to the increase in overdose deaths across America. Most people however do not know much about the chemical. For instance many don’t know that one of the things that makes fentanyl so dangerous is the fact that it can be absorbed into the system through skin contact. Meaning getting it on

your skin could cause a potentially fatal overdose. To learn more about Fentanyl visit: https://www. narcononnewliferetreat. org/blog/what-you-needto-know-about-fentanyl. html Addiction Screenings - Narconon can help you take steps to overcome addiction in your family. Call today for free screenings or referrals. 1800-431-1754.

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Colonie member we also offer a free 17-point home inspection. A few areas that the home inspection covers: foundation, doors, windows, roof, plumbing, and electric. Each home inspection is performed by a NYS and HUD certified inspector. Umbrella of Colonie is sponsored by Colonie Senior Service Center with our goal being to fix small problems before they become major repairs. For further information please contact Nicole at 518-4597152.

COLONIE - Are you 55 and older and falling behind on home chores? With spring cleanup right around the corner it’s the perfect time to call and have your home decluttered and organized as well as spring yard cleanup. As an Umbrella of

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FULL TIME Store Manager/Footwear (Albany, NY): Manage store operating procedures; Plan/adjust schedules/daily agendas; Train/motivate associates; Min. BS in Business Admin. or related field (or equiv. degree) req’d.; Mail resume to PPF JV LLC. 818 Central Ave., Albany, NY 12206 (Attn: Jung)

WANTED TO BUY Antiques, coins, signs, records, instruments, knives, tools, toys, bottles. Full estates, storage units. 518-801-4673

APPLIANCE REPAIR Washers, dryers, fridge, ranges, etc. Prompt, guaranteed repairs. Mike Horowitz (518) 477-8378 CASH FOR METAL/CARS We buy farm equip., metal, cars. We have the equip. to take care of big jobs. Highest prices paid. Demolition. (518) 339-3369


CHEAPER THAN DUMPSTERS Old appliances and furniture REMOVED FROM YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS. Small or Large jobs. CLEANOUTS. Call Bill the Junkman at (518) 256-6124. Credit cards accepted. C.L. HOME IMPROVEMENTS Taking care of all your window and remodeling needs. Neat & dependable. Fully ins. Free est. Rich (518) 528-7173 Firewood, fast free delivery. Seasoned, semi seas., fresh cut. Custom sizes avail. 4x4x8. Special-$165. (518) 810-5400

FIREWOOD & MULCH $200/cord cut, split & del. Mulch $30/yd. All colors. Honest & dependable service. Call Harvey (518) 338-5898 FRIDHOLM PAINTING Interior painting - 1 or multi-room projects. Popcorn & cathedral ceilings. 2-story Foyers. Wallpaper removal & wall prep. Kitchen cabinets. Commercial space repaints. Exterior painting. Call us @ (518) 330-9507 to schedule a free est. or visit us at www.FridholmPainting.com. We Love What We Do! JOEYJUNK.COM Junk removal service. Res/Comm/Government. We will remove all items from the room they are in. Attics, basements, barns, land cleanup, demo avail. Single item or entire estate. 12 & 20 yard dumpsters avail. to rent. (518) 237-JUNK (5865)

HANDYMAN Drywall, taping, painting, masonry, fencing. Over 30 years experience. Cliff (518) 805-8685 JUNK REMOVAL & DEMO Oil tanks, hot tubs, pools, sheds, barns, houses, yard cleanup, res./comm. clean out & organize. Fully equipped to handle any job. 518-339-3369 JUNK REMOVAL & PROPERTY SERVICES Lowest price guaranteed. DUMPIT LLC. Letsdumpit.com. (518) 878-1957 LAWN SERVICE Mulching, dethatching & mowing. Free estimates. Call Tiffany (518) 860-2615 MACK’S POWER WASHING Insured and free estimates. Housing and trucking. $20 off through 5/31. ( 518)888-6990 MARK’S TREE REMOVAL Tree trimming & removal. Lot clearing, landscaping. We will beat or match any other prices. Quality work. 518-502-3886

Call (518) 454-5502 or (518) 454-5503 to place a classified ad

MG REMODEL & HOME REPAIR No job too small! Int/Ext. Serving the Capital District. Questions? Give me a call! Free estimates & fully insured. 518-383-2546

SPRING CLEANUP Low cost. High quality. Raking, mowing, trimming. Call Jesse (518) 506-5479 or jessesample@yahoo.com

N&R TREE AND PROPERTY SERVICES Tree & stump removal. Spring cleanups. Free est’s. Fully ins. Call Ray (518) 573-1133

TREE, SHRUB, STUMP SRVC Bucket, crane, chipper, stump removal, small jobs to mega. (518) 339-3369

PJ’S CONSTRUCTION Windows, doors, remodeling, roof repair, small jobs. Quality work for quality price. Ins. (518) 527-3067 P.W. PAINTING All phases of painting & staining. Your int/ext painting residential specialist. Excellent workmanship. Great prices & reas. rates. Free est., fully ins., ref’s. (518) 396-0898 S & S ELECTRIC OF NY Licensed master electricians with over 30 years of servicing the Capital District area. Available evenings and weekends for your convenience. (518)365-2713 www.sandselectricny.com

RESIDENTIAL WANTED I BUY HOUSES! CASH!! Any price, area or condition. FAST FAIR OFFERS! (518) 441-6376

VACATION RENTALS OLD FORGE RENTAL COTTAGE Lakefront, dock, all amenities, canoe, kayaks. Recently remodeled. See website www. pinewoodcottageoldforge.com or call (315) 822-6890

COPS, COURT AND FIRE CALLS $36,000 allegedly taken through telephone scam WILTON -- A Florida man who allegedly scammed an elderly South Glens Falls woman out of tens of thousands of dollars was arrested Tuesday by State Police. Mikhael W. Shaw of Daytona Beach, Fla., was arrested on third-degree grand larceny, a felony, by the Jacksonville Sheriff's Department, State Police said. Shaw is accused of engaging in a phone scam in which the victim provided her banking information, and Shaw withdrew more $36,000 from her account, police said. After being extradited to New York, he was sent to Saratoga County Jail to await arraignment, police said.

Woman walking along Troy street shot in leg TROY -- A woman was shot Friday night in Troy while walking on Sixth Avenue between Glen Avenue and Swift Street around 9:30 p.m., according to Troy police. She was shot in the leg and was treated for nonthreatening injuries at Samaritan Hospital. There are no suspects currently, Troy Deputy Police Chief Daniel DeWolf said.

Castleton man accused of stealing medication SCHODACK -- A Castleton-on-Hudson man is in the Rensselaer County jail after police say he broke into a home in town and stole medication. On Monday, State Police responded to a report of a burglary and found the back door had been forced open and medication had been stolen, a spokeswom-

an said. The residence was unoccupied at the time of the break-in, she said. With the assistance of information from witnesses, State Police on Wednesday located and arrested 35-year-old Bryan D. Geel on charges of felony burglary and misdemeanor criminal mischief. He is due back in East Greenbush Town Court on Monday, police said.

Sheriff: 1970 Chevelle stolen, man arrested GREENPORT -- It seemed a little curious to the eyes of an alert Columbia County sheriff's deputy that a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle was parked at the Fairview Avenue, Greenport, Speedway for "an unusual amount of time" on Thursday morning, Sheriff David Bartlett said. So Deputy Ryen Boehme ran the registration on the classic muscle car sitting next to the gas pump and found out it was stolen from Schodack, the sheriff said. Deputies and state troopers in Schodack investigated, and accessed video footage from several locations in Columbia and Rensselaer counties to determine the suspect's identity. John A. Southard Jr. was arrested by the Sheriff's Office, with the assistance of Colonie police, on Thursday night at the Motel 6 on Central Avenue in Colonie. Southard, 30, of Castleton-on-Hudson was charged with felony criminal possession of stolen property, arraigned and sent to the county jail without bail, due in court on Monday.

Road rage case brings charges, troopers say BALLSTON -- A Ballston Spa man faces drug and reckless endangerment charges after police say he tried to force an

acquaintance's vehicle off the road late Thursday. William Thibedeau, 25, was charged with reckless endangerment, a misdemeanor, and felony criminal possession of a controlled substance after the incident, which occurred shortly before midnight Thursday in the area of Brookline Road and Middleline Road. Thibedeau repeatedly tried to force the victim's vehicle off the road, State Police said, and was arrested. During a search of Thibedeau and his vehicle, cocaine was found, according to the report. Arraigned in Milton Town Court and released, Thibedeau is due back in court May 21.

Eagle Bridge man faces arson charge HOOSICK FALLS -- A 23-year-old Eagle Bridge man was arrested Thursday on suspicion of intentionally setting fire to an abandoned building in Hoosick Falls last weekend. Nicholas Perry was charged with third-degree arson and burglary. Both are felonies. The Hoosick Falls police and fire departments responded to a reported structure fire Saturday at about 6 a.m. The structure -- an abandoned building at 125 Main St. that once housed the Wedding Tree and was built in the early 1900s -- was fully involved when they arrived. Departments from Hoosick, West Hoosick, North Hoosick, Johnsonville, Buskirk, Pittstown, White Creek Speigletown and Bennington responded, along with Hoosick Ambulance. A joint investigation by Hoosick Falls police and the Rensselaer County Emergency Service Cause and Origin team was able to determine the fire had been intentionally set, which led to Perry’s arrest. He was issued a ticket to reappear in Village Court.


Hudson-Mohawk Search & Rescue is Looking for Volunteers to Join our Team

MARCH 26, 2020 • LOCAL FIRST - LCD P  AGE 15

Rangers and other police agencies throughout New York State, Western Vermont and Massachesettes. We are looking for certified scuba divers, experienced boat handlers, CAPITAL DISTRICT and people who enjoy If you enjoy being outdoors hiking and the outdoors in the wilderness, working in general who wish to with others to help people, help people in need. The follow directions well team will provide training and have a willingness to and complete support as learn, then our SAR team needed. Our headquarters might be for you! Prior is located in Waterford. knowledge is helpful, but Applicants need not live definitely not required as in Waterford to volunteer. SUBSCRIBE TODAY we provide the training. If interested, please call 518-454-5454 Check out our website at: 518-237-6744 or visit our www.humsar.org for moreTIMESUNION.COM/SUBSCRIBE website at www.tri-stainformation.






Search and Rescue Volunteers Needed CAPITAL DISTRICT the Tri-State Emergency Team is recruiting volunteers to provide wildland and underwater searches within a 100 mile radius of Waterrford, NY. This includes all aspects of field and underwater search. The Tri-State Emergency Team responds when requested by NYS Forest

Send Us Your Photos As our lives have temporarily changed due to social distancing, we would like to see photos of how you’re spending your time! We will publish weekly! Submit to: Rick@crwnewspapers.com Please include names and location.


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8 Garden Tools For Beginners

The right tool for the job is essential to working safely and efficiently. This is as true in the workplace as it is in the garden. Novice gardeners may not know where to begin in regards to which tools they need. The following are eight items that can serve as a solid foundation for beginning gardeners. 1. Gloves: Your hands will be working hard, so it pays to


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protect them from calluses, blisters, splinters, insects, and dirt. Look for water-resistant gloves that are also breathable. 2. Hand pruners: Hand pruners are essential for cutting branches, cleaning up shrubs, dead-heading flowers, and various other tasks. Choose ergonomic, no-slip handles that will make work easier. Rust-resistant, nonstick blades also are handy. 3. Wheelbarrow: A wheelbarrow can transport gear to garden beds or tote dirt, leaves, rocks, and other materials around the landscape. A good wheelbarrow is strong but light enough to maneuver when full. 4. Loppers: Long-handled loppers will fit the bill for thick branches. The long handles provide leverage to cut through branches an inch or more in diameter. 5. Hand trowel: A hand trowel is a handy tool that lets you dig holes or unearth weeds. While shopping for a trowel, consider getting a hand-held garden fork, which can aerate soil and cut through roots. 6. Hose/watering can: Keeping gardens hydrated is part of ensuring their health. That makes a hose and a watering can two invaluable tools to have around. Invest in a lightweight, expandable hose if storage space is at a premium. An adjustable nozzle will enable you to customize the water flow as needed. A watering can is an easy way to tote water to hard-to-reach pots and containers. 7. Garden kneeler: Gardeners often bend and kneel while working in the soil. That puts pressure on the back and knees. A comfortable garden kneeler with memory foam or one made from shock-absorbing material can reduce aches

and pains. 8. Garden hoe: Garden hoes till soil, remove weeds and perform many other tasks. A garden hoe can be used along with a full-sized shovel, trowel and garden rake. This list is just the tip of the garden tool iceberg. Visit a garden center and speak with a professional about other tools that can be added to the mix.

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ALWAYS PAYING TOP CASH DOLLAR FOR ALL SCRAP METAL SINCE 1904 - Over 110 Years of Making Our Customers #1


Scrap is generated by all companies large and small. Whether it is scrap steel, scrap paper or non-ferrous, you have it and we want it!

Let us pay you top dollar for it!

Here is what we can do for you ... • Provide roll-off containers for onsight collection (10, 20 or 30 yard) • Provide crews and equipment for onsight processing • Demolition and tank removal • Set-up an in-house recycling program which includes education, instruction and collection • Pick-ups scheduled to fit your needs • Prompt payment always • NYS certified scales With the experience of three generations in the scrap recycling business, we at NH Kelman, Inc. feel confident that we can provide you quality service. We have been at the same location in Cohoes, since 1904 and look forward to hearing from you to discuss your company’s recycling needs.

Conserving the future by recycling the past! NHkelman.iscrapweb.com

41 Eucid St. • Cohoes • 237-5133

Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc.

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