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Jos, Nigeria: March 6, 2010 More than 300 villagers in central Nigeria are killed in the middle of the night as clashes between Christians and Muslims escalate. The country of Nigeria is split into a northern region dominated by Muslims and the south by Christians. Tensions have boiled over previous years and the attacks are a result of continuing attacks. The majority of the dead are Christians.

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Dalea, Yemen: March 6, 2010 Many are left dead as soldiers seek to arrest separatist suspects in the assassination of a local official. Seven separatists are arrested and many more are killed in the conflict. This conflict is the result of southern Yemen’s disapproval of the north looking to unify the country in order to get their hands on southern oil. More fighting is expected between the two regions.

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Concepcion, Chile: March 6, 2010 The death toll from the Feb. 27 8.8-magnitude earthquake climbs to 795 civilians. Chilean president Michelle Bachelet looks to end the mayhem and help those affected by the devastating earthquake. However, looting and lawlessness continues as the country struggles to rebuild. Citizens continue to complain as 66 percent of the nation is without power and the government can not reach all those in need of assistance.

<-----------------------The rundown: Upcoming events -------------------------> -> Tuesday, April 6, Iowa Jazz Band Championships, Des Moines, Iowa. The Revolutionists return after their second place finish in 2009. -> Monday, April 26, Senior Recognition Night, Washington High School Auditorium. Awards range from “Most Credits Earned” to “Class Valedictorian.” Events compiled by Tyler Hubler News Editor

Baghdad, Iraq: March 7, 2010 Iraq holds elections for a new parliament. Officials expect about 55 percent of the country turns out to vote, although fear of bombs and violence keeps many away. The election kicks off a new era of Iraqi independence and freedom from oppression. A curfew is placed on the capitol as ballots are counted twice to ensure accuracy. President Obama applauds those who voted in defiance of attacks to mold a prosperous future.

Academics excel in competition Alyssa Christian Staff Writer

at the state competition, along with many individual medals. “I do think they’re probably the best group of test-takers I’ve ever had,” said Heather Adams, Washington science teacher and Academic Decathlon coach. “They are very, very In a school where academic success is encouraged and celebrated, no team seems better suited to this environment motivated to do things on their own.” than Washington’s Academic Decathlon. Although their intelligence and test-taking strategies are For the last couple of months, the 11 members of the accepted as important for individual and collective success, Academic Decathlon team have spent hours individually the members also point to the importance they place on and collectively immersing themselves in all things related social aspects of being on the team. When asked what her to the French Revolution (this year’s topic) to prepare for favorite part of being on Academic Decathlon was, Johnson the regional competition in late January and the state comsaid “everyone else.” petition in early March. “A lot of what being on Academic Decathlon is about is “Each year there’s a different being smart and studying topic, but there are ten events a variety of things and within that topic. There’s essay, having the ability to retain speech, interview and math random knowledge, but a which are the same every year, lot of it is also the way the but then there are different group works as a whole. aspects of the overall theme,” We all hang out, we’re all said Krista Johnson, ’10. really close, and we all “Because this year we are doing have the exact same awful the French Revolution, we are sense of humor,” said studying things like the art and Vance Mueller, ’12. music of the French RevoluAs their season draws tion.” near its end, the members This year has been an esof Academic Decathlon pecially successful one for the end on a proud note and Photo courtesy of Heather Adams Academic Decathlon team. They look forward to memories took home the second place The Academic Decathlon team on the day of a recent to be made next year. award at the regional competi- competition. The team took third overall at state. tion and the third place award

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