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If there is one thing that virtually every self improvement book promotes then its the power of affirmation. In fact, virtually all successful people use the power of affirmations in their everyday lives and they use it deliberately. If used correctly, it can be extremely powerful in your life. Apart from helping you change anything in your life, it has the power to magnetize you to attract anything you desire. Affirmations help you to direct and control the focus of your life. The age old secret that says we become what we think about all day long has been beaten to death in modern self help literature and we can easily become blaze to the power of the idea. Even if you don;t believe in any "new age" thinking, its quite logical that you will end up becoming and attracting that which dominates your mind all day long. When it comes to wealth and attracting greater abundance into our lives then affirmation can help you like nothing else. It can help you to go from complete poverty to absolute abundance. On a very high level, all people have exactly the same ability - the ability to attract what we desire. Wealth and abundance is not reserved for the lucky few but its available to us all. All it really takes is to fix your mind. Here are 3 powerful affirmations for wealth that you should memorize and repeat often. Affirmation #1: I am worthy and deserving of wealth and abundance So, many of us grew up believing that we don't deserve to be rich and that wealth and abundance is "for other people" who are perhaps a bit more lucky or more fortunate. This affirmation will help you fix that. Affirmation #2: The abundance and prosperity that I desire is on its way. This affirmation will help you to change your mindset to one of expectation. When you expect good to come into your life it will happen. Most people walk around expecting bad luck and expecting things to go wrong for them. Affirmation #3: I commit to being rich. My goal is extreme wealth and abundance and the floodgates of wealth open up to me now. Somehow we've been taught that being rich is a "bad" thing and many people walk around with

the belief that its somehow "wrong" to be rich and having too much. How absurd. Just look at nature. Animals have more than enough of everything they need and we too are entitled to have more than enough of everything we want.

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==== ==== For more affirmations and tips on using affirmations visit this link. ==== ====

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