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EXT. DAY. COUNCIL ESTATE LONDON A girl is walking home - she is tired, dishevelled from her day at school. She is dreamy, she looks up at the sky and hums to herself. She appears content by herself. She walks slowly, avoiding the cracks in the pavement. The girl walks across her housing estate to get to her block of flats. CUT TO VIGNETTES OF THE ESTATE. WASHING LINES ON BALCONIES, LITTER ON CONCRETE, KIDS PLAYING FOOTBALL. There is a group of teenage kids hanging around in the communal courtyard. She stops when she sees them, almost snapping back to reality. The girl hesitates and appears afraid of them, she makes an effort to walk quickly to avoid them noticing her. She gets to her block and swings her backpack off to reach her house keys. Searching through her bag, she realises that she has left them at home. The girl buzzes her flat but she already knows that her mum is at work. She stands there biting her nail and considering what to do. She has time to kill. The girl walks in the opposite direction to the group of teens and heads to an area with grass. She takes off her school shoes and socks and lies down in the sun. CU OF THE GIRLS EYES SQUEEZED SHUT. SHE IS SQUINTING FROM THE SUN. The girl sits up and plays with a blade of grass. She puts the blade of grass in between her hands and blows on it to make a whistling sound. CUT TO THE GIRL WALKING AROUND THE ESTATE. She is bored and sits on a concrete bench. She takes out a school book and begins to flick through it aimlessly. The teenage boys walk around the corner, talking and laughing loudly. They don't notice her at first, the girl looks up at them. One of the boys sees her. BOY 1: Oi bookworm! The boys laugh and call out to the girl BOY 2:


What you reading? The girl looks down at her book and tries to ignore them BOY 1: Let me come round yours and you can read me a bedtime story! BOY 2: Nah man.....she's a nut job! The boys laugh and shove each other, making rude gestures to the girl and humping motions. The teenage boys keep walking except for one of the boys, who stops and looks at the girl. She looks up and they make eye contact. The girl quickly shoves her book back in her bag and runs in the other direction. CUT TO GIRL WALKING THROUGH ANOTHER PART OF THE ESTATE. She sits down and stares out at the estate in front of her. CUT TO MORE VIGNETTES OF ESTATE LIFE The boy next to doesn't relaxed

from her. look next

the group walks to the bench and sits down The girl stills and tenses. She deliberately at him. The boy is quietly confident, he is to her.

JAKE: I don't think I've ever seen you so many times in one day. The girl doesn't respond, she continues to look out ahead of them. JAKE: You usually scuttle in and out. Quick as a flash. Jake looks at her and regards her ignoring him. He smiles and lights a cigarette. JAKE: But I do see you though. The girl turns her head and looks at him in disbelief that he could have ever noticed her before. She smiles to


herself, turning her head away from him once again. They sit once again in comfortable silence. JAKE: You don't say much do ya? VIOLET: Sorry. I don't know what to say JAKE: No need to be sorry. It's good to be that way. You're harder to read. Not like everyone else, always talking bullshit and that. VIOLET: Is that why you're not with your friends? Coz they talk bullshit? JAKE: (Laughing) Yeah, I guess so. Somethin' like that anyways. So how's school? VIOLET: Will you do me a favour please? JAKE: Yeah, sure. VIOLET: Will you spare me the small talk please? I highly doubt that you care how I'm doing at school. (Violet looks at him with humour in her face) JAKE: (Laughing) Fair enough. I guess you think I talk bullshit as well now? VIOLET: No, no you're alright. JAKE: Good.

Jake smiles. He gets up and begins to walk away. Violet looks up at him but doesn't move. JAKE: Come on then. He turns and keeps walking. Violet considers for a few moments then gathers up her bag and follows him. They walk through the estate together and Jake leads her to another 'park like' area that seems to set them apart from the concrete, urban sprawl they have been occupying. Violet smiles and throws her bag down. She spreads her arms wide and turns her face up to the sunlight. Jake looks at her curiously, as if he has never seen anyone do this before. Violet is oblivious to him and spins in a circle with her arms outstretched, enjoying the moment by herself. She stops and takes a deep breath, then she looks at Jake who is staring at her. VIOLET: I like it here. JAKE: I had a feeling you would. Violet sits down. Jake sits beside her. JAKE: Violet is a pretty name. VIOLET: I didn't tell you my name.... JAKE: (Laughs) I know your name. How?


JAKE: I just know. Jake looks at Violet. She wants to look away but is curious about Jake and who is. She is shy of him but also feels drawn to him. VIOLET:

Why are you talking to me? Why not?


He looks at her earnestly. Violet looks at him and shrugs her shoulders. They both look out to the view ahead of them. WIDE SHOT OF BOTH OF THEM SITTING TOGETHER ON THE GRASS. FADE TO BLACK.

Screenplay Draft  

First draft of FMP script