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The Venturing Voyager November and December 2016

Jennifer Bullock A Area 6 President

Olivia Stacey VP of Administration

Sydney Roscoe VP of Communications

Nicole Whittle VP of Program

Billy Campbell VP of Training

Scouting in Life Venturing has been huge in my everyday life since I was 14. I joined because I wanted to make friends, learn new things, and go on adventures. I had been told many times throughout my years in Venturing that scouting will always pop up when least expected. Honestly, no one would actually predict that to happen, BUT it does. I am a freshman at Northern Kentucky University and currently enrolled in a University 101 class. This class is designed to help freshman adjust to the college atmosphere. We were sitting in class, discussing the chapter and I saw something on the page that looked familiar. I took a closer look and it said SMART Goals. If you have participated in National Youth Leadership Training, you’ll be able to note that this is from the course! I had never dreamt of seeing something such as SMART Goals in a classroom one day and it made me realize that you will use your skills from scouting in your everyday life. -Olivia Stacey, Area 6 Vice President of Program

#giveaventuringholiday Come Join us here at Area 6 to #giveaventuringholiday by doing this reverse advent calendar. You can do it alone or make it a Crew function either way works! After the 25 days of collecting your items, take a picture and post it to your Central Region, Area 6, or Council sites with the caption #giveaventuringholiday . Then turn it into a Soup kitchen, Salvation Army, or Homeless shelter to help the people in need this holiday season! Thanks -Your Area 6 Team

Presidents Corner Hey Area 6! We're so excited to announce that we'll be hosting an event March 31-April 2! Don't be fooled and miss it: mark your calendars now! Stay tuned for more information coming your way. We're wishing you and your families have a wonderful holiday season! Stay awesome, Venturers! - Jenny

Add Your Activities Did your Venturing crew partake in a really cool activity? We want to hear about it!! Just describe your event in at least one paragraph and include pictures (Pictures Optional), then send it to Sydney Roscoe, our VP of Communications at: !!

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Council Sites Erie Shores: Black Swamp: Dan Beard: Crossroads of America: Sagamore: Anthony Wayne: Hoosier Trails: LaSalle:

Miami Valley: Buffalo Trace: Tecumseh:

Venturing Recruitment Kit Want to start Recruiting? Need help? The National Venturing Cabinet has put together a customizable Recruiting tool-kit that can help you in your efforts in expanding your Venturing crew. It’s Free Too! Check out the awesome fliers and recruitment materials on the national website!

Peer to Peer Recruiting Link:

Officer and Advisor Contacts Jennifer Bullock – President: Billy Campbell- Vice President of Training: Olivia Stacey- Vice President of Administration: Sydney Roscoe-Vice President of Communications: Nicole Whittle- Vice President of Program: Anne Zimmer- Area 6 Advisor Steve Truex – Advisor of Program

Si Roscoe – Advisor of Administration Tammy Campbell – Advisor of Communications

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Central Region Venturing Area 6 Newsletter - November 2016  

Area 6 is in the states of Illinois, Indiana and Ohio.

Central Region Venturing Area 6 Newsletter - November 2016  

Area 6 is in the states of Illinois, Indiana and Ohio.