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January 2015


Central Region, BSA Area 4 Venturing Officers

Winter/ Spring Highlights WorldFest is coming

Time to turn in your CSVE

Nominate someone for a Council or Area VLA

Emily is going to WorldFest. Aren’t you?

Apply to be an Area President or Area VP by March 1

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Advisors Corner 2 International Midway


Neckers 3 Invite your friends Housing at WorldFest Trainings at WF U of Scouting Food at WF


Help Wanted!!! WorldFest FAQs


Shooting and throwing at WorldFest


Climbing and Fun 7 at WorldFest Area VLA CSVE


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Learn About The Premier “Annual” Fun Event See what we have planned for you! Nate Steele 2014-2015 Area 4 Venturing President

Inside this issue:

How to register for WorldFest

The ADVENTURER 2 0 1 4 - 2 0 1 5

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¡Hola Area 4! Welcome to our almost allWorldFest issue. Area 4 Venturing had a great 2014. We visited 8 or our 11 councils and held four Venturing Training Conferences in four different parts of the Area. Now, we promise you an even better year than last! We will be teaching in three councils in 2015 at their University of Scouting then in April comes the best, the awesome WorldFest 2015.

We are only a few short months away from WorldFest 2015 and the staff is hard at work getting ready to put on the best fun event Area 4 Venturing has ever seen! We took what you told us you wanted over the past year at our events and we focused on that agenda. Over the past few months, many members have already poured countless hours of work to ensure that your experience will be nothing short of a fun-filled adventure. So now, gather your nation. Create your own culture and identity. Get ready to walk down the midway of nations, to shoot at the range, to climb the tower, and much, much more! Venture On!

Meet the 2014-2015 Central Region President You will have the opportunity meet Emily Mausshardt from St. Louis your 2014-2015 Central Region Venturing President and a member of the National Cabinet. What questions about national Venturing do you have for her? Emily is from the Greater St. Louis Area Council in Ballwin, Missouri, a sophomore at Truman State University majoring in Math. She is involved in the Catholic Newman Center choir on campus, is a member of the national service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega, the Mathematical Association of America and a new Crew in Kirksville, Missouri. She has earned the Silver, the Pope

Pius XII, and is finishing her Ranger Award. She has received the Council, Area, and Regional VLA and is a member of the National Youth Leadership Society. Emily was active in the Girl Scouts through high school and earned the GSUSA Gold Award. She has completed Kodiak, Kodiak X, NYLT, NAYLE and Powder Horn. She has staffed John S. Swift Base Venturing summer camp for the past two summers.

January 2015


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Advisors Corner Duane Zobrist Area 4 Venturing Advisor It’s January and “WorldFest is coming!” As I sat down to think about what message I wanted to share with you in Area 4, all that kept running through my head is “WorldFest is coming.” Countless hours of planning have gone into this event and now all we need is for you and your crew to register. What can my crew and I expect if we come? You will be treated to a full range of shooting sports

including archery, rifle, handgun, shotgun, and muzzle-loader. Ever wanted to throw tomahawks or knifes? No problem, we have you covered. How about climbing, low COPE, boating (weather cooperating), obstacle course and games? We have them all. Register early to assure space in the dorms. As the Area 4 Advisor I want to personally invite each of you to come and support the area by registering today for the first annual WorldFest. Now lets have some fun!

International Midway at WorldFest Download the Presidents and Advisors Handbook

We have reached out and confirmed interest from:  A Japanese Tea Ceremony  Indian Dancers  An International Scouting Museum  Ohio Search Dogs  Wilderness First Aid trainers who will certify you in CPR for $5  National Guard And more we cannot yet tell you.

Every Council to Provide an Activity Booth … as part of the International Midway. Details in the handbook. This can be your Council VOA or if you are the only crew from your council it can be you. What will they all bring for you? You have to signup and come to find out! Tell us at what you would like to do.

How to Register for WorldFest

Registration Hint: Create a free account on the Buckeye Council Website

Then you can edit your registration.

Crews, Ships and Council Contingents can reserve their spots for one payment of $45 for the whole unit. You will have to pay in full by March 2, 2015 to be assigned those spots. Register NOW at Registration closes March 22, 2015.

What you need to register now   

The number of spots you need to hold by gender and age over and under 18 and by gender Two adults 21 or over Your roster (you can change names and add others before March 2)

What to Bring on April 24   

2 copies of your final roster Class A & B Health Forms for all in attendance. Any special needs in writing

What you get on April 24      

Your housing assignment WorldFest credentials Meal and Program Tickets WorldFest Patch and Necker Instruction on tying the international friendship knot Friday’s daily Newsletter with final schedule of activities.

January 2015


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2014-2015 Issue 2

Why Give You A Necker? Because it’s cool! But do you realize that most of the world’s scouts mostly wear neckers as their group identity. Also this ceremonial item, the neckerchief, is taught to be a practical wilderness item in the Scouting tradition. The neckerchief, unrolled, is designed to be the perfect size for use as a triangular bandage for first

aid. In most countries each Scout Troop uses its own color neckerchief. The colors are usually the "Troop Colors" which may have a particular historical significance to the troop or to the local community. Want to influence the colors? Write us at

WorldFest to Boost Your Membership! Do you know that about 40% of councils in the Central Region have a Council VOA? In Area 4 seven of our 11 councils (64%) have a VOA, lets use that advantage. VOAs are important because they help Councils maintain their membership. Nate Steele has asked that each Council develop their own membership and send it to us.

Invite your friends to WorldFest, invite your friends’ friends. Invite the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts, invite their friends. Invite your NYLT staff friends, invite the OA lodge, invite the Explorers, invite your team mates, invite your Spanish club, invite your church group, invite your … well you get the idea. This does not work without you! The key here is you!

We have a great idea for you to be a part of that plan. And you can do it even if your VOA doesn’t. (Let them copy your efforts!)

Share the fun of Venturing.

Who did you invite to WorldFest? It’s not too late, text them now!

Accommodations at WorldFest Jon Crawford VP Administration Most of the housing for WorldFest will be in the Seven Ranges’ Leadership Village. Each room includes 2 bunks, 4 small closets, a table, and a chair. The 900 seat dining hall will be a center of our activities.

Campsites will be available for units or individuals who would rather tent or register too late. Do register early when you can reserve an entire crew for one payment of $45! Trouble with the online registration? Then contact Buckeye IT support, Lee Boring, Questions about housing or registration? Then email me at

January 2015


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Upcoming Trainings University of Scouting Visits

Nathan Jarosz Area 4 VP Training

Trainings at WorldFest WorldFest 2015 is coming up April 24-26. We have several training sessions are planned

NAYLE is the best leadership course the BSA has to offer as it is truly an experience of a lifetime.

Area 4’s Training team will be participating in Simon Kenton Council, Buckeye Council, and Great Trail Council’s University of Scouting to help spread Venturing awareness. We have a wide range of topics such as

such as:

Why Your Troop Needs a Crew

Introduction to Sea Scouting

Unit High Adventure Planning, and

Mentoring (a training differing from the Summit requirement)

The Benefits of Technology in Scouting.

Taking Your Leadership to the Next Level: Why NAYLE and PLC are Perfect for You

The ALPS Model of Planning and Recognition, and

Putting the WOW in Your Venturing Program.

An Advisors Lounge will not only let the adults kickback, but will give us time to ask you about your training needs and to share information. Also, we will be able to witness a Japanese Tea Ceremony as well as see the Tonweya Indian Dancers at the International Midway. We all hope to see you there!

If your council or VOA would like to schedule some assistance or would like the materials used to formulate these trainings, feel free to contact me at We will make a strong attempt to accommodate your request.

Can we get some food at WorldFest? Area 4 wants to congratulate VP Nathan Jarosz for being on the staff of the Sea Base NAYLE in Feb 2015.

Sure can. All your meals are provided in the Seven Ranges HUGE 900 seat Dining Hall. This space will be used to serve you food from Friday night to Sunday morning and is big enough to accommodate program in the case of bad weather.

THANKS TO OUR HOST COUNCIL Council Venturing President Scot Nielson VOA Advisor John Fehrenbach Staff Advisor Josh Cunningham


January 2015


2014-2015 Issue 2

Staff Help Wanted!!! Virginia McGhee VP Program WorldFest is coming and it is going to be a blast. We are in the middle of planning this great event and already have over 30 staff members, but we could use your help. If you would be willing to volunteer that would be fantastic. Just drop us a line at and tell us what you would like to do. There is a staff application at the back of the handbook, just answer those questions for us in your email.

WorldFest FAQs

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Join the Area VOA. Apply to be President or Vice President by March 1 at We need facilities and program staff. You can be the primary person bringing us an event we hadn’t thought of to a helper for the established events. Can you write? Our communication team could use you. Are you the most organized of your friends? Then Logistics might be yours. You love putting on games and events for other, then program might be the place. How’s your spirit, Chaplains are needed too. Dining Hall? Kitchen? We have built our staff to give you a taste of a weekend of Summer Camp with a dash of World’s Fair thrown in so know this is going to be a great time. Don’t miss out! Register now!

“… everyone will receive a “necker” and learn to tie that friendship knot …”

For more information and more Q&A see the President and Advisor Handbook and email us at

1 – Can Venturers from outside Area 4 attend the Area 4 annual event? A – Yes, please attend! ALL Venturers are welcome and encouraged to join us for the weekend. You will have a great time! 2 – Our council does not have a Venturing Officers Association and/or they are not organizing a contingent – can we still attend? A - Yes. Venturing Crews’ may register and attend. 3 – Can we bring guests who are younger than Venturing Age? A - No. This event is designed to appeal to young adults. The target audience is the high school and college age- group, with emphasis toward the older (17 to 20 year old) Venturers. Please do not bring anyone who is not age 13 and in the 8th grad or older. 4 – Can a Boy Scout troop or venture patrol register and attend? A - No, but Boy Scouts may attend as members, or guests of, their council VOA or a Venturing Crew. – Please email us, and we will help you find a solution.

5 – Nobody I know is going – may I attend by myself? A - No (and Maybe Yes) – Please email us, we will try to help you find a solution. We cannot accommodate youth members who are not accompanied by an adult advisor, but may be able to connect you with a crew that is attending. 6 – We are having trouble getting adult leaders, but our crew wants to attend? A - We can work with you to help overcome this problem by helping you connect with another crew, usually from your own council. Please email us ASAP 7 – We do not have camping gear or tents, but this event sounds like fun…. A - The WorldFest is for all Venturers, not just outdoors-based crews. Camp Seven Ranges has housing in their leadership village. We expect the majority of participants will stay there. The space will be allocated first come, first served, so register early. Food is served in the dining hall, so no worries about cooking or other camp chores.

January 2015


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AY W A un

nta u o M Mr.


So what are we going to do? You aren’t going to have time to do everything! We have planned for a blowout experience. We will put a nice set of program tickets in your hand for these activities and off you go. You will be able to shoot rifles, handguns, muzzle loader rifle, muzzle loader handgun (no promise yet), shotgun and a staffed archery range. Add to this the fun of throwing knives and tomahawks. And the best part, you will be given an amount of ammo chits “free” because they are included in your $45 fee. Don’t like to shoot? Try it in a safety conscience environment and I bet you will find your chits are valuable for trade. Is it any wonder then that we believe WorldFest will be a premier Venturing destination in April 2015? Come help us make this fantastic this year and next year we will do even more. Oh wait there is more on the next page.

January 2015


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How about these for Fun? Our first big challenge after selecting Seven Ranges camp was the absence of a climbing facility. Enter Fun Services ( to save the day. We are guaranteed a 36 foot climbing wall for the event and the National Guard maybe bringing another.. We also have... How about trying your hand at that racing obstacle course at he bottom of the page? Or is it time to challenge that king or queen of the other nation at WorldFest to a Joust? Perhaps they will have a champion fight for them. In any event if tempers flare you can always take your changes in the dunk tank. “Hey! You can’t hit the side of a barn……. Splash” For more information please go to

January 2015


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2014-2015 Issue 2

Area Venturing Leadership Awards JV Hooks Associate Advisor— Administration Hey guys, it’s time for the year of 2014 Area Venturing Leadership Award nominations to come into the Area VLA committee. It is probably time in your council to get these award nominations in to your council too. The Venturing Leadership Award is open for youth and adults for 2014. This is the last nomination for adults. Next year the policy will be returning to youth only members to be nominated for this award The nomination form is the same form for all levels; Council, Area, Region and National awards. You can find the link to the form at the bottom of Awards/leadership. Now is the time to nominate someone at the Area Level that has made exceptional contributions to Venturing and who exemplify the scout oath and scout law. Presentation of this award shall be done at WorldFest 2015 on April 25, 2015.

The deadline for this award to be turned into the Area Associate Advisor of Administration is March 15, 2015. If more time is needed please don’t hesitate to ask or contact me. The selection meeting for the nominations will take place on April 1st and more details on that will be sent out by email to the appropriate members. I’ve said a lot in this article, but if I haven’t answered any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact: JV at my email or by calling or texting me at 440-317-3044. I wish you a Happy New Year! Get those nominations in!!

Council Standards of Venturing Excellence In 2013, two of our councils were awarded the Council Standards of Venturing Excellence Award. Congratulations again to Muskingum Valley Council and Great Trail Council. Now is the time for councils to submit their score sheets whether they qualified or not. Partial completion helps us track region wide across our 69 councils how Venturing is doing. Download the form from the link on the bottom of the page at

5) Making effort to recognize recipients of Venturing Awards 6) Key 3 met at least 6 times 7) VOA president presents a report to the board 8) Up to date Council Venturing Website 9) VOA met at least 4 times in the year 10) A council representative participated in an Area meeting 11) VOA uses social networks to communicate. (for exact wording see the form) Excellence.


There are 11 core requirements and the council must meet 5 of 9 electives to qualify for the award.

All Councils submit the form to the Area (to JV Hooks at the address above) by February 1, 2015

A Short version of the core requirements are: 1) Positive growth in membership or crews 2) Having a VOA running according to national standards 3) Giving at least one Council VLA 4) The VOA planned at least one council wide event

Councils must submit to the National Office by February 15, 2015. Both submissions are necessary. Thank you.

January 2015


Central Region, BSA Area 4 Venturing Officers Association Nate Steele 2014-2015 Area 4 Venturing President Duane Zobrist, Area 4 Advisor Dale Holbrook, Area 4 Director @area4Venturing

Area 4 Vice Presidents Jon Crawford, VP Administration Virginia McGhee, VP Program Nathan Jarosz, VP Training Matt Larson, VP Communications Area 4 Associate Advisors JV Hooks, Administration Johnny McGhee, Program Steven Myers, Communications and Training Area 4 Commodore Mark VandenPlas

Stay in touch with us Matt Larson VP Communications

Hey Everyone! I just wanted to let everybody know that if you ever have any questions on absolutely anything in

Venturing, from upcoming activities to the new ALPS model, that myself, and my fellow officers would be more than happy to help you in any way possible. My email address is below. Yours in Venturing,

Want to get your event or a story about your crew or Council VOA in the ADVENTURER? Send your entries to Recommended size: 1 picture and 100-175 words Thanks for reading to the end—there is much more at

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Central Region Venturing Area 4 Newsletter - January 2015  

Area 4 is in the states of Ohio and West Virginia

Central Region Venturing Area 4 Newsletter - January 2015  

Area 4 is in the states of Ohio and West Virginia