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Issue 1 December 2010 ÂŁ3.99

Minecraft has really hit the PC gaming world by storm in the past few months with sales going from a few hundred to nearly 800,000 purchases of the game! The simple sandbox game which allows your character to roam your unique randomly generated world is very addictive if I say so myself, I have lost all track of time whilst digging, exploring, building, sailing, climbing and crafting in the game. The possibilities are endless in this unique game and has risen to all new heights in its recent surge of popularity. Mark Persson AKA Notch to the community was tweeting when the game started to spiral out of control, he said; “Minecraft just hit 2500 sales in 24 hours!” If this surprised him then I wonder what his reaction to 700,000 purchases was? “Wooo, 700000 sales now! Crazy!” He should be happy the game has made him £4 million, and that’s a lot for a solo Developer Who made The Game for a few Hundred quid!

Minecraft is Still currently in The design and Prototype phases With new enhancements And features coming to The game every week, However from 20 December 2010 the game will enter the beta phase which includes a story mode and lots more fun items and resources to collect! But be-aware, if you buy the game when it turns to beta you will not only have to pay the full £13 for the game, you will have to also pay for all of the future updates that make the game run, so my advice is get it quick before your wallet starts getting mined for money! However Minecraft is great fun and relaxing, it also includes a multiplayer where you and friends can go exploring Together and make your own forts, castles towers, and to Be honest what Ever Your imagination can Comprehend! For more on Minecraft follow us on Twitter @GamesKingdom

lack ops is the latest instalment to the Call of Duty franchise and is sure to be the hottest game of 2010 or maybe of all time? The November 9th launch coincides with most other Call of Duty release dates as the holiday season will really attract the not to hardcore gamers, and for those who cant wait, expect them to be queuing up outside your local game store at the stroke of midnight. So what can we expect from Call of Duty Black Ops? Well, of course there will be the highly anticipated Campaign mode that Treyarch have been previewing over the past few months now, there are many rumours about the location of the campaign, but here is what we know. There will be various worldwide locations such as Russia, Vietnam and Cuba. These exciting locations are sure to have you enthralled in the action and suspense of a once again great Call of duty campaign mode. Probably the most popular feature of any Call of Duty today is the multiplayer mode and it will be making a comeback in some style as it has been revamped to include

some great new features. The main is COD Points. This new invention by Treyarch is bringing a currency system to the game which will allow you to buy weapons, attachments, perks, kill streaks, lens, reticules and a whole lot more! Leading on from this is also new Free For All game types, there are 4 in all, they are called: Sharpshooter, Gun Game, One in the Chamber and Stick and Stones. These new game types will be found in the Wager Match section and will allow you to bet your COD Points against other players to try and becoming mega rich! There is so more to come so be sure to keep up to date with Games Kingdom!

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