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Ovulation is the release of egg from either the left or right ovary. It is characterized by a slight discomfort in the lower abdomen; Breast tenderness and cervical mucus changes. Ovulation marks the day when sex can result to pregnancy. During this time the uterus is rich enough to facilitate implantation. If on the other hand fertilization did not happen even after sex; menstruation occurs. Ovulation can only last within 24 hours that's why it is also crucial for women who have difficulty getting pregnant to take note of the importance of ovulation. If you are ovulating your sexual desires are heightened during ovulation. You'll notice this even when you're busy with something else. Your vagina can lubricate at once when stimulated and you'll know that your hormones are kicking in. This is a good time for sex since you are sexually prepared and so is your egg. The chance of conceiving during this time is at its highest. Naturally the sperm can travel within seconds to reach the cervix and the egg. When the egg is readily available within the fallopian tube the sperm can break through the egg's barrier or shell within seconds too. A successful fertilization which occurred will mark the countdown for pregnancy. The fertilized egg will travel from the fallopian tube to the uterus within 5-7 days. Implantation can occur as early as the fifth day after fertilization during sex. It is marked by a light pinkish spotting because the fertilized egg will burrow into the thick wall of the uterus. This first stage of pregnancy usually occurs within 10-14 days. If you want to know if you've been successful at conceiving you can have a pregnancy test kit at home as early as the 14th day after you had sex. However, if the result returns negative; don't feel bad or get frustrated. You can repeat the test on the 20th day after sex. If the result is positive then you'll expect gradual changes in your body. The first sign of possible pregnancy is amenorrhea or missed period. Then you can assume that you really are pregnant. Getting Pregnant depends from women to women. It can be affected by internal and external factors. The fact of the matter is, when getting pregnant is your goal; learn the changes your body undergoes and what you can do to use those changes for your advantage. Focus on timing and preparation rather the number of times you and your partner engages in sex to get pregnant.

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==== ==== what days can you get pregnant ==== ====

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