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Did you know that some days are better for you to become pregnant on than others? Did you realize that understanding your bodies natural cycle can help you to become pregnant more quickly? There are many ways to determine the best day to get pregnant but it is essential to remember that it takes more than just that to achieve a healthy pregnancy. There are many women who are not well aware of their bodies. This is because there are times that the menstrual cycle can be unpredictable and hard to follow. The secret to knowing the best day to get pregnant is not just about knowing the menstrual cycle but what these days mean to your reproductive system too. Fertility Time The best way to start with knowing the best day to get pregnant is to find out the how to use the fertility calendar. There is a way to this by knowing the day of your ovulation. This usually occurs mid-way into the period for ladies who have a regular period interval of twenty eight days, it is the fourteenth day based on the first day of your period as day number one. During the ovulation, there is an increase in the luteinizing hormone in women usually before the ovulation. The Basal Body Temperature Another way of determining the best day to get pregnant is to monitor the basal body temperature. There are thermometers available to track this essential temperature to make it easier for couples to conceive. Another way which was the one that I used before conception was simply through the back of my hand. Using the hand, test your temperature by placing the hand on your neck and see whether you are warmer than usual, if you are then tell your partner immediately because today is the best day to conceive. Cervical Mucus The cervical mucus is also another way to tell whether it is a good time to get pregnant. Although it can be harder to monitor as the mucus can appear at random times during the cycle. The excretion will usually be milky white during the days that you are ovulating the most and the fertility rate is increased. I simply changed my underwear color from white to black to know whether I was having my ovulation that day. It was effective because I knew immediately with just one look.

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==== ==== best days to get pregnant ==== ====

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