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Though conceiving a child is not totally in the control of any human, there are however certain roles that you have to play effectively if your desire is to get pregnant faster. This article will focus on certain tips that will provide solution to the question of "how can I get pregnant faster?" In other words, follow these tips and you will get pregnant quickly in no distant time from now. * Do away with the extra luggage By extra luggage, I mean those lifestyle practices and habits that impede fertility. Examples include intake of caffeine, habitual smoking, and alcohol consumption. Not only do these practices affect the woman, it equally results into low sperm count and production of low quality sperm in the man. * Overhaul your diet A nutritious and balanced diet cannot be over emphasized when it comes to getting pregnant fast. When your body lacks certain nutrients which could only be gotten from a balanced diet, it will surely take a toll on your reproductive system. Nutrients and supplements such as; Vitamin C, Vitamin D, zinc, calcium etc. should be included in your regular diet. * Be fit Shed off some weight and stay fit always through work outs and regular exercises. It is a known fact that obesity or being overweight can increase the volume of estrogen secreted which in turn affects the reproductive cycle. * Better sex positions It is pertinent that you make good use of your sex positions and timing for pregnancy. Women are most fertile on some 2 to 3 days during their monthly cycle (ovulation period). You should therefore plan to optimize this window of opportunity by having loads of sex during this period. It is advisable to engage in sex on some 2 to 3 days before, during, and after ovulation so as to give the sperm enough room to reach and fertilize the egg. Hence missionary and rear entry positions (lying down) are most effective. The aforementioned tips are not all inclusive, but they have helped loads and loads of women to get pregnant faster.

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==== ==== how can you get pregnant ==== ====

Tips on How Can I Get Pregnant Faster