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So here you are trying to get pregnant and you may have spent the last few years stressing out trying to avoid getting pregnant. Now when you want to get pregnant why is it not as simple as it ought to be. When people ask how can I get pregnant, the answer should be obvious - just have sex. But you do and you're still not getting pregnant. So what can you do? When it comes to getting pregnant there are many variables. What you eat can play a role; obviously your health is very important. As you know every month hormones kick into gear, tickling the ovaries which then releases the egg, this process is called ovulation. This as you know is all part of the menstrual cycle and the egg moves at around day fourteen of this cycle. Once released, the egg makes its way to the fallopian tube. Once the egg has reached the fallopian tube you have about twenty four hours to get the sperm to unite with the egg. To help you get pregnant you need to up the frequency of sex as this process is in place or just days before. That is why timing is everything. Having sex frequently improves chances with timing but there are also other tools that you can use such as an ovulation kit to help determine the time of ovulation. Make healthy lifestyle choices and get some exercise. Take vitamins and folic acid. In conclusion take care of your health, have sex frequently and most of all enjoy it.

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==== ==== best days to get pregnant ==== ====

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