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==== ==== alternative and renewable energy sources ==== ====

Whether you are an accomplished mechanical engineer or do it yourself kind of person, there are several ways you can build your own renewable energy source. The reason why we are not all living in green homes is because of the conversion rate. Conversion into an alternative energy source is not cost efficient. For instance, the average cost of installing a home wind turbine can be anywhere from $6,000 to $22,000 depending on the manufacturer. So if you don't happen to have an extra $25,000 to spare with several acres of land to build your wind power turbines on you may have to find an alternative electricity source. However, newer, cheaper and more efficient ways of converting solar power are emerging. The newest of these technologies is a cheap transparent sticker to be placed directly on the solar panel. These stickers are made of a polymer film that will increase the production of the solar panel by 10 %. These polymer films are capable of catching otherwise escaped light, preventing light from being reflected from the panel, and redirecting the light so that it travels down to the semiconductor. These stickers will make solar power conversion more effective. Building solar panels is considerably cheaper than buying them. For 200 dollars worth of materials, you can be making your own solar panels for power or for sale, making a considerable profit. There are several resources available online for free to research how this is accomplished and several products available to help you make your own. More ways of making your own electricity include magnetic energy generators. There are many websites and designs on how to make your own magnetic generator.The technologies of these DIY generators is improving steadily every year. Most of the materials you will need can be picked up at a local retail hardware store. Some generators can power an appliance or two, some are capable of powering an entire house. Which ever design you choose, the magnetic generator can be used as the only power source, allowing you to be completely off the grid. However, if you are connected to the grid it will give you opportunity to sell back what energy you don't use. It is still a green technology since it will produce more energy than it consumes. Renewable energy comes from our natural resources so it is also replenished naturally. Wind, solar, water, and geothermal are a few examples. From a practical point of view, it would make more sense to have free energy for sale back to the power company.

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==== ==== alternative and renewable energy sources ==== ====

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