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What are the Best Days to Get Pregnant? The best days to get pregnant are the days immediately before, during, and after ovulation. You can determine when these days will occur by using one or more methods. If you have a good idea how long your menstrual cycle is, you can count the days to get the approximate date on which you will ovulate. However, because a woman's monthly cycle can range anywhere from 24-35 days, this is not the most accurate way of determining your specific day of ovulation. It sometimes works because women are also very fertile (within three days or so) before and after the egg is released. There are other, more accurate methods to gauge ovulation, but we'll get to those later. During the average woman's cycle, the best days to get pregnant begin around the 9th or 10th day after the onset of her menstrual cycle. At this time, the egg is a few days from being released, but often sperm can survive long enough to do the job. The possibility of pregnancy increases until about the 14th day, which would presumably be the day ovulation would begin. In the two to three days following ovulation, pregnancy is still a real possibility, until the egg finally disintegrates if unfertilized. Fertility charting using a basal thermometer is not necessarily going to predict the best days to get pregnant, but it will unerringly determine the date when the egg is released. Having this knowledge will increase the chances of getting pregnant if you take advantage of it. Ovulation is indicated by a rise in average body temperature, usually around.5 degrees - and her temperature should then remain elevated for the next two or three days following. This is why charting is important - it makes it easy to distinguish a day of ovulation from any other. Some women use the variation is their cervical mucus to indicate when the are the best days to get pregnant. While all woman are different, one common factor is how mucus production increases right before ovulation. Usually, the woman's cervix will go from dry to very lubricated in a short period of time. The mucus at this stage looks similar to egg whites, and will be sticky and stretchable. However, there a few woman who find it unappealing to handle their own mucus, so if another sterile utensil cannot be used for gathering, this may not be the method for everyone. Fortunately, there are other methods by which woman can predict their best days to get pregnant.

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==== ==== best days to get pregnant ==== ====

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