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How is your diet? Is it a fertility diet? Eating is the single most important thing you can do to get that happy, healthy baby you've been dreaming of. Yes, eating! Eating is something we take for granted. In our lifetimes we have generally had enough food to eat, readily available whenever we want. We can get it 24 hours a day from any corner McDonalds for goodness sake. We've never gone hungry - unless it was to fit into that perfect outfit for Saturday's date. But there's more to optimal eating that just keeping our bellies full. It about eating the right things in the right amount - to keep our bodies healthy and well nourished. It's about eating "Fertility Food". History has shown that poorly nourished bodies are less likely to conceive and/or carry a baby to term. So, what should you be eating if you want to get pregnant? I listed 7 broad categories below. 8 Servings of Fruits and Vegetables Yes, you can get all the vitamins you need from a pill but that's just not the same as getting them naturally - from the foods you eat. The vitamins and minerals in the pill are not absorbed as well by the body as those found in food. And they may be absorbed differently one day to another. The body was meant to eat whole food - right from the source. Eating eight servings of fruits and vegetables throughout the day serves several purposes: 1. It keeps our blood sugar even. Spiking and falling blood sugars have been shown lead to miscarriages. That's why diabetics have more problems carrying a baby to term. 2. It maintains a steady supply of vitamins and minerals - rather than just a huge gulp of them when we take our pill. Now don't get me wrong here. You should take a prenatal vitamin - in addition to the fertility food you're eating - just not in place of it. 6-9 Servings of Whole Grains In the western world we seldom eat whole grains unless we make a real effort to do so. Our grains are refined for one reason - and one reason only - to increase shelf-life. Our food suppliers have chosen to maximize profits at the expense of our health. But on the fertility diet we make a conscious effort to eat only whole grains - brown rice, whole grain bread, couscous, barley, cracked wheat - you get the idea. These foods will make your body

healthier and stronger - and more receptive to getting pregnant. 4 Servings of Low Fat Dairy You could reasonably argue that a fully grown woman has no need for dairy products. After all, dairy products have a lot of fat in them. And you take a calcium supplement every day. But this same argument cannot be made for a pregnant woman. Dairy products are our main source of calcium and Vitamin D. And you want to be getting these as close to the source as possible. Once your baby is born you can cut back on dairy products - but not before! 2-3 Servings of Low Fat Protein Think fish, poultry, eggs, nuts, legumes - not protein drinks! Protein drinks are anything but natural, and when you're trying to get pregnant the natural source is always best. The one thing to note is that American women tend to get much more than the 60 grams of protein needed each day. So check your portion sizes carefully! Switch All White Foods to Brown Whole Foods Brown sugar, brown pasta, whole wheat flour, whole grain cereals and breads - these are the types of grain foods we need to be eating. These are the fertility foods that provide us with folic acid, iron and zinc. And these are the fertility foods that have a major impact on having a healthy baby. 8 Glasses of Pure Water Not tap water - unless the Culligan Man has been to your house. The quality of tap water in most regions of the country is very poor - high in iron and mercury - two minerals we do not want to get from our fluid intake. But water is essential each and every day. It keeps the body hydrated, protects the kidneys and flushes toxins out of our system. And Last - But Not Least... Eat a Little Bit Often I've mentioned this before, but keeping your blood sugar on an even keel is part of the fertility diet. Blood sugars that go up rapidly and then crash are not good for you or your baby. The brain and vital organs want - need - a steady supply of sugar at an even level all day long. Eating a little bit every 3 hours or so accomplishes this. If you haven't been eating like this - and want to get pregnant - it's best that you establish a healthy eating plan and follow it for at least 6 months before getting pregnant. That will ensure your baby has the best start possible. If the fertility diet is new to you and you want more information, visit my website below. Be sure to sign up for my mini-course 11 Infertility Secrets while you're there.

Margaret Church is an infertility expert. For more great information on infertility, visit where you can sign-up for her mini-course 11 Infertility Secrets.

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==== ==== best days to get pregnant ==== ====

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