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1 Christina Rutherford Fashion Journal

"The woman is the most perfect doll that I have dressed with delight and admiration." — Karl Lagerfeld

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Entry #1 Women’s Wear Daily “Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals Acquired in L’Oreal Deal” September 23, 2013

L’Oreal has made its first acquisition in India, by signing a deal to buy Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals. India has been a target market for its significant future growth. Cheryl’s is a skin care manufacturer with $3.1 million in sales and distribution in over 10,000 salons.

“This can accelerate our investment in the Indian market,” said L’Oreal’s managing director of India, Jean-Christophe Letellier. L’Oreal India started in 1994. Since the company has been formed it has been in a continuous race for market growth in the cosmetics industry. After Hindustan Unilever Ltd, L’Oreal India is ranked at number two by market sources. As of now L’Oreal India’s are almost $15.7 billion rupees, or in

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American currency $250 million. However, by the end of the decade they plan to reach $1.12 billion. Article: Cheryl's Cosmeceuticals Acquired in L’Oreal Deal

Entry #2 The New York Times “Sock-of-the-Month Clubs Rise Online, Bringing Subscriptions to Feet” December 3, 2013

Within the last two years, fashion consumers gained a different interest in online prescriptions, socks. Several online stores caught on to this fast growing trend, and are now offering sock prescriptions targeted at men. For example, Alex Realmuto began selling his sock brand Soul Socks prescription for “one pair a month for $12 monthly”.

According to a research firm, NPD Group, sales of men’s socks online grew 29 percent for the 12 months that ended Sept. 31, compared with a 4 percent increase in stores However, Women’s socks sales online were up 35 percent for the period and down 4 percent in stores. Article: sock-of-the-month-clubs-rise-online-bringing-subscriptions-to-feet


Entry #3 Vogue Magazine “Punk'd: Fall's Most Fearless Hair Trend” August 22, 2013

This fall, fashionistas are taking on a new bold trend. Blonde hair is great for the fall now! The daring bright blonde color is usually only seen in the summer and spring. Now, this tradition is changing. Inspired by many artists such as Rihanna, Rita Ora, and Beyoncé, the blonde hair is a fashion YES this fall. However, author Harriet Verney, recalls on a time when her bright and fearless blonde hair color almost got her expelled from school. Article: - 1

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Entry #4 Fashion Observation November 3, 2013

I’ve noticed in men’s and women’s fashion, black is becoming acceptable every day of the week, every event, and any occasion. I’ve seen more fashion pieces become sexier and darker. In both men’s and women’s fashion, black leather pants and black riding boots seem to be the trend for this fall/winter. No matter the occasion, you can always pull off an outfit with slim leather pants and a solid color heel, or boot. I also noticed a lot of women’s outfits are lacking jewelry. It seems as if the focus is more on the fashion piece itself rather than accessories to go along with it. Unlike 2012, where most women were seen with the Chanel inspired gold chain purse, or the gold bangles worn with almost every outfit. Now, it seems as if young adults and women in their early 20s are going for a more simple, yet sexy look. I gained my conclusions simply by watching fashion on the streets of Chicago, and also reading Bill Cunningham’s section

7 in The New York Times. Stores like H&M and even Forever 21 adopted this trend as well, most of their fall pieces consist of leather tops, skirts and pants. Article:

Entry #5 Department or Specialty Store Trend November 16th 2013

I chose Urban Outfitters for my trend analysis. All of their women’s fall products almost identically matched the bath and room accessories yet different at the same time. The bath line housed most of the “vintage environmental trend”. Most of the products were of butterflies, forest critters, palm trees and flowers. The colors were mostly earth toned: brown, black, navy, and nude. The women’s fall line consisted of similar images, such as vintage style blazers, shirts with roses, trees, peace signs, animal print, and several solid earth toned pieces. The men’s line also consisted of the peace patters, geometric patterns, nature prints, very dark colored flannel shirts, urban renewal pieces, etc. The men and women’s products were mostly made from vintage and deadstock materials. The fabrics were mainly cotton and wool.

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Entry #6 WGSN Trends December 1, 2013 Trend #1: According to WGSN’s article “Ebony brown & black,” this fall’s fashion seems to be dominated by very soft brown and black earth toned colors. Fabric mixing is also seen while wearing these colors. Trend #2: According to WGSN’s “Rust: autumn/winter 2014/15 womenswear colour” commercial update, geometric patterns are also seen dominating this fall’s fashion. This trend is particularly for skirts, dresses and shirts this season. The primary colors seen in the update were black, tan and off-white. Trend #3: According to WGSN’s article, “Artistic Florals,” paintings and graphics of flowers seem to be a growing trend in this seasons fashion. The article states, “Painterly florals embrace the folk themes within the Modern Myth macro trend. Watch for these print directions impacting party wear for end of season deliveries.” Article: WGSN Prints Trend

9 WGSN Color Trend

Entry #7 WGSN Fabric Trend Part A Fabric Trend #1: Shanghai “Spots” Grey Geometric Patchwork Fabric Origin: China Fiber: soft metallic yarn Fabric Trend #2: Taiwan Pink Embroidery Print Fabric Origin: Taiwan Fiber: brushed tactile yarns Fabric Trend #3: Pitti Filati “Love” Pastel and Pink Fabric Origin: Florence Fiber: Fur/faux fur and shearling Designers: Pitti Filati, Sass & Bide, Thai Nguyen Part B

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Color Trend #1: Color palette “Natural,” including: sunny yellows, soft greens and soft pretty neutral shades

Color Trend #2: Color palette “Soft,” including orange reds, yellow-greens and an accent of lilac

Color Trend #3: Color palette “Washed,” including warm skin shades and black accents


Entry #8 WGSN Global Trends December 3, 2013

Global Trend: Plaid Knit Three countries: Korea, China, and England

Plaid Knit skirts, and shirts are emerging in the youth culture on a global scale. This trend is seen in Tommy Hilfiger, Choies, River Island, H&M, Le Ceil Bleu, and many others. According to WGSN, “Plaid knit is emerging in the Chinese young girls' market with global and Korean influences, modernizing the classic material with bright tones, textures and simplified designs.� I believe this trend is prevalent in the United States especially because of our massive celebrity influence. Artist such as Rihanna

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influenced many teens to dress more daring and on the edge. Plaid knit is seen several times in her new line “River Island.�

Entry #9 Visual Displays December 4, 2013 Retailers: Armani Exchange & Michael Kors

Armani Exchange Displays


This display grabbed my attention quickly. Before walking into the store, I was automatically intrigued by the dark, yet edgy and sexy look displayed on the mannequins. Just by looking at this photograph you can see that the store is very neat and clean. Also, I love how there are many displays facing the outside of the store. Had there not been any displays, the store would have been less inviting. Most teens, like myself, like to actually see and feel what we are shopping for. Directly below the mannequins are the actually products the mannequins are dressed in. because the products appeared to be so assessable, this created a very easy and comfortable environment for me. Excellent marketing strategy Armani!

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This display also was very interesting to see. Personally, as a photographer, the composition of the photograph, the lighting, and soft black and whites in this image are perfect! Also, the size of the display was massive; it stretched across the entire back wall in the check out area. This gives the customer something to look at while the cashier is ringing up your items. The dim lighting in the store also added to the tone of the photograph. Very pleasant!

Michael Kors Displays


Michael Kors has a very different store layout than Armani Exchange. They did not have many clothes folded and displayed on tables. In this image you can see the clothing is mainly on hangers, and there are only a selected few in each area of the store. However, I really enjoyed the upscale experience the store gave with the soft couches, fur pillows, animal skin carpet, exotic flowers, etc.

Similar to the Armani Exchange display, I really enjoyed how I could see most of the products from outside of the store. The clear glass window is very inviting to a customer strolling by. Also, the bright colored jacket was very intrigued. It stood out from

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most of the other displays in the window. These displays made me want to go in the store and get a closer look.

17 Entry #10 New TV/New Movie December 9, 2013

In the new TV show Scandal on the ABC Network, I believe there will be a rise in fierce and independent women type of fashion styles. The leading actress Kerry Washington is quickly becoming known for her fashionable yet conservative suits and trench coats that she wears in the show Scandal. Kerry plays the role of Olivia Pope. Olivia is supposed to be a world-renowned lawyer that used to work for the white house. Now she works freelance in her own firm called Pope Associates. Olivia and all her coworkers keep her style very professional yet fashionable at the same time. She’s seen wearing lots of suits, and all within a very limited color palette of white, gray, beige, tan, black, and very rare glimpses of ultra-pale pastels.

Entry #11

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[Type text] 18 December 8, 2013

Designer: Linda Britten Collection: RTW “Runway Collection� - Men Season: Spring / Summer 2013

I believe we may see similar designs from this collection in stores such as H&M, Topshop, and Zara. These stores are known for quickly taking similar designs from runway collections and getting them in stores very fast. The fashion styles in both Linda Britten and Zara are also very similar. They are different in a price range area but they share the same fashion interest. The very grunge look is becoming popular in the young adult culture, so stores such as H&M and Zara will most certainly try to mock the pieces in this collection. This is their way of creating a similar look just more affordable.

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