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How to Make Use of Crutches Efficiently

Crutches are a boon to patients recovering from a surgery or an accident. Usually, they are used to offer support when weight bearing on the foot or leg is prohibited. In the earlier days, crutches were made using wood, but they are now manufactured using aluminum with rubber tips. These are specifically designed to offer comfort and flexible leg movements to patients, suffering from temporary or permanent disability. However, crutch users often complain of underarm pain while using crutches; often caused by the hard rubber tips that damage the brachial plexus nerves or radial nerves in the underarm. In some cases, under arm pain can even lead to crutch paralysis. Therefore, it’s important to make use of additional accessories like underarm pads and grip pads to relieve underarm pain. These additional crutch accessories are made up of high density foam to offer extra crutch padding to your body. They are also covered using high quality fabrics that are available in a wide range of vivid colors. These crutch pads can be installed effortlessly and quickly, without help from others. For those unsure about the installation process, here are some simple steps regarding the installation process: 

First, you need to open the closure tab on your crutch caps

After opening the closure tab, place one end of the crutch cap over the end of the crutch

Pull the opposite end of the crutch cap over the other end of the crutch carefully

Make sure both the ends are placed firmly and then pull down until snug

 Finally, use the loop and hook to close the opening of the crutch cap. Now, it’s time for you to enjoy the new cushions for crutches Due to its high density foam, crutch pads reduce the pressure applied onto the underarm, thus, ultimately securing the brachial plexus nerves from damages. However, you must evaluate the crutch pads carefully before purchasing them because low quality crutch pads might not reduce underarm pain efficiently. So, you need to consider few key factors like durability, comfort, and ease of use, to determine the best crutch pads. Here are some simple tips to identify the best crutch pads: 

You can verify its comfort by checking out the material used for its manufacture. Pads that are manufactured using gel, foam and latex are found to offer extra padding and relieve underarm pain efficiently.

 When it’s up to durability, you should find a pad that is easy to wash and retains its extra padding after frequent washes. 

Make sure you choose pads that are easy to install and uninstall without the need of any assistance

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Now, high quality crutch pads are easy to install and offers pain free mobility for crutch users. The author is an expert in the crutch arena and has written many articles regarding grip pads and underarm pads in the past.

How to Make Use of Crutches Efficiently