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Foam Craft Balls Are Incredibly Useful If you would like a versatile crafting item that's ideal to use for various projects around the home, try foam craft balls. As a unique design element or part of a traditional craft, foam balls work nicely. Foam balls provide an outstanding base which you can glue, paint or stick items to and can be turned into just about anything. Here are a few of the more popular ways to use foam balls, although really, the decorative possibilities are endless. Foam craft balls make a fantastic addition to children's projects or bedroom decorations because they are light, airy and fun to work with. If you paint the balls to look like planets in the solar system, they can be utilized to complete a science fair project or as part of a diorama. The balls can be cut in half, painted, and glued to a board or they can be left whole and suspended from the top of a cardboard box. They are so lightweight that they can easily hang from the ceiling as a decorative element to your child’s bedroom. Anchor the foam balls together by putting a wooden skewer through the middle of the foam spheres to create snowmen. Have a great time decorating your snowman with a carrot nose and buttons. You can even purchase miniature shawls, hats and mittens from your nearby craft store to clothe your snowmen. These darling snowmen make perfect holiday gifts for your neighbors and friends. If you would like to paint them you can, but craft foam balls are available in a variety of colors. Create a cute caterpillar by stringing a number of brightly painted balls together. If you have a sports enthusiast, you can paint the balls to look like basketballs, soccer balls or baseballs. You can also make a family of spiders using black pipe cleaner to decorate your home for Halloween. These are just some of the fun projects you can make with your child. If you are looking for an affordable base to create fun party decorations, Styrofoam balls can be found in many sizes. Foam craft balls can be used for whatever kind of party you are planning, from fun and fanciful to elegant and sophisticated. Paint them to resemble vibrant beach balls and use an assortment to decorate tiny buckets of sand to use as a creative centerpiece. By densely packing artificial flowers onto a foam ball with stick pins, you can create a kissing ball. Suspended from the ceiling or in a vase; in either case they will look great. Use all kinds of miniature flowers to add color to your sitting room. If you paint the balls orange and then cut them into fourths, they will look like orange wedges. You can make lemon or lime wedges with smaller foam balls. You can then create a sweet summer decoration by randomly placing the citrus slices in a tall lantern vase. There are lots of creative uses for foam balls. They work nicely as pool dividers since they are light and buoyant. It's easy to create a divider - just drill a hole in the middle of several large balls and then string them together with lightweight rope. Or make customized ornaments; decoupage images or themed papers to the balls. Use one of these suggestions or come up with your very own foam ball creation. Get your friends and some craft foam balls and make an incredible craft or decoration. It's a fun and economical way to spend time with friends and family.

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Foam Craft Balls Are Incredibly Useful Construct a brilliant and colorful craft through the help of paintable white foam balls via the Plasteel Corporation. For additional information on Plasteel Corporation, check out their website at

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Foam Craft Balls Are Incredibly Useful