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Christina Russell February 10, 2011 T206 Story Treatment

THE CAGE The world, centuries into the future, is a much different place than what it used to be during the Time of the Ancestors. Through the generations, mankind struggled on its own. Full of despair in the ruins of what was once a great species, lukewarm hopelessness descends. The damages seem too severe for any amount of recovery possible. This period is called the Time, where everything felt endlessly on hold. Human beings seemed bound to die during the Time. Then, the Goelings emerged from space, a vast society with developed technology. They enforced a new law, rounded up the surviving humans, and recreated Earth. They set up a new world for the humans, taught them how to evolve for the good of society. The individual was lost. More and more, humankind become a sort of pet to the Goelings. The Goelings would force their rules, because it was all they knew. When a man and woman reached a certain age, they would be shipped up to the Breeding Hall, where the perfect pair would be forced together into a catch to conceive a healthy child. The woman is called the carrier. The way of the world is like this for centuries, with the Goelings hovering over the humans, teaching them how to build so that the society would not fail and come crashing down. In this world, Josephine is an insignificant carrier. She is raised on board the Breeding Hall, her life already laid out before her footsteps. Average looking and short, she isn’t much for a human, or at least that’s what the Goeling nurses say. Jo is #989 of the batch she was raised in. Without much thought of friends or creativity, she grows up learning of history, economics, mathematics, but knows little that is not entirely based on reason. She asks questions that do not pertain to what the Goeling instructor speaks of, and is mercilessly punished with every occurrence. Humans were to obey in order for the development of the whole. If a human commits a very awful crime, they are put to Rawn, the receiver of bad souls that lies underneath the chambers in the Breeding Hall. No one who goes to Rawn has returned, so no humans really understand what Rawn is. It doesn’t matter, the fear works. But it haunts Jo’s curiosity. When she comes of age, Jo is finally sent to the Breeding Hall. It is a large spaceship nestled in next to Earth, where all the others live their joyless life of instruction and obedience. Jo is placed in a line of women, hundreds of women, all in the prime of their lives. Some reached their prime too early, and stand shaking as small teenagers with too developed of breasts. Others, like Jo, are somewhat older, in their twenties. The point is that they can conceive children. One by one, they are meticulously paired with a male that is best fit for them to have the best quality of children. Jo is matched with Elliot, a tall, dark-haired boy. He is younger than her, possibly eighteen, with a fiery spirit quickly angered. He worships the society the Goelings have built, and hates how Jo questions everything. His life is structured, but when he and Jo are locked into the cage to have sex, she refuses at first. Elliot is dumbfounded at this carrier’s ability to refuse obedience and her questioning comments. Soon he grows tired of her and attacks her, thinking he will goad her by force. In doing this, he accidently harms her, causing the instant ring of an alarm and two Goelings resolving the

situation by treating him with a tranquilizer. The tranquilizer knocks him out for several hours. During that time the shields close in the Breeding Hall, causing darkness. There is only silence. Jo sits for hours while Elliot is knocked out, letting her fear overpower her in the darkness. When Elliot wakes up, she is speaking madly, though quietly. She questions everything about her life by wondering about the phrase “I want my Mother� and what it signifies. When she figures it out, she makes a decision. In order to leave this world, to find that world that will fulfill all her questions about life, she must meet Rawn. So in the darkness, Jo strangles Elliot to death. Immediately after he dies, the alarms are set off and a Goeling snatches Jo out of the cage to meet her death in Rawn.

Project 1 Treatment  
Project 1 Treatment  

THE CAGE Christina Russell February 10, 2011 T206 Story Treatment