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Read iCloud eBooks on iPad This is a serious improvement on the visibility of Books in the world's most successful digital content store. It enables customers to buy books for their devices without needing to use their iPod/Phone/iPad to browse. But it's not perfect yet – you still can't read the books without owning an iOS device. Apple also made several big announcements recently at their Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), including the new iOS 5 and OSX Lion, but the service that got everyone buzzing was iCloud. iCloud is Apple's latest revolutionary customer service, promising to create a PC Free era for its iOS products, and synching Apps, Music and iBooks.

How to Download iCloud eBooks to iPad? Step 1: Purchase eBooks Download the iBooks app from the App Store. Load up on books from the iBookstore. Start with the bookshelf to buy and read your books. Step 2: Connect iPad to PC Link iPad to PC via USB cable, now you can see the iPad display in iTunes "Devices" library. Login your Apple ID in iTunes. Now you can access the iCloud. Step 3: Download eBooks and read iCloud eBooks on iPad The iCloud will automatically transfer eBooks to iPad, whatever the purchased or downloaded eBooks will display on your iPad. You can download eBooks to up to 10 devices, and you can also enable an Automatic Downloads feature that will grab any new purchases you make on other devices.

Read iCloud eBooks on iPad  

How to Read iCloud eBooks on iPad? The iBookstore now download iCloud eBooks to iPad and let you see your purchase history.